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Powerpoint Templates Page 1 Powerpoint Templates Server Side Scripting PHP.

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1 Powerpoint Templates Page 1 Powerpoint Templates Server Side Scripting PHP

2 Powerpoint Templates Page 2 Variable

3 Powerpoint Templates Page 3 The Variable Name •start with the “$” characters •Variable names can consist of characters, numbers and underscore “_” •after the “$” character, must be followed or the underscore character "_“ •are case sensitive Example. •$_name •$first_name •$name3 •$lastName •global $_name Æ variabel global

4 Powerpoint Templates Page 4 example for using variable Use Variable

5 Powerpoint Templates Page 5 Indirect Variable References •Variables that are named from the contents of other variables. •Created when the script is executed (runtime). Example. $name = "Jhon"; $$name = “Registered User"; Result Registered User

6 Powerpoint Templates Page 6 Predefinied Variable •The name of variable has been used by PHP. •Some Predefined Variable :  $GLOBAL → Refers to all global variables.  $_SERVER → server environment configuration information.  $_GET → The Variable of GET.  $_POST → The Variable of HTTP POST.  $_FILES → The Variable of HTTP File Upload.  $_REQUEST → The Variable of HTTP Request.  $_SESSION → The Variable of Session  $_COOKIE → The Variable of HTTP Cookie.  $php_errormsg → last error message.  $http_response_header → response from the HTTP Header reques * Superglobals: global variables that include a script file, without having to define global $ variable. Super Global *

7 Powerpoint Templates Page 7 Predefinied Variable  $GLOBAL •Referring to the global variables in a script. •Array data type.

8 Powerpoint Templates Page 8 Predefined Variable  $_SERVER •Contains the value associated with server information. •Array data type. •Complete documentation: iables.server.php iables.server.php Example : Results :

9 Powerpoint Templates Page 9 Predefined Variable  $_GET •Variables from URL parameters. •Array data type.  Example : Create a file with the name predefined_get.php  Access that files in the browser and add the parameter http://localhost/predefined_get.php?name=Tom Results : Selamat Datang Tom

10 Powerpoint Templates Page 10 Predefined Variable  $_POST •Variables derived from the HTTP POST. •Array data type. •Application in HTML Form  Value Properti “name” input elements, to index arrays $_POST  Example, file : form.php  Example, file : input.php

11 Powerpoint Templates Page 11 Predefined Variable  $_FILES •Variables containing items, uploaded via HTTP POST method. •2-dimensional array of data types •Index Variable $_FILES :  $_FILES[‘foto’][‘name’] → Name of the original file on the client computer.  $_FILES[‘foto’][‘type’] → mime type. Ex : image/gif  $_FILES[‘foto’][‘size’] → file size in byte  $_FILES[‘foto’][‘  $_FILES[‘foto’][‘tmp_name’] → Name of the temporary file that is stored on a server uploaded  $_FILES[‘foto’][‘error’] → Error code that occurred when uploading

12 Powerpoint Templates Page 12 Predefined Variable  $_COOKIE •Variables derived from HTTP Cookies. •array data type Set cookies on your browser: •setcookie(name, value, expire, path, dom ain, secure, httponly) • cookie.php

13 Powerpoint Templates Page 13 Predefined Variable  $_SESSION •Variable deriver from session •Array type data Using Session in PHP •session_start() •$_SESSION[‘name’] •session_unset() •session_destroy() •

14 Powerpoint Templates Page 14 Predefined Variable  $_REQUEST •Contains the value of $_GET, $_POST, dan $_COOKIE •array data type  $php_errormsg •String Type Data

15 Powerpoint Templates Page 15

16 Powerpoint Templates Page 16 PHP supported by 8 data type. scalar : •Boolean •Integer •Floating-point •String Compound •Array •Object Khusus •Resources •Null

17 Powerpoint Templates Page 17 Example 1.Boolean Nilai Boolean Contoh Nilai Boolean $a = TRUE; $b = FALSE; Hasil Eksekusi dengan PHP :

18 Powerpoint Templates Page 18 2. Integer Integer Integer

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