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Grøn gas gennem metanisering

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1 Grøn gas gennem metanisering
Claus Friis Pedersen

2 Vehicle to grid (V2G) is the future!

3 An integrated energy infrastructure
CH4 + CO2 + 4H CH4 + 2 H2O

4 The right factors for biogas upgrading

5 Haldor Topsøe group (2011) Catalyst and engineering for Fertilizers
Refineries The environmental sector Synthetic fuels Turnover: DKK 4.4 billion Result: DKK 397 MM 2091 employees 250 employees in R&D

6 Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) - Xinjiang Qinghua
Transport SNG in pipelines rather than coal on trucks The Xinjiang Qinghua coal-based SNG plant will be the largest single-train SNG plant in the world. It will produce Nm3/h or 1,4 billion Nm3/year. This has been facilitated by a highly heat-resistant catalyst, which I will come back to. The contract was awarded in September 2009, and completion is expected already this year. In this case, Topsøe provided both (read) 50 PJ corresponding to >50% of the total Danish Natural gas consumption 5 PJ gasified biomass SNG plants are projected 0.1 PJ would be a large biogas methanation unit

7 Fuel Cell and Electrolyser
SOFC SOEC H2 H2O H2O H2 H2 + O2- → H2O + 2e- H2O + 2e- → H2 + O2- O2- O2- ½O2 + 2e- → O2- O2- → 2e- +½O2 ½O2 ½O2

8 Exergy Flows

9 Biogas upgrade value proposition # 1
CH4 + 30-40% CO2 BioGas CH4 40 PJ Biogas Upgrade CO2 H2 ”Electro-gas” CH4, 27 PJ Electrolysis Fuel synthesis

10 Biogas upgrade value proposition # 2

11 Pre studies Metan samfundet SOEC biogas upgrade

12 The business case (w. 5% interest)
2020 100% Electrolysis 2035 91% Electrolysis Mio DKK Plant size: 75 mio Nm3 biogas/year

13 Pilot test at Foulum – 5 Nm3/h
CH4 + CO2 + 4H CH4 + 2 H2O

14 Summary Electrolysis based biogas upgrade has the potential to:
Store electricity as fuel Increase the biogas production The business case is interesting but many aspects are still uncertain A pilot scale field trial is planned for 2015

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