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'-ed' and '-ing' adjectives

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1 '-ed' and '-ing' adjectives

2 ADJECTIVES Adjectives are used to give more information about nouns. They are used with the verb 'to be' or a verb like look, seem, feel, sound, appear etc

3 There are several adjectives in English which have 2 forms: an –ed form and an –ing form.
The –ing form is used to describe things The –ed form is used to describe our feelings.

4 '-ed' adjectives I'm not interested in football.
We were all surprised when they got married. He was shocked at the news. The lecture made me feel really bored. She felt very disappointed with her exam results. The children looked very tired when they got back from the trip.

5 Adjectives that end in -ed are used to describe how people feel:
‘She was surprised to find that he had been upgraded to first class.'

6 'I was confused by the question my English teacher asked me’.

7 ‘The bear felt tired after working hard all day.'

8  '-ing' adjectives Adjectives that end in -ing are used to describe things and situations I don't think football is a very interesting game. Their marriage was very surprising. They thought the news was shocking. I'm not going to that lecture: it sounds really boring. Her exam results seemed disappointing, but the university accepted her anyway. The trip looks very tiring. We'd better go to be early tonight.

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10 What’s the film like?

11 Working out sudokus can be so tiring

12 -ed form -ing form amazed amazing amused amusing annoyed annoying astonished astonishing bored boring confused confusing depressed depressing disappointed disappointing disgusted disgusting embarrassed embarrassing excited exciting exhausted exhausting frightened frightening

13 -ed form -ing form insulted insulting interested interesting intrigued intriguing satisfied satisfying shocked shocking Surprised surprising tempted tempting terrified terrifying tired tiring worried worrying

14 PRACTICE mar/unit10/nepre_grammar10_1/

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