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EESPA TIEKE 22.10.2013 Mikael Ylijoki, EESPA / Basware.

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1 EESPA introduction @ TIEKE 22.10.2013 Mikael Ylijoki, EESPA / Basware

2 ©2013 EESPA AISBL 2  EESPA is the European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association.  It is an International Not-for-Profit Association organised under Belgian law.  EESPA acts as a trade association at European level for a large and vibrant community of E-Invoicing Service Providers, drawn from organisations that provide network, business outsourcing, financial, technology and EDI services. Who we are

3 ©2013 EESPA AISBL 3  Promoting interoperability and the creation of an interoperable eco-system for electronic invoicing  Advocating and supporting the wide adoption of e- invoicing and its benefits  Representing the industry, engaging in the public policy debate and recommending best practice within appropriate European forums  Providing services to its members Objectives

4 ©2013 EESPA AISBL 4 Membership (51 Full-Members and 4 Associate-Members Status 06/13) FRAccelya France BEAdValvas Europe NLAnachron FRAtos Worldline BEB2Boost FIBasware Corporation GBBottomline Technologies Europe SECapgemini - IBX Group GBCauseway FRCegedim ITConsorzio CBI DECrossinx FREDICOM FREDT FIEnfo FREsker ESEurobits Technologies DKEvenex NOEVRY SEExpert Systems Development Svenska GBFundtech GBGXS SEInExchange Factorum BEIsabel FIItella Information DKKMD FILiaison Technologies SELogica SENordea Bank GBOB10 GBOFS Portal SEPagero CHPostfinance GBRoyal Bank of Scotland Group FRSage DESAP PTSaphety ESSeres PTSIBS Processos CHSIX Paynet ROSTFD-Transfond SEStralfors SESwedbank BESyncada DETecCom FITieto Finland DKTradeshift SETrustweaver BEUnified Post PLComarch IECeltrino FIFederation of Finnish Financial Services CHEforma Communication Industry Leaders NLInnopay BEOpenPEPPOL

5 ©2013 EESPA AISBL 5 Membership

6 ©2013 EESPA AISBL 6 Chair: Esa TihiläBasware, FI Vice-Chair: Charles Bryant OB10, GB Mikael YlijokiBasware, FI Tim ColeCauseway, GB Olivier ArnaudCegedim, FR Marcus LaubeCrossinx, DE Nigel TaylorGXS, GB Dave WallisOFS Portal LLC, GB Alberto RedondoSeres, ES Tuija LompolojärviTieto Corporation, FI Johannes VermeireUnified Post, BE Executive Committee

7 ©2013 EESPA AISBL 7 Milestones 2011 May: Foundation Meeting Oct: Belgian Royal Decree Dec: AGM-2011 Launch of Interoperability Working Group 2012 Apr: Joins EU Multi-Stakeholder Forum on e-Invoicing May: GAM-2012 in Helsinki Launch of Public Policy Working Group Nov: AGM-2012 in Brussels Publication of MIA 2.0 for use by membership 2013 Apr: reciprocal membership with OpenPEPPOL May: GAM-2013 in Amsterdam Publication of MIA 3.0 in public domain Publication of EESPA policy positions for use by membership

8 ©2013 EESPA AISBL 8  EESPA is active as Observer in the forum since April 2012  represented by the Chair  EMFS activities:  Statistics  *Best Practices: e-Procurement and SME  Legal  *Standards: Semantic Data Model recommendation *with active contributions from EESPA members EU Multi-Stakeholder Forum on e-Invoicing (EMFS)

9 ©2013 EESPA AISBL 9  To make recommendations for a Framework for Interoperability between e-Invoicing Service Providers so as to create reach and network effects for the benefit of trading parties.  The Model Interoperability Agreement 3.0 was released in May 2013 and is available for download on  Members are now putting the MIA into practice  Supports the EU Multi-Stakeholder forum recommendation on the creation of a Semantic Data Model Interoperability Working Group (IWG)

10 ©2013 EESPA AISBL 10 Model Interoperability Agreement Description of Services Contacts Scope Transport Mode (Payload) Set Up Charges Certification Other Terms How to complete the MIA + Supporting Technical Information Main Clauses Parties Definitions Purpose Services Responsibilities Controls Liabilities 123 Model Interoperability Agreement (MIA)Companion to MIA

11 ©2013 EESPA AISBL 11  The objective for MIA was to move operators from customized agreements into a standardized set of terms and solutions  Legal frameworks of the different European countries have been combined as one accepted practice to create a model agreement  MIA provides the recommendations for technical standards and commercial terms  Deviations from these is possible based on mutual agreement only  Eases the negotiations phase between operators and accelerates the practical implementation MIA Goals

12 ©2013 EESPA AISBL 12  MIA agreement contains all relevant information and definitions necessary for the operator businesses  Applicable law does not favor either party. Belgian law was selected due to being considered the most neutral one  Streamlines, accelerates and negotiation and technical implementation  Predefined liabilities and SLAs define the criteria for being an EESPA operator and ensure the service levels MIA: Concrete benefits for the members

13 ©2013 EESPA AISBL 13  Focus on the development and implementation of public policy affecting e-invoicing in Europe and wider global developments  Support representation in EMSF and engage with activities  Concerns over fiscal harmonization across Europe  Monitor public procurement developments  Monitor the EU Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data on electronic invoicing The Summary of EESPA Public Policy Positions is available on Public Policy Working Group (PPWG)


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