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Norwegian Interactive Offshore Stratigraphic Lexicon

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1 NORLEX Norwegian Interactive Offshore Stratigraphic Lexicon Felix Gradstein and Oyvind Hammer

2 Norwegian Interactive Offshore Stratigraphic Lexicon
Industrial mandate to update the 25 year old and boring NPD Lithostratigraphic Bulletins # 1- 5 …1600+ wells reported with Formations… Industry - Academia Consortium funded by 50+ companies and NPD Since 2005, twelve workshops with NPD, oil companies, NGU and universities and over 25 working meetings. Over 75 scientists have participated, with a core of 7 people.

3 Norlex Lithostratigraphy Concept
UK, Dutch and Danish North Sea ~10 years ahead



6 50+ major lithostratigraphic changes
20160 formation tops in 1086 wells

7 Interactive ’Oracle’ System for Biostratigraphy, Taxonomy and Well Correlations
12000 offshore fossil names + synonyms Reticulophragmium pauperum

8 Neogene Litho-Biostratigraphy, northern North Sea
Anthonissen (2008 , 2009)

9 Neogene Biostratigraphy Calibrated to Standard Stages

10 Thickness Map Hordaland Group, northern North Sea, with lineaments
Wells with rings have Rogaland + Hordaland tops Red wells have biostrat = clickable

11 Manuscript reviewers:
Jon Gjelberg James Ogg Vigdis Løvø Tom Dreyer Mike Charnock

12 Cretaceous Lithostratigraphy North Sea Norwegian Sea
Redefinition of Shetland – Cromer Knoll Groups in Norwegian Sea Directly comparable with definitions in North Sea (consistent tops)

13 Grindhval Member, 6305/5-1 type well
Isochore Map

14 Jurassic Lithostratigraphy
SOUTHERN North Sea NORWEGIAN- DANISH BASIN SOUTHERN Viking Graben NORTHERN NORTH SEA TRØNDELAG PLATFORM HALTEN TERRACE NORDLAND RIDGE Haut. Valang. Ryaz. Volg. Kimm. Oxf. Call. Bath. Bajoc. Aalen. Toarc. Plienc. Sinem. Hett. Rhæt. Nor. CRET. Mandal Fm. Flekkefjord Fm. Draupne Fm. Farsund Fm. Sauda Fm. Munin Mbr Rogn Fm. E Tau Fm. A VIKING GP U Hauge- sund Fm. Ula Fm. Egersund Fm. Fr S F Heather Fm. F Heather Fm. Tarbert Fm. K Tarbert Fm. Garn Fm. JURASSIC M Ness Fm. Not Fm. FANGST GP. Ness Fm. BRENT GP. Etive Fm. Rannoch Fm. Ile Fm. O B Drake Fm. Ror Fm. Tofte Fm. Fjerrit- slev Fm. DUNLIN GP. Cook Fm. BÅT GP. Tilje Fm. L Burton Fm. Amundsen Fm. Johansen Fm. Åre Fm. Nansen Fm. Eriksson Fm. Gassum Fm. STATFJORD GP. TRI. Raude Fm. HEGRE GP S: Sognefjord Fm. F: Fensfjord Fm. K: Krossfjord Fm. O: Oseberg Fm. B: Broom Fm. E: Eldfisk Mbr. A: Atrid Mbr Fr: Fraoch Mbr. F: Fenris Mbr.

15 Jurassic Biostratigraphy, North Sea
Atlas of Norwegian offshore Microfosssils click and picture it

16 NORLEX Summary Atlas


18 Any Questions ?

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