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ILO Turin Centre, November, 20031 The IUFs Transnational Company Work.

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1 ILO Turin Centre, November, 20031 The IUFs Transnational Company Work

2 ILO Turin Centre, November, 20032 Transnational company work IUF has prioritized two forms of activity in this area: Campaigns or actions against companies that attack basic rights Proactive action and strategies to gain recognition from companies like Coca-Cola for the IUF as an international trade union federation

3 ILO Turin Centre, November, 20033 Recent campaigns and actions Pakistan Sugar Mills Belarus, trade union rights BAT & Burma Ecuador banana workers Pearl Continental Pepsi, Guatemala Sky Chefs, USA Coca Cola, Russia

4 ILO Turin Centre, November, 20034 That is campaign activity…. But what of pro-active IUF Company Strategy What does it mean? How is it developed within the IUF?

5 ILO Turin Centre, November, 20035 Proactive IUF company strategy has basically three stages: 1.Organize and build strength 2.Negotiate for international recognition from the target company 3.Move to international bargaining

6 ILO Turin Centre, November, 20036 Organize Use education projects to: Strengthen existing unions Create New unions Recruitment of those unions to IUF Company networks (eg in Coca-Cola through global and regional meetings)

7 ILO Turin Centre, November, 20037 Negotiating recognition Area of major progress in recent years Achieved through seizing and building on opportunities, following-up on conflicts, maintaining contact with companies and dogged and determined negotiations

8 ILO Turin Centre, November, 20038 Recognition 1997 Where were we in 1997? Danone (formal) Accor (formal) Nestlé (formally limited to Europe but informally wider) Coca-Cola (informal, irregular and limited having arisen from major successful international campaigns against Coca Cola over past years)

9 ILO Turin Centre, November, 20039 Recognition 2003 Where are we today? 26 companies and growing Danone Accor Nestlé Coca-Cola British American Tobacco Chiquita Brands International Club Méditerannée Compass

10 ILO Turin Centre, November, 200310 Del Monte Fresh Produce Fonterra (formerly New Zealand Dairy Board, a major dairy transnational) Fyffes Hershey Foods Imperial Tobacco Interbrew Japan Tobacco International Kraft Foods

11 ILO Turin Centre, November, 200311 Mars Parmalat Philip Morris International Scandinavian Tobacco Company Altadis Sodexho Dimon Tobacco Leaf Processors Standard Tobacco Leaf Processors Univeral Tobacco Leaf Processors Shangri-La Hotel Corporation

12 ILO Turin Centre, November, 200312 Company recognition of the IUF 1997 - 2003

13 ILO Turin Centre, November, 200313 Bargaining….. About what issues? Not workplace issues but more over ….. Rights and space Space for….. Rights to form and join unions (F. of A.) Rights to collective bargaining No discrimination, child and forced labour etc

14 ILO Turin Centre, November, 200314 What does this mean? Setting standards through agreements with specific transnational companies (normally built on ILO Core Conventions) Clarifying what the ILO standards actually mean Establishing agreed union/company mechanisms for enforcing those standards Negotiating agreed remedial action when those standards are not met

15 ILO Turin Centre, November, 200315 8 formal IUF international worker rights agreements: Danone: Union Rights Equality Training Information Restructuring and employment Accor – union rights Chiquita – Rights, employment and health and safety Fonterra – Rights, employment and health and safety

16 ILO Turin Centre, November, 200316 3 formal IUF/Company agreements to end conflicts Del Monte – Guatemala (2001) Interbrew – Montenegro (Dubrovnik Agreement) (2002) Shangri-La Hotels – Indonesia (2003)

17 ILO Turin Centre, November, 200317 The case of Coca-Cola Tough structure and tough company US corporate culture Common target of IUF actions and campaigns Long-term target of IUF proactive strategy

18 ILO Turin Centre, November, 200318 Proactive work Organize Negotiate recognition Bargain about rights

19 ILO Turin Centre, November, 200319 International organizing within Coca-Cola Building unions (Guatemala, Philippines, India, Moscow etc) Recruiting to the IUF - global IUF representation has never been stronger Strengthening networks and our capacity for mutual solidarity Global meeting in March 2003 and regional meetings throughout the year

20 ILO Turin Centre, November, 200320 Negotiating for recognition De facto recognition for the Coca-Cola system - which means we deal with bottlers and franchise holders Initially informal and irregular contacts Stuck at the informal and irregular level for some years

21 ILO Turin Centre, November, 200321 Recognition breakthrough in 2003? April 2003 agreement to hold twice- yearly meetings (starting in October 2003) Small team from IUF: Four affiliates and the general secretary Head Office team from The Coca-Cola Company

22 ILO Turin Centre, November, 200322 Nature of the planned twice- yearly meetings Exchanging information Mainly on rights and labour issues Possibly on corporate global, regional and local strategies Discussing problems and abuses of worker rights Exploring influence of The Coca-Cola Company on bottlers and franchise holders

23 ILO Turin Centre, November, 200323 Bargaining about rights with Coca-Cola? Will see where the more formal twice- yearly meeting take us Major challenge is an eventual agreement between the IUF and The Coca-Cola Company

24 ILO Turin Centre, November, 200324 Principal obstacles to progress Tough US corporate culture Structure of the company and issue of responsibility for bottlers and franchise holders

25 ILO Turin Centre, November, 200325 Principal strengths we have Vulnerable company Strong global IUF representation throughout the company Proven IUF capacity to effectively act against Coke Clear and determined IUF strategy IUFs unique capacity to maintain long- term pressure on Coca-Cola

26 ILO Turin Centre, November, 200326 How the future with Coke looks and what it will need from us… There will be difficult and slow process Intelligent, tough but vulnerable company Organizing globally will be one key issue Maintaining constant pressure will be another key issue Smart negotiating at global level a third Effective solidarity and action from affiliates when necessary will be the key issue

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