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Final score By: group 5 Samuel, Maria, Sisca,Monic.

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1 Final score By: group 5 Samuel, Maria, Sisca,Monic

2 Connect 2 ur life Does it ever help to think about a game when it’s over? Or is it better to forget the past & think only about the future? No, its useless. Its better to think for the future.

3 Key 2 poem Some poems contain a theme or important message about life. How can the end of a game be like other things in life??? At the end of game, we can only receive that score because, the score cannot be change.

4 Final score Eventually There’s A final score When Games Have ended When They’re Over-----

5 No more batting, kicking, tossing a ball---- No more stumbling, fumbling, rising up from a fall

6 Games Have been played They’re over That’s all.

7 translate Akhirnya Ada hasil skor akhir Saat pertandingan selesai Ketika pertandingan itu berakhir Tidak ada lagi Tidak ada lagi bertanding, menendang, melempar bola.

8 Tidak saling menyandung, meraba-raba, berdiri sehabis jatuh. Pertandingan yg sudah kita mainkan Sudah berakhir. Itu saja.

9 Think it through 1.According to this poem, what can u do after the final score in a game? Can u change how u did something in the game? Why or why not? No, because u can’t to change it. It already over.

10 2. What is the theme or message of this poem? how does the theme apply to something besides sports? Don’t regret the past. When something is over, it’s over

11 3. Think of someone who would benefit from hearing the message in this poem. Why would it help that person?? Never regret and just looked foward.

12 workbook Please open WB page. 101 1.What is the subject of the poem?? Time or life 2. Which words are repeated throughout the poem?? Take time to….

13 3. Why do you think the writer repeats the same 3 words in every other line?? To focus the importance of doing these things 4. A metaphor is a comparison between 2 things. What 2 things are being copared in lines 17-18? Laughter & music.

14 5. What is 1 of themes in this poem? Compare your answer with those of your classmates. Time is important.

15 Thank you 4 lisening our presentation

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