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Esperimento NUCL-EX Bologna (5 Ric), Firenze (9 Ric), LNL (6 Ric), Napoli (9 Ric), Padova (1 Ric) 30 Ricercatori (25 FTE) Rappresentanti Nazionali: M.

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Presentation on theme: "Esperimento NUCL-EX Bologna (5 Ric), Firenze (9 Ric), LNL (6 Ric), Napoli (9 Ric), Padova (1 Ric) 30 Ricercatori (25 FTE) Rappresentanti Nazionali: M."— Presentation transcript:

1 Esperimento NUCL-EX Bologna (5 Ric), Firenze (9 Ric), LNL (6 Ric), Napoli (9 Ric), Padova (1 Ric) 30 Ricercatori (25 FTE) Rappresentanti Nazionali: M. Bruno (BO) G. Casini (FI) Collaborazioni: Ganil, Jyvaskyla, Dubna, Nevsehir Univ. Turkey (BARC,TAMU, Moskow State Univ., Ohio State Univ.) Dinamica e Termodinamica Nucleare Formazione e Decadimento di sistemi nucleari (Fusione – Fissione, Pre-equilibrio, Clustering) Fisica dellIsospin verso SPES (Densità dei Livelli, Energia di Simmetria) FAZIA project GARFIELD 8 LP RIPEN Apparati FAZIA Dem.

2 24 Mg+ 24 MeV, (8 LP + PPAC modules ) Evidence of Strong deformation in alpha-like nuclei detected in 8 LP, Residue detected in PPACs EFG BALL detector number -Residue angular correlation -Residues Angular correlation is better reproduced by assuming an Highly Deformed nucleus indicating a possible -clustering stucture A. Di Nitto et al., EPJ Web of Conferences 21, (2012) CNR*11 Int. Conf., September 19-23, 2011 Prague, Czech Republic

3 32 S+ 40 Ca 17.7MeV/A 32 S+ 48 Ca 17.7MeV/A Sorting the events: Peripheral collisions: many sources, Central collision one source GARFIELD + RING Counter : Central collisions: we expect that close to the multifragmentation threshold, the produced fragments will be relatively cold. The experimental reconstruction through correlation techniques of secondary decays in such moderately excited fragments will allow us to trace back the primary fragmentation pattern minimizing the model dependence of the procedure. Level densities at low excitation energy are known to exhibit important isotopic and odd-even effects, resulting in staggering effects in different isotopic observables. Analysis in progress

4 Activities /2013: Two experiments approved by the LNL PAC: 1. Study of a-clustering using pre-equilibrium emission (V.L. Kravchuk) 2. Probing the Statistical decay in N=Z light nuclei (G. Baiocco) One approved experiment at TAMU: 1. Study of nuclear level density at moderate excitation energy (A. Voinov) Jacobi and Poincare shapes of Ba isotopes vs. mass asymmetry of fission fragments A. Maj, Cracow Role of the entrance channel in the production of complex fragments in fusion-fission and quasifission reactions in the framework of the dinuclear system model G. Adamian, Dubna Study of fusion-fission dynamics through fission fragment angular, Mass distributions and neutron multiplicity measurements S. Appannababu, LNL and Delhi Ideas for proposals at TANDEM-ALPI:

5 CN Van de Graaf accelerator 24 BC501 cylindrical Liquid Scintillators 2 V1720 digitizer from CAEN (12 bit, 250 MS/s) in the 8 channels VME version communicating with a standard PC via a VME bridge (CAEN V1718). Energy release of impinging particle Time of flight and Palse Shape Discrimination between neutron and 8 B production in the reaction 6 Li( 3 He,n) 8 B via neutron angular distribution measurement Previous experiments using two different experimental techniques (Positron Counting technique and Neutron Time of Flight) give very different results for the 8 B production cross section varying by a factor of 3 C. Rubbia et al., NIM A 568 (2006) 475 C.R. McClenahan et al., PRC 11 (1975) 370 R.E. Marrs et al.,PRC 8 (1973) 427 P. Van Der Merwe et al., NPA 103 (1967) C( 3 He, n) 14 O 8 B g.s. 8 B* 6 Li( 3 He,np) 7 Be TOF (ns) Counts

6 CN Van de Graaf accelerator Neutron emission angle in CM (deg) d /d (mb/Sr) V.L. Kravchuk et al., To be published in Phys Rev. Special Topic – Accelerators and Beams Test experiment scheduled from July 26 to August 3, 2012 in view of an experimental campaign at the CN Definition of Physics Cases for coupling the neutron detectors with LCP detectors (modules from 8PLP) and/or gamma detectors (GALILEO) 6 MeV 3 He+ 6 Li 8 B + n 1 st exc. g.s. Total cross sectionReference (68 ± 7) mb (g.s.) (35 ± 7) mb (1 st exc.) Experimental result 65 mb (g.s.) E 3He =5.6 MeV (neutron TOF) 75 mb (g.s.)DWUCK4 calculation (20 ± 3) mbPositron counting

7 Transport properties of isospin asymmetric nuclear matter: neck emission and isospin drift 40,48 Ca+ 40,48 Ca at 15, 25, 35AMeV, 58 Ni+ 58 Ni at 30-45AMeV Related to deep-inelastic processes, isospin equilibration and drift; isoscaling for massive ejectiles 78,86 Kr+ 40,48 Ca ---> 20-60AMeV Related to the surface or volume expansion in central collisions Coupling FAZIA + INDRA WITH STABLE BEAMS & 1 st DAY EXP with SPIRAL2 FAZIA: Phase II Basic BLOCK: 4x4 telescopes The 192 telescopes of FAZIA demonstrator will be ready at the end of Initially they will be coupled with : INDRA Then with: and

8 Richieste finanziarie per 2013 Missione Interne 1 KE Riunioni collaborazione + 1 KE s.j turni LNS Missioni Estere 2 KE riunioni analisi Texas, riunioni Fazia, Assemblaggio dimostratore Ganil Consumo 1 KE lavorazioni meccaniche, materiale test laboratorio Inventario 1 KE PC per analisi


10 GARFIELD 2 Drift chambers : 180 micro-strip detectors CsI(Tl) ( = 30 0 – ) Ring Counter: annular telescope, Ionization Chamber + Si + CsI(Tl) ( = 6 0 – 18 0 ) Time of Flight system: 4 Position Sensitive Parallel Plate Avalanche Counters Fragments and Light Particles identification Drift Chamber 14.5 MeV/A 32 S+ 64 Ni


12 The Experimental set-up: The TOF Apparatus 8 BC501 detectors covering angles from 15 o to 140 o in LAB pickup beam MeV 3 He+ 6 Li 8 B + n 40 pnA, pulsed beam 333 ns rep. rate with 2 ns resolution 2 m Flight path 3 mSr ±2 o Rutherford scattering of the beam on the Au backing is used as normalization to determine the 8 B production absolute cross section E (15 m) – E (200 m) Silicon Telescope 6 LiF (500 g/cm 2 ) on Au (500 g/cm 2 ) Background measurements: 1) 7 LiF (500 g/cm 2 ) on Au (500 g/cm 2 ) 2) 12 C (70 g/cm 2 ) & 3) without target 3 He 1H1H

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