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2 2 OLYMPOS ® Developed by using ORACLE DEVELOPER 2000 on ORACLE DataBase

3 3 Olympos ® submits high performance, data security and other features of Oracle database to the user. Olympos ® obtains the power of central server to all terminals & minimize the network traffic through Client-Server architecture.

4 4 Olympos ® can work on centralized and distributed structure. Also, some shops (branches) can work centralized, some others distributed.

5 5 At any time, it is possible to convert the IT structure of shops from distributed to centralized.

6 6 Data communication between Datacenter & Shops or Shops & Datacenter on distributed structure can be done by;

7 7 Text File Replication, Olympos ® Replication (by DataBase Links) or Oracle Replication.

8 8 At the centralized structure, no need data communication with remote client. However, data can be enter at the main office instead of shop(branch).

9 9 Or the DB-less application environment installed into the shop (branch) and data can be update at the main office. Also, Shop operations done syncronizly by connecting to the centeral server over WAN.

10 10 As a result; all daily data collect at the center.

11 11 OLYMPOS ® can communicate all other apparatus S/W. It is ready for developing the new interface of different software.

12 12 About Retail management OLYMPOS ® submits turn-key solution and can answer erratic request.

13 13 For this goal OLYMPOS ® is fully PARAMETRİC

14 14 Work HARMONIOUSLY with Every Case wich has registered fiscal memory.

15 15 Now, you can follow the Advantages and Powerful Features of OLYMPOS ®.

16 16  OLYMPOS ® submits the unique and integrated solution. You can easily control and directed all your remote shops (branches, warehouses and stores) form your head office

17 17 For example; if you have over stock for one product at some of your store or shop, Olympos ® worn you for excess stock with report, and gives you the amount of actual stock (to be needed).

18 18 In that case, if you want, you can stopped the purchasing. (neither at the head office nor branches)

19 19 If you want, - stop selling the product, - give it back to the supplier, - stop sending (dispatching) the product from store to shop. you can easily done these from the data center.

20 20  You can change the price as daily or in future date centrally (main office).

21 21  You can enter (determine), special price (promotion) for every shop (branch).

22 22 Nevertheless, You can apply - Different price for cash sale, - Different price for credit card sale, - Different price for installment sale,

23 23 You can determine the sales price as a whole or product base, (the sales price has been calculated as an automatically by entering profit margin for each product.)

24 24  You can set up purchasing conditions and price, supplier basis If you are purchasing the same product many different suppliers, you can enter purchasing price separately.

25 25  You can enter the purchasing contract conditions to each supplier card,  When these conditions change update them with the new contract date.

26 26 When you examine a supplier card, you can find the previous discounts and fixed terms. you can find the previous (for 1-one year ago) discounts and fixed terms.  You can enter the contract conditions on product basis

27 27  OLYMPOS ® displays automatically all purchasing conditions for product basis or current account basis on Order & Invoice screen.

28 28  OLYMPOS ® can invoice back the price difference & discount difference to the supplier automatically by controlling the invoice price & discounts with the contract price & discounts.  And recalculate the product purchasing cost automatically by using these invoice differences.

29 29 By means of this function, OLYMPOS ® can check your suppliers automatically.

30 30 You can easily make a report;  Mostly purchased,  Most paid,  Maximum creditor,

31 31  Calculate and Report the ratio of product returned, price differences, discount differences, service prices, in your total purchasing cost as a supplier basis.

32 32  OLYMPOS ® calculates, Total debt of all suppliers & Average fixed term by using purchasing contract conditions.

33 33 all modules in the OLYMPOS ® integrate to accountancy at the same time. all modules in the OLYMPOS ® integrate to accountancy at the same time (on-line).

34 34 “when proceeding an invoice or when transferring sales result from the remote clients (branches), automatically entering to the accountancy or is being an account receipt.”

35 35 By means of this feature, you can reach to the invoice from the account receipt or reach to the account receipt from the invoice. OLYMPOS ® has multi directional & inter sectional structure.

36 36  All costs done by the main office or branches (departments) charged as branch (department) basis and listed (report) as branch (department) comparative.

37 37  Periodically (monthly) listed an income and expenses tables of the branches.

38 38 So branches;

39 39 - purchasing volume from supplier, - buying volume from stores, - updated stock amount, - expenses, - how much cash sales, - how much bank credit card sales, - total sales, - profit margin & net profit,

40 40 you can measure the branch profitability with these income/expence tables.

41 41 OLYMPOS ® records all sales done by the branch cases as receipt basis.

42 42 Every receipts produced on sales cases, on-line copied in to the OLYMPOS ® this feature submits many advantages for market chain.

43 43 for example; you can find both the sold products and the canceled products on the same receipt.

44 44 However, on the same receipt you can follow monetary value taken from the customer and change it back.(customer)

45 45 You can do all these operations both at the main office and at the shops (branches).

46 46 with all these detailed sales data, you can do lots of management analysis about the operation.

47 47  How much sales done, - which products, - which product group, - which hours in which days, - daily or monthly # of customer, - average basket value,

48 48  Sales amounts and net Profits depends on the price alteration, product sales amount, totals & turnover ratio.

49 49  Turnover ratio and profits of best seller products. You can generate many reports as above.

50 50  Quantitative and Summative basis reports can be generate for best selling or least selling products as Supplier and Product group basis

51 51  You can easily prepare detailed stock reports (products basis or branch basis) by entering certain date intervals.

52 52 Some detials of other Stock Reports; - FIFO, LIFO, - average cost, - updated stock amount & sums according to last buying, last selling price, - stock cycle time, - sending & return values among branches, - products under min. & over max. stock, - purchasing amount in which supplier.

53 53  You can do many comparisons by entering the copmetitor Price list in to the OLYMPOS ®.

54 54 When you change your price, OLYMPOS ® displayed these competitors price list, so, you can make easily price comparison.

55 55 OLYMPOS ® has customer card application and it’s derivative of promotion generator applicaton.

56 56 You can give own CRM Card and celebrate many advantageous sales to the customers.

57 57 Apply different price or discounts to the card owners. Collect all customer basis data in the Olympos ® and analyze them in detailed.

58 58 Generate many reports by using customer cards; Generate many reports by using customer cards; - Shopping list (product basis), - Discount rate (%), - Shopping points (credits), - Gifts, bonus and presents, - And so more...

59 59 * It is possible to transfer all these reports to Excel format easily. * There are many reports which accord between front office and bookkeeping. - Compare between Case and Bookkeeping. - Compare between Current and Bookkeeping.

60 60 Customer oriented and problemless - easiy SOLUTIONS

61 61 OLYMPO S ®

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