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High School English Information January 2008. Content Copernicus and exchanges The High School English Program The US Exchange (2009-2010, senior year)

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1 High School English Information January 2008

2 Content Copernicus and exchanges The High School English Program The US Exchange (2009-2010, senior year) Agreements

3 Copernicus and international exchanges •The CSG vision: Every level 4 student on CSG takes part in at least one international exchange program. •Purpose of the exchage –Unique experience (for all level 4 – pre university - students) –Suppports making good choices in post High School studies and careers (Studying abroad is becoming more and more popular) –Improved preparation for follow-up studies or professional career (International – English language - aspect in bachelor and master studies is becoming more and more common, globalisation and internationalisation is the reality) –Improved language skills (English) •the vwo (level 4) exchange program: –Vwo 4 / sophomore year; European exchange –Vwo 5 / senior year; US exchange (part of the Senio High School English program (1st exchange: 2009/2010)

4 The High School English program in a nutshell •1 st year –choice of programmes –level 3 and 4 –6-week introduction course HSE •2 nd year –extra curricular (choice) –level 3 and 4, –extra English lessons •3 rd year / freshman year –conclusion junior program, –start senior program (level 4 only) •4 th year / sophomore year –Exchange preparation –Start TOEFL preparation •5 th year / junior year –Conclusion Senior HSE program –US exchange –TOEFL •6 th year / senior year –Students follow normal curriculum –Preparation final exams

5 TOEFL certificate •Test Of English as a Foreign Language •Internationally acknowledged certificate •Good preparation for Dutch pre-university final exams •Good student exercise books available •Alows access to study in the US

6 HSE curriculum •Extra curricular •1 additional English class per week •Languag skills (oral proficiency, listening skills, presenting, etc.) •American culture (history, customs, geography, film, etc.) •American Literature (American authors and works) •Guest spreakers (Americans, Native Speakers) •No testing for final exams •Exchange preparation •Contact Methuen High School •Field trips (Embassy, museums in NL, baseball game, etc.) •TOEFL preparation •As many options as possible (american literature v.s. British literature) •Final exam paper (possibility to do it on US subject)

7 Student Exchange Program Voorlopige/Preliminary planning Leer jaar School year Try-out program Copernicus Scholengemeenschap Contact: Mr J. Albers / Ms Birgitte Koper Normal program AgeMethuen High School Contact: Mr Jim Peirce 1  ZAP programma (choice of programs)  Recruitment program voor JHSE (6 e periode) 2007/ 2008 12/13Junior High / middle school 2  Vervolg JHSE (havo en vwo)  Minimaal 1 uur per week HSE naast Engels 2 hv en v3 of al het Engels + 1 uur in aparte groep (afhankelijk van groepsgrootte) 2008/ 2009 13/14Junior High / middle school 3 VWO Freshmen Level 4 2007/ 2008  Afsluiting/end JHSE  Test/ certificaat? /graduation/presentation/MCAS Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (English) – Fulbright?  Afsluiting met (korte) reis naar Engelssprekend land (Engeland, Ierland?) voor havo**************************************************************  Begin van SHSE (alleen vwo)  Recruitment: vanuit HSE en v3  Start of the money-saving program 2009/ 2010 14/15  Recruitment  parent meetings  information meetings  preliminary language instruction (basic)  Establishing contact between students from the schools (not one on one / matched) 4 VWO Sophomores Level 4 2008/ 2009  SHSE, minimaal 1 uur per week SHSE naast Engels V4/5  Voorbereiding uitwisseling  Matching studenten  Één op één e-mail contact tussen studenten (?)  Literatuur - American Literature i.p.v. literatuur bij de verschillende vakken 2010/ 2011 15/16  Matching students  One on one e-mail contact 5 VWO Juniors Level 4 2009/ 2010  Jaar van de uitwisseling!  TOEFL  PWS (presentation in English at MHS) + student cooperation 2011/ 2012 16/17  Exchange  Possible presentations in (English) classes 6 VWO Seniors Level 4  KLAAR!17/18

8 The exchange! •The Challenge! •When? •For how long? •Which school, where? •Program •Costs •Commitment / contract

9 Methuen High School

10 What are our students going to experience? •A unique trip •Meeting peers, making friends •Speaking a lot of English •Staying with a real American family –Eating together –Going to school together (on the school bus!) –Lots of activities (sport, going to the mall, cinema, dining out, shopping, etc.) •Taking classes at an American High School •Seeing a lot of the US, getting a taste of American culture and life style –Baseball (Boston Red Sox?), American Football, Boston, New York, Salem, visiting museums (mfa, Boston), 24hr TV, etc.

11 When are the Dutch students going? •PROPOSAL •October 2009 •(1 or 2 weeks before) fall break •Periode of 8 – 14 days in total •Possibility of extending the stay (parents pick up their children in the US and continue on with their family) •Advantages: Great weather (fall, Indian Summer), Close to fall break (students don’t miss many classes)


13 Activities / program US •Taking classes (several days), after school activities, sports, etc. •Barbecue at the Peirce’s (contact person) •Fieldtrips to (travelling time by car/bus): –Lowell, historical industrial town (20 minuten) –Boston (30 minutes) –Salem (1 hours) –New York (3 hours) –Washington (6 hours) •We are investigating the possibilities to end the trip by going to New York with the Dutch studens for a few days and finishing up there. This means we travel home from NY instead of Boston.

14 Boston (1)

15 Boston (2)

16 Salem

17 New York; The Big Apple

18 When are the American studens coming? •PROPOSAL •March 2010 •Period of 8 – 14 days in total •Possible conclusion in a different city (Paris, London) •Advantages: just before tourist season, less expensive

19 Activities / program NL •Going to school, taking classes •Dining out together. •Fieldtrips to: –Amsterdam (Anne Frank huis, canal boat tour, museums, etc.) –Muiden (Muiderslot / muider castle) –Hoorn –Alkmaar (cheese market) –Sailing on the IJsselmeer –Deltaworks (the Dutch battle against the water…) –Soccer match (Ajax?) –Visit to Westerbork (former concentration/deportation camp) –Daytrip to Belgium / France / Germany (Antwerp / Paris / Berlin)

20 What are the US students going to experience? •A unique trip •Meeting peers, making friends •Staying with a real Dutch family –Eating together (boerenkool!) –Going to school together (on their bikes!) –Lots of activities (sports, going out, cinema, shopping, etc.) •Naar school in Nederland, lessen volgen op de CSG •Seeing a lot of the Netherlands, getting a taste of Dutch culture and life style –Soccer, cycling, Dutch food, Amsterdam, windmills, visiting museums (Rijksmuseum, van Gogh museum), TV with subtitles!, etc. •For the American students language is less of an issue. The cultural aspect is most important.

21 What are we still working on? •Smoking policy (good match is important) •Alcohol policy (NL and VS are not allowed to drink) •Insurances (parents need to take care of travel insurance for the students) •“fundraising”

22 In conclusion •Commitment (what are you agreeing to?) •The decision… •What if the exchange cannot go through?

23 Commitment; What will be in the contract? •Your child will take part the exchange •Your child will travel to the US and take part in the exchange program there •You will take in an American student in your home for the duration of the visit part of the exchange •You garantee good care and safety of the guest student •You bring in 1200 euro for the cost of the exchange •You take part in a saving program for the 1200 euro

24 The decision •What information do you need before you can take the decision? •Questions? •When does the decision have to be made? 1 februari 2008 (signed contract)

25 What if the exchange is not possible? •Trip to the US, arranged by school. •Stay in New York •Possible stay in Boston or Miami •Many cultural activities (museums, theatre, etc.) What remains: We will see and do as much as possible in the US. Disadvantage: The unique cultural aspect of staying in an American family will be lost.

26 Thanks for your attention! Dhr. J. Albers, afdelingsleider vwo Mw. B. Koper, docente Engels

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