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CHEMISTRY In our community.

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1 CHEMISTRY In our community

2 The Chemical Universe i ? ! @ Chemistry is the study of atoms
Atoms are the building blocks of nature How many atoms are there in a cup of tea? ? ! 15 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 @ Chemical Science is shaping our future

3 Chemistry of Flowers Smell a Flower See a Flower Touch a Flower
The Fragrance is Chemistry See a Flower The Colours are Chemistry Touch a Flower The Structure is Chemistry

4 Chemistry in the Home i ? ! @ Everything in your home is Chemistry
Shower Gel, Wallpaper, Baked Beans… Teflon™ was discovered by accident Energy efficient, colour changing buildings ? ! @

5 Paints Pigment Matte Paints Non-Drip Paints Particles to add colour
Particles to add texture Non-Drip Paints Polymers to change consistency

6 Improved Performance i ? ! @
Our leisure time has been changed by Chemical Science Computer parts, sports equipment Carbon fibre is 3 times stronger than steel Better flat screen displays i ? ! @

7 Flat Screen Displays The past The present The future Cathode ray tubes
Liquid Crystals Plasma displays The future Light emitting polymers Electronic Ink Most people are familiar with Liquid Crystal Displays (watches, calculators, laptops etc.) and also Plasma displays (the extremely expensive flat screen TVs people envy in department stores). But other technology is being developed for flat screen technology. New advances in LCD technology can make the screens flexible (currently they have to be sandwiched between glass) see For more details. Light emitting polymer technology also allows flexible displays, but unlike LCD’s does not need a separate backlight. More information on the technology at The concept of electronic paper – displays that look and feel like a sheet of paper, with the same definition, is being developed with electronic ink technology. The advantage of this technology is that once an image is set, no more power is required. More information at:

8 Modern Masters i ? ! @ Art and the Chemical Sciences are linked
Art preservation Chemistry is art Sense-ational Visual Elements New materials for artists ? ! @

9 Photography Chemistry makes the film Chemistry develops the image
Chemistry prints the picture

10 Cooking is Chemistry i ? ! @
Chemical changes are responsible for changes in flavour and texture Chemistry keeps food fresh Most E-numbers are naturally occurring Healthy Cream Cakes! i ? ! @

11 Ice Cream Complex Structure Ice Fat Air Sugar Stability

12 Energy is Chemistry i ? ! @ Chemistry can be used to store energy
Batteries are chemistry The Space Shuttle’s solid rockets burn 10 tonnes of fuel per second Cleaner sources of energy ? ! @

13 Petrol Drilling Fluids Refining Fuel Additives Catalytic Converters

14 Green Chemistry i Chemical science that is environmentally friendly More efficient production of the chemicals we need 53% of people recycle paper - only 23% recycle plastic Cars powered by hydrogen ? ! @

15 Organic Farming Use of natural pesticides and fertilisers
Chemists isolate, develop and make these Even organic pesticides are chemicals!

16 Fashion i ? ! @ Looking good is down to chemical science
2-in-1 shampoos, non-iron shirts Toothpaste and paint have many similar ingredients Self-cleaning clothes ? ! @

17 Synthetic Dyes Desired Colour Dye fastness Novel properties

18 Healthier Lives i ? ! @ All medicines use chemical science
Clean water through chemical science We live twice as long now as 100 years ago Cures for Cancer, AIDS… ? ! @

19 Asthma Drugs Container Active Ingredient Spray Formation Plastic shell
Pharmaceutical Spray Formation Aerosol Image courtesy of GlaxoSmithKline

20 Biochemistry Human body is made up of 100 trillion cells
Adult body is 50-65% water Carbon is key element in the body 22 amino acid structures

21 Body chemistry Proteins-digest foods, fight infections, build organs, move muscles Enzymes are proteins Blood and oxygen DNA-genetic molecule

22 Chemical Science... i ? ! @ ... is important to us all
… is the world around us … is always looking to the future ? ! … is more than you might have thought @

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