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Sales, Distribution and Marketing Solutions for Kansas and Oklahoma.

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1 Sales, Distribution and Marketing Solutions for Kansas and Oklahoma

2 •Serving Oklahoma and Kansas for over 25 years. •Warehouses in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Wichita Kansas. •400 plus employees dedicated to customer service, quality and brand building. •On premise: –Dominating draft sales and service –Designated special events team backed by latest equipment including 10 waymatics. –Refrigerated delivery –Chain Sales team •Off premise: –Cart delivery system (ensures product quality and preferred by retailers) –Graphics departments in both states. –Category Management team. Brand Building

3 Employee Summary

4 •Anchor Brewing Co. •Bard’s Tale Beer Co. •Belukus Marketing •Big Sky Brewing •Boulevard Brewing Co. •Caldera Brewing Co. •D&V International •Diageo •E&J Gallo •FEMSA •Franconia Brewing Co. •Gordon Biersch •Gambrinus •Heineken •Labatt USA •Laughing Dog •Marshall Brewing Co. •Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. •MillerCoors Brewing Co. •Pabst Brewing Co. •U.S. Beverage •RJ Rocker •Unibroue USA, Inc •Warsteiner Current Suppliers

5 –Total: 157,000 (sq.ft) –Office: 21,000 –CTW: 122,000 –Refrigerated: 7,000 Oklahoma City Warehouse

6 –Total: 105,000 (sq.ft) –Office: 10,000 –CTW: 87,000 –Refrigerated: 8,000 Tulsa Oklahoma Warehouse

7 –Total: 145,000 (sq.ft) –Office: 27,000 –CTW: 114,800 –Refrigerated: 3,200 Wichita Kansas Warehouse

8 •The Oklahoma beer market is separated into two categories. 3.2% and Full Strength (in excess of 3.2%). •3.2% Market: –89% of total beer sales –Dominated by mainline domestic brands (MillerCoors & ABI.) –Sold in on premise, c-stores and grocery stores •Full Strength Market: –11% of total beer sales –4 tier distribution system –Sold in on premise and liquor stores Oklahoma Market

9 •Full strength beer is imported into the state by the designated broker or Non-Resident Seller (NRS), such as OBI. All pricing, marketing, reporting and quality is the responsibility of the NRS. •The NRS is required to sell inventory to all Class B Wholesalers. •The Class B Wholesalers sell to liquor stores and on premise retailers holding a full strength license. There are no recognized territories. It is not uncommon for retailers to purchase products from multiple Class B Wholesalers. •Grocery stores and C-stores sell only 3.2 products. •On Premise accounts can sell both 3.2 and Full Strength. Oklahoma Market

10 •Kansas Business: –Kansas has a traditional three tier system. Territory is assigned by county to specific wholesalers. –Kansas laws include full strength and 3.2%. Full strength is sold through retail liquor stores and licensed on premise. The 3.2% strength is sold through grocery, convenience, and 3.2 licensed on premise accounts. –Direct delivery of beer by the distributor is allowed in Kansas for all on and off premise accounts. •LDF Sales & Distributing: –Craft and wine teams are in place in Wichita and the Kansas City Area. –Five Managers are Certified as Cicerones, level one. Kansas Market

11 •Statewide sales and distribution in Oklahoma and Kansas. •Cicerone certified managers and sales team members in both markets. •Experienced draft teams for installing new systems, cleaning current systems and troubleshooting system issues. •10 waymatics between Oklahoma and Kansas allowing special event coverage for added consumer sampling. •Refrigerated on premise distribution •Over 400 employees dedicated to customer service, market development and brand growth. •Disciplined Go-to-Market strategy to ensure quality distribution, display and promotional execution, both which lead to solid brand growth and development. •Three state of the art warehouse facilities with 340,000 square feet of temperature controlled and refrigerated storage space. •Ownership committed to investment spending towards its people, infrastructure, and brands. Why LDF & OBI

12 •Contact Information: –Oklahoma: Eli Gynther Gordon Green General Manager Oklahoma Beer Imports Capital Distributing Office: ext OKC Office: Ext ext Tulsa Dan Pasque Rick Higginson Exec V.P. and GM - Oklahoma V.P. of Sales LDF Sales & Distributing, Inc. Capital Distributing Office: Ext Office: Ext –Kansas: Bob Harley Riley Stephens Exec V.P. and GM – Kansas V.P. of Sales – Kansas LDF Sales & Distributing, Inc. Office: ext Office: ext Terry Parr President LDF Sales & Distributing, Inc. Office: Ext KS office 2220 Oklahoma office Contact Information

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