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English II Algebra II Biology U.S. History KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/20121.

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1 English II Algebra II Biology U.S. History KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/20121

2  EOC assessments establish a common rigor for core courses.  Current EOC assessments are for courses which are high school graduation requirements.  ACT’s QualityCore® program will link student performance to national results. 2KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/2012

3 3 Choose 10 consecutive days within the larger window for testing.

4 10 Day Traditional  10 consecutive testing days chosen within the larger window.  Each content area must be completed in 1 or 2 consecutive days.  All materials shipped on same day. Flexible (Non-Traditional)  May test at any time during the larger window.  Each content area must be completed in 1 or 2 consecutive days per student.  Materials shipped as students complete tests.  Place Supplemental Order for additional header sheets. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/20124 QualityCore® Customer Service 866/ EOC Hand- out EOC Hand- out

5 Session TypeQuestionsTimeStudent Score School Score Score Returns MC1 Paper Booklet or CBT35-38 MC45 minutes  CBT – Immediately Paper – 10 days from ACT receipt MC2 Paper Booklet or CBT35-38 MC45 minutes  CBT – Immediately Paper – 10 days from ACT receipt Scale Score = MC1 + MC2 CR Paper Book Only 1-3 CR45 minutes Not a part of student grade  Paper – Scores to KDE in Summer Combined Scale Score = MC1 + MC2 + CR = NAPD KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/20125

6 6 Accommodations •IEP •504 Plan •PSP Seating Chart Order Materials Online Day Rule Accountability based on summative window

7  First year EL students enrolled in a U.S. school are exempt from accountability. Students are required to attempt Algebra II and Biology for federal participation rate.  Second year or more EL students fully participate.  Accommodations are available for students with a Program Services Plan (PSP). 7KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/2012

8 8 A psychometric study linking QualityCore ® results (scale scores) of multiple-choice score to student class grades was developed. KDE is reviewing the scale score linkage based upon Kentucky scores. EOC Subject Test Course Letter Grade EOC Scale Score Link to CPE-College Readiness Benchmark ABCDF Algebra II Biology English II U.S. History

9 Best Practices  Allocate network band-width during testing times  Increase number of proctors in the room for  Better monitoring  Quicker starting of tests  CBT Support Document  Read and follow the updated Online User Guide from ACT 9KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/2012

10  For Windows 4/15-6/15 & 6/16-7/31  Live Broadcasts February 16 (9:30-11:00) & February 17 (1:00-2:30) – QualityCore ® Test Administration  Live Broadcast February 17 (9:30-10:30) – Accessing and Interpreting QualityCore ® Score Reports  Recorded Trainings available on KDE website  Kentucky QualityCore ® Specific website 10KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/2012

11 ACTASVAB COMPASSKOSSA KYOTEIndustry Certificates WorkKeys KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/201211

12 KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/201212

13 ACT •Reading = 20 •English = 18 •Mathematics = 19 COMPASS •Reading = 85 •English (Writing Skills) = 74 •Mathematics = 36 KYOTE •Mathematics = 22 •English (Writing) = 6 •Reading = 20 KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/ point College Placement Tests College Entrance Exam

14 ACADEMIC  WorkKeys = Silver or Above  Applied Math  Locating Information  Reading for Information ---OR---  ASVAB = 55 Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery TECHNICAL  KOSSA  Multiple-Choice = 70  Constructed-Response = OR---  Industry Certificate Certification based on industry standards KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/ point

15 Academic College Ready •ACT and/or •COMPASS and/or •KYOTE Technical Career Ready •KOSSA or •Industry Certificate KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/ points

16 16 College/Career Readiness Rate College Ready: Must meet benchmarks on one of the following: College Ready ACT COMPASS KYOTE Career Ready: Must meet benchmarks for one requirement in Career Academic area and must meet one requirement in Career Technical area Career Ready Academic Career Ready Technical Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) ACT Work Keys (Applied Math, Locating information, and Reading for Information) Kentucky Occupational Skills Standards Assessment (KOSSA) Industry Certificates Bonus: College AND Career Ready must meet at least one from each area College Ready Academic Career Ready Technical ACT or COMPASS or KYOTE KOSSA Industry Certificates NOTES: (1) By meeting the College Ready Academic definition, the student does not have to take the additional tests of ASVAB or Work Keys for the bonus area. (2) For accountability purposes, the bonus shall not allow the readiness percentage to exceed 100 percent. 16 KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/2012

17 March 6 Initial Test Day March 20 Make-up Test Day March 6-20 ACT Accommodations Window KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/201217

18 February 27March 5March 6 March 7 Secure Materials Arrive this week Remind Students of Testing STATE TEST DAY Accom- modations Window for ACT begins Return Standard Materials 18 March 7March 13 – 15 March 20 March 21 Order materials for Makeup by 5 p.m. CST Makeup materials arrive Accom- modations Window for ACT ends STATE MAKEUP TEST DAY Return materials (Makeup & Accomms.) KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/2012

19  All grade 11 students, except Alternate Assessment, foreign exchange and first year EL.  Any student retained in grade 11 should complete the ACT assessment again.  Any grade 12 student who has not had the opportunity to take the ACT, may take the assessment.  Grade 12 students who enter Kentucky public schools as seniors that have transferred from another state or from private schools may take the ACT state administration. Submit listing of these students prior to testing to 19KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/2012

20  All answer documents sent to ACT will be scanned and included in public reporting.  Do NOT submit any blank answer documents to ACT. 20KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/2012 ACT Customer Service General Questions ext Accommodated Testing ext

21 College Reportable Score •No Accommodations •ACT Allowed Accommodations Non-College Reportable Score •State-Allowed Accommodations •Used in Growth calculation •Not used in CCR 21KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/2012

22 ROSTERS  DAC will  be responsible for official state roster (SDRR).  work with Test Supervisor to record nonparticipation (i.e., who did not test and why).  print copies and/or save the roster electronically.  Submit to KDE a spreadsheet with grade 12 students new to Kentucky public schools who take the ACT prior to testing. REPORTING  Student reports will be sent directly to student’s home (3-8 weeks).  High Schools will receive:  School reports in late July to high school principals.  Labels for transcripts will be sent to the high school counselor 3-8 weeks after testing.  DAC will receive all district reports from ACT in late July. 22KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/2012

23 College Placement Assessment for Seniors KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/

24  Course Placement for colleges and universities  NOT College Admissions  COMPASS ® will not replace ACT as an admissions exam.  For College Admission requirements, contact the individual institution. 24KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/2012

25 Students Demonstrate College Readiness Scores accepted at all KY public colleges & universities Colleges & Universities Less remediation of incoming students KDE COMPASS Scores shared ‘real-time’ with colleges Schools Increase College and Career Readiness Rate Not a mandatory assessment 25KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/2012

26  Current high school Seniors that did not meet the CPE Benchmarks on the ACT in one or more areas:  Writing Skills (English) – 18  Mathematics – 19  Reading – 20  Students that have completed an intervention in English, Reading and/or Mathematics.  Students may test a second time, if:  A second intervention has been completed, and  It has been longer than 5 days from the first test. 26KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/2012

27 •Score At or Above 85 Reading •Score At or Above 74 •(Writing Skills) English •Score At or Above 36 •(Algebra & Pre-algebra) Math 27

28 KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/2012 Eligible •Have not met CPE benchmarks on the ACT. Eligible_Career_Ready (New) •Students on this list have earned the components to be identified as Career Ready, but have not met the benchmarks on the ACT in English, mathematics or reading. NOT_Eligible •Met the CPE benchmarks on the ACT No_Match •No match to Infinite Campus (IC) information for either the Kentucky ACT administration or a national ACT administration. 28

29 KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/ COMPASS ® Computer Adaptive Accommodations (No Special Forms) 2 Score Reports Interventions Seating Charts

30 Students may only test TWICE with a 5-day break between administrations  First Offense  Written Warning to DAC  Second Offense  Testing System Turned Off for School  Appropriate Practice/Use Form Completed and returned to KDE before system reactivated  Third Offense  Testing allegation  Removal of proctor(s) from COMPASS ® system 30KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/2012

31 31KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/2012  Web-based training under-development for new administrators.  Additional live trainings will be held in late summer or fall for new personnel and a shorter update session for existing administrators. COMPASS Training is mandatory for all new personnel.

32 KDE  General Program Information (OAA)  Jennifer Stafford  Pam Powers (502)  Intervention Information  April Pieper (NGL) (502) ACT  Technical Support (800) Option 2  COMPASS ® Technical Support Available 24 x 7 KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/3/201232

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