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Playing with memoir Kim Blevins.

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1 Playing with memoir Kim Blevins

2 Follow me on Tiktok Do Writing Project Go to the open mic tonight.
First things first Follow me on Tiktok Do Writing Project Go to the open mic tonight. organicwritingkim

3 Write a memoir essay.

4 Terry Tempest Williams
Choose a reason why you want to write today. Introduce yourself and tell your reason to someone near you. Why I Write Terry Tempest Williams

5 Two-minute meditation/intention

6 We are writers…. A classroom philosophy.
Find our own voices Honor our own journeys Ownership of our writing

7 How do assignments honor being real writers in the real world?
Practice Brainstorming Time Allow vulnerability and “darkness” Freedom to choose topic Freedom to choose focus Freedom to play with words Challenge to be a part of the writing community Realistic deadlines Conversation about writing

8 My number one tip for being a great writing teacher….
Write with your students.


10 Three-minute freewrite to settle our minds
Freewriting (our practice) Get past the inner editor that stifles creativity. Three-minute freewrite to settle our minds

11 Commonplace notebooks

12 Commonplace Books Let’s do a few writing territories right now.

13 Learn from real writers Who are still alive
And write of current things. What did he do as a writer to make this work?

14 We read as writers.

15 Empower writers to build their own tool box.
Choose a method to brainstorm for one minute.

16 The freedom of “Shitty first drafts”
Students said this made the most difference to their creativity. Let’s write our own shitty first draft.

17 Revision: snapshots Barry Lane

18 I am not their editor. Highlight snapshots & thoughtshots.
What was your favorite thing you wrote? What piece of your writing did you most challenged by? What piece do you want to look at today? Give them one, only one editing mistake to look at and fix.

19 Grading Divide it up to make it more accessible. Below 75% re-do

20 Questions

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