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Na Naomh Uile Iománaíocht na nÓg

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1 Na Naomh Uile Iománaíocht na nÓg
Coaching Plan 2009

2 Contents Code of behaviour (3) Hurling - key elements (5) Position (6)
Possession skills (12) Extra skills (19) Skills training plan (20) Teaching the skills (21) Drills and fun games (33)

3 Code of Behaviour Player Be properly attired Be punctual
Attend regularly Inform if unavailable to play Abide by rules Respect: fellow players, opponents, mentors, officials and property No tantrums No bad language No foul play Try your best Enjoy your game Coach Prepare well Be properly attired Be punctual Be patient Be enthusiastic Be fair Inculcate: dedication, pride, honest endeavour, discipline, loyalty, love of game, respect No sarcasm No favourites No abuse No bad language Make it fun

4 Code of Behaviour Parents Encourage practice Be supportive
Emphasise participation Help with transport Respect: players, mentors, officials, rules, club No bad language No abuse No pressure Children first winning second Club Be supportive Show leadership Guide members Be organised Provide: a safe environment, adequate facilities, qualified coaches, equal opportunities, coaching courses Uphold discipline Impose sanctions No exceptions No excuses

5 Hurling - Key Elements

6 Position .

7 Position – Holding the Hurley


9 Body Position Think Feet First

10 Body Position

11 Position on Team

12 Possession .

13 Possession Skills – 4 Components
Gaining Possession Maintaining Possession Releasing Possession Contesting Possession

14 Gaining Possession Stopping Catching Lifting

15 Maintaining Possession
Dribbling Protecting the ball Solo Run Evasion

16 Releasing Possession Striking on the ground Striking from the hand
Hand Pass (Kick)

17 Gaining and Releasing Possession (Combined Skills)
Doubling back Doubling Forward Batting Overhead Strike

18 Contesting Possession
Shoulder Clash Frontal Ground Block Hook Frontal Block Checking Flick

19 Extra Skills Puck out Free puck Sideline cut Penalty puck
Stopping a ball (saving a goal)

20 Possession Skills Training Plan
U8 U10 U12 Gaining Possession Stop a ground ball Chest catch Roll lift Jab lift Eye level catch Overhead catch Control moving ground ball Block overhead ball Control a moving ball (first touch) Low catch Maintaining Possession Dribble Protecting a ball (on the ground) Side Step Protecting a ball (in hand) Roll off Solo Run Feint Releasing Possession Strike on ground Underarm throw Ground strike on run Strike from hand Hand pass Doubling back Doubling forward Batting Overhead strike Contesting Possession Shoulder clash Frontal ground block Hooking Frontal block Checking Flick Develop the Skill → → → → → → →

21 Teaching the Skills

22 Teaching Objectives Proper technique Speed of thought Speed of action

23 Plan the Session Start and finish time Know what you want to teach
Have equipment ready Create variety Include a skill from each category Vary drills - line, triangle, circle, square, diagonal Include fun or conditioned games

24 Suggested Coaching Session
Warm up – with ball Stretching Skill revision Demonstrate a new skill Practise skill unopposed Practise under pressure Drills to emphasise skill Conditioned game Small sided game Cool down

25 Teaching a New Skill Describe – key points, how skill is used in a match Demonstrate - normal speed →slow motion →normal speed Practise with drill – keep it simple and easy Positive feedback – give encouragement Fun game – opportunity to experiment with skill Homework – practise at home

26 Teaching Skills to Young Children
Step by step Remember - the first step onto a ladder is the ground Remember - Feet, Hands, Head Left and Right side Unopposed →Under Pressure →Token opposition →Opposition Increase the Pressure – against the clock (stopwatch) Seek improvement - not perfection

27 Speed of Thought and Action
Challenge players to step out of their comfort zone: Impose time limits Give targets and goals – most in a minute etc Reduce space Introduce opposition Promote automatic reactions by reducing time to react

28 Be Ready for Action Stay alert On balls of feet Ready to pounce
Core stability – tight midriff Head up and eyes scanning Controlled breathing

29 Principles of Attack Keep your eye on the ball
When possession is won, move into space and release ball quickly If in support, create space and options for the player in possession When possession is lost, close down opposition immediately

30 Principles of Defence Stay alert – concentrate on the game and be aware where your opponent is Be ready to attack the loose ball If your opponent gets possession – close him down immediately Be decisive when tackling When possession is won, counter attack quickly

31 Examples of Fun Games Grab the donkey’s tail Turn the cone over
Over, Under, Sideways Grid transfer Magpies (steal the eggs) Hit the target Mini All Ireland Last man standing Clear the circle “Musical chairs” “Tennis” Into the fence Gladiators Relay race

32 Tips for Conditioned Games
Keep games short and appropriate to age (young children have loads of energy but little stamina and tire easily) Concentrate on the skill you are teaching Allocate general positions i.e. goal, forward, back Rotate positions Young children tend to flock – small flocks are easier to handle: 2 x (4 v 4) may be better than 1 x (8 v 8) Introduce competition – Mini All Ireland

33 Drills and Fun Games .

34 Warm Up – Shuttle Runs Carry ball and place on line
Start Finish Carry ball and place on line Double back to original line Run forward – lift ball and place on next line Catching shuttle – toss and catch ball at each line

35 Warm Up Relay Races - Maintaining Possession
(1) (2) (1) On whistle players dribble ball around a coloured cone and back to start. (2) On whistle players run, lift ball and solo around a coloured cone. Return to start, dropping ball en route for next player to lift etc. Coach calls out colours. Winners are first team back to base. Promotes speed of thought and decision making. Warm up Shuttle - Gaining Possession (lifting) Pick ball from one cone. Transfer to next cone Use non dominant hand steps between cones. Repeat in opposite direction Balls must not be dropped, but placed on top of cones. Promotes player to reach down low by bending his back and knees.

36 Gaining / Releasing Possession and Positional Drills
1 2 (1) Shuttle runs Work the man in the middle (2) Goal to goal Pass and move degree Turns Diagonals (lift-carry-drop / strike and catch / hand pass)

37 Possession and Positional Drills
Piggy in the middle Work the middle man Run, catch, move and pass Star Drill Criss Cross Shuttle

38 Evasion skills (maintaining possession)
Hustle and Bustle (1) Two teams, four sliotars Players run through central zone and pass ball to team mate at opposite cone Central Zone - players from same team evade each other, players from opposing teams check and shoulder each other Degree of physicality determined according to age Hustle and Bustle (2) Players solo from red cone around a green cone, through a central zone before passing the ball to a player at the next red cone. Start with two balls at opposite red cones, introduce four balls when a rhythm is established. Clockwise and anticlockwise

39 Skittles - hit the target
Fun Games: (1) releasing possession (striking) (2) maintaining possession (dribble, solo) 1 1 Skittles - hit the target 2 Relay race Players take turns to dribble or solo a sliotar from one grid to the next. First team to clear one grid and fill the next grid wins. Magpies (steal the eggs) teams of 4 – each have a “nest” with 4 sliotars. On whistle, players run to opponents’ nests and “steal” a sliotar by dribbling or soloing back to their own nest Players are not allowed to guard their nest and can only steal one sliotar at a time Winners are team with most sliotars in their nest after one minute

40 Fun Games: gaining and releasing possession
Clear the Circle Teams of two to three players. Each team takes turns in the centre (1 – 2 minutes). Players at cones feed balls into centre. Team in centre keep circle clear by striking balls out. Team that finishes with the least number of balls win. “Rounders” Two teams of five or more players. Players pass ball to team mate and move into his position as shown. Blues go clockwise, yellows go anticlockwise. Winners are team who’s last man to start is first to return to the start position.

41 Fun Games: gaining possession (lifting)
Most in a Minute Multiple players and multiple sliotars. Each player lifts a sliotar, drops it and moves on. The same sliotar cannot be lifted twice in a row. Winner is the player who lifts most sliotars in a minute, or who improves the most over two turns Musical Chairs Set up: x players, (x-1) sliotars. Sliotars scattered randomly in circle. On whistle players run into circle and lift a sliotar. The player without a sliotar steps out. Remove one sliotar and repeat. Continue until only one sliotar and two players are left. Winner is the player who picks up the last sliotar.

42 Stopping and Striking Fun Game - “Tennis”
Players at green cones strike and attempt to score into opposite goal Players in red goals stop and control the ball and hand pass to player at adjacent green cone Players sprint to follow ball and take up new position Alternate between striking from left and right hand Short stroke across, full stroke lengthwise Clockwise and anticlockwise. Introduce two sliotars for increased pressure Layout can be easily rearranged for a fun game of “tennis

43 Gaining and releasing possession (strike, lift, catch, hand pass)
P1 strikes low ball on RHS to P2. P2 lifts ball and hand passes to P3. P3 strikes ball on RHS for P4 to catch. P4 catches and strikes low ball on LHS to P5. P5 lifts ball and hand passes to P6. P6 strikes ball on LHS for P1 to catch. Players at red cones strike on RHS, those at green cones strike on LHS. Players releasing possession sprint and follow ball to the next cone. Once a rhythm is established introduce a second sliotar to increase pressure Promotes left and right sided striking, ball control and stamina. 2 3 6 5 20m 1 4 7m

44 Fun Games: (1) Maintaining and Contesting possession (protect and flick) (2) Evasion skills (side step, roll off, feint) check side step roll off Possess and Dispossess All players enter the circle, each player has a sliotar. Players dribble their sliotars around circle. On whistle, players try to flick other players’ sliotars out of the circle while protecting their own Any player whose sliotar is flicked out must leave the circle. Winner is last player with a sliotar in the circle. Gladiators (evasion skills) Player 1 (attacker) tries to get through the gauntlet as quickly as possible. Defenders block his path. Defenders must stay between cones

45 Contesting Possession (Blocking and Hooking)
(1) Keeper passes to team mate (attacker). Attacker lifts ball, turns and strikes. (2) Defender attempts to block. 1 2 Note - defenders allow attackers to get ball, providing token opposition only until attacker attempts to strike. Hooking (1) Keeper passes to team mate (attacker). Attacker lifts ball, goes past defender and attempts to score. (2) Defender attempts to hook 1 2

46 Fun Game: Contesting Possession (attack the ball)
One on One Around the cones and attack the ball

47 Fun Game: Contesting Possession (attack the ball)
One on One Ball placed in centre On whistle, a player from each team runs to the green cones, cuts back and attacks the ball The first player to reach the ball attempts to score, the second player defends. Two on Two Ball placed in centre. On whistle 2 players from each team run to the green cones, cut back and attack the ball. The team that gets to ball first attacks, second team defends. Objective – to promote teamwork in attack and defence

48 Striking and Clashing (2) Striking – “Stay Alert” Coach rolls coloured balls, red or blue, at random Each player in turn attacks the ball and strikes it on the ground. Red ball to red goal, blue ball to blue goal. 1. Ball rolled away from player to chase. 2. Players cross to other side and repeat with ball rolled towards player to attack. (1) Promotes: decision making, speed of thought and action, left and right sided striking. (2) “Clash of the Ash” Coach rolls ball to centre: Two players contest ball. Blues attempt to score in red goals, yellows in blue goals. 1. Ball rolled away from players to chase. 2. Players cross to other side and repeat with ball rolled towards them to attack. (1)

49 Tackling - Hurling Hakka

50 Practice, Practice, Practice
Practice makes permanent Correct practice makes perfect

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