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1 IWNS Bulgaria WSPA Workshop November, 2007

2 Who are we? Established 2001, voluntary organization Purpose –protecting animals through legislative lobbying, campaigns, pet adoption, implementation and monitoring of animal welfare standards; free legislative consultations on animal related issues. More than 50 members

3 Our work Adoption Campaigns and Events Humane Education 4 October - Animal Protection Day annual celebration Lobbying for Effective Laws for Animals Annual Photo Competition and Exhibition Filing complaints Representative in Lab Animals Commission and legislative working groups Helping in any way we can

4 Projects Exotic animals in trade research -Collected detailed information on the conditions in pet shops to be used for Ordinance of conditions in pet shops -Contributed to raise awareness -Materials for most problematic species

5 Projects Rising concern about welfare of laying hens - Attractive PR and media activities - Survey of attitudes - Giving eggs to institutions and consumers - Media participations -Materials Improving welfare of farm animals - materials translated and distributed

6 The Future Animals in captivity campaign (forthcoming) Lobbying for effective law for protection of animals More work on farm animals Contribute to EU lobbying

7 Challenges Lack of effective control and interest from institutions towards problems related to animals Lack of Law for Protection of Animals General public attitude towards animals shaped by the problem with stray animals and changing very slowly

8 Thank you!

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