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Room U46 Alphabet Book Students each wrote an alliterative paragraph based upon the starting sound they chose. Finally, they added clip art and animation.

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2 Room U46 Alphabet Book Students each wrote an alliterative paragraph based upon the starting sound they chose. Finally, they added clip art and animation to make their slide come to life. Enjoy!

3 An acorn fell on Abby ' s head accidentally. She thought the squirrel was her adversary, but the squirrel apologized. Abby accepted and adopted the amicable animal !!!! D.S.AD.S.A

4 Beautiful Bounced on her Bed! The Bounce lead to her Backyard. Her Brother was playing Baseball and the Ball hit her in the Brain! She read a Ballad in a Bamboo room listening to a Band named One Direction while eating a Banana with a Beaver named Bill yelling Blast off! Blossoming flowers surrounded Bridget and a Blotch of Blueberry soda on her Blouse while Blowing Blue Bubblegum. B.W.

5 Brave Bro broke the bread eating contest. Brave Bro broke the smartest brain contest. Brave Bro was a brat and brought bread.

6 Callies camper is filled with candy, candy corn, cupcakes, and cake. Callies camel pulls her carriage. When Callie ate too much candy she got sick and cannot eat candy anymore. C.D

7 Chase had chains that chomped on cheese. The cheese was changed by the chains that day. Poor cheese. By A.M.

8 Cherry Chalmers checked the cheese Chipley. As he changed the channel, Children chucked cheese at Chucky cheeses and chimps. While Cherry Chalmers ate childish chips with boiling cheese. childrens choice chips were covered in chocolate chips. By: T.E.

9 Dan discovered a devil in a devils den. Mad devil threw dashing darts at dazzling Dan on deck. Dazzling Dan dodged the dashing darts damaging the walls. Dan defeated the dancing devil.By D.L.

10 The enormous earthquake exploded into the excellent kids house while eating eggs. The earthquake entertained all the exceptional kids. The extraordinary kids were taking an essay while the enormous earthquake was going on the exotic island. The earthquake destroyed a lot of things such as, the engine of the car. That was not an enjoyable trip, it was an excursion! E.N.

11 Fat Famon found a fusion of fortunes finally. Forceful flowers focused famously on fat Famon. The flower was fanatically saying farewell, I found out. Farewell, I said. Fleece fell down on a florist ferociously while standing on a ferry. Feliz navi dad, fat Famon said. T.E.

12 Grandma and Grandpa went to the galaxy and through the gate to get there. They played a game and looked in the gallery. They galloped over a gap. They gathered grapes and ate them. Grandpa put gas in the rocket and found a garter snake. He went home to the garden, and gave grapes to the gazelle, and the geese. Grandma geared up for the garbage, went inside and ate gummy bears and thanked Jesus. By: K.B.

13 Happy Holly heard a hyena hum a hymn. Her headphones heard a harpsichord, a hippopotamus and a hyper husky. Her homophone homework and her heart filled with Harrys humor. Her hang glider handkerchief hid in her hand - all in history class. By: H S

14 Julia, Julie and Jane went to Justice and jumped all the way to the Jersey shore. They jumped in a pool made of jelly beans and jumped in a pond made of jell-o. Then they watched a show called Jack and Jill. Jack got arrested for jay-walking and went to jail. At the end, Julia, Julie and Jane jumped to Jupiter and met and Jay-z and J-lo. By M.H.

15 One day Kyle got kidnapped by King Kayden. Kyle kept kicking King Kayden then the castle collapsed and that was the end for Kyle but not for King Kayden.

16 Laughing leopards live on Lollipop Island. If laughing leopards live on Lollipop Island, then where do laughing leopards live? A.M.

17 A mad man on special medication went to a majestic mall. A mental mammoth ate a melon and a marshmallow. A messed up mechanic made friends with a muskrat. A mean mom marked up the walls but she didnt mean to. N.T

18 There once was a newt named Nancy. She was known as the nasty one across her nation. She went on an adventure northeast to get to the North Pole, and to meet some Native Americans with her naked eye. When she got to a Native American neighborhood, she ate a newton, felt a little nauseas, and released some natural gas. After she was better, she traveled nationwide, got to the North Pole, saw the Northern Lights, and thats the end of the story. By: Kyle Harwick

19 There once was a chap named Oswald. He loved to play an oboe near an old oak tree. It made an oasis that summoned ocelots and ostriches and made them take an oath to always be obedient and to kick any octopuses and ogres. He also had an opossum to have until they were very old. When he had to die he said Oh, ok! By: Kyle Harwick

20 Purple peony peacock has palmetto feathers. She eats pancakes with paprika. So does Polly Parrot. Partridge Pear Petunia eats peppermint pizza, on the phone! Polly Parrot goes down Parkway Paradise to Peace Place playing poker. By :Tessa

21 A queen had a questioning quality. She was born as a quintuplet and quacked. She quacks because she was born during a quake. Even though her name was Quin they called her The Quacker. After a while she joined the Quakers. She qualified to be one. She tried to make a quote and she quacked. Since she did that they kicked her out and she became queasy. Then, she became a queen and sent a quarterback to get a quintet. She then found a quarter and followed it. As she was following it she bumped into the quintets and fell into quicksand. By: E.M

22 A rabbit with rabies and rage raced a random reptile up a ramp while rapping. They ran so much they reached a railway. It rained and there was a rainbow.

23 Someone, that stunk, slingshot stones at a tank full of sewer water, stayed alive and swallowed sugar. Then, Sheen, studied silver silk with a seersucker then swam in the sea to study squids. The End M.A.

24 A shark named Shamu shaved his beard and got a shirt and shoes. Shamu went to school and shoved Shally the shark. Shally the shark shouted. The teacher shark said Shhhhh!!!!!! Shamu had to sharpen pencils as his punishment. He shoveled shame off of his shirt.

25 Swalding swung while swimming in swirling water. Swimming was hard while the water was swirling. Swirling it was.

26 Tigger the tigers tall tail took Tom the Tarantulas tarnish. Tom the Tarantula had a temper tantrum and tumbled off the terrace. Tom landed and took the trampoline and tossed himself to the terrace. Tom pushes Tigger all the way from Tampa to Tacoma. By: Eric Schoen

27 Unfriendly ugly unicorns undressed under umbrellas to be in unfit underwear and play ukuleles unconsciously with no uniform at universal. By: Kaitlyn Zajkowski

28 Vinny a vegan vice president went on a vacation to a vacant valley with a valuable vase in a vent. The vanilla vines that ventured through the vase vanished vinny the vegan vice president to Venus. By: Kaitlyn Zajkowski

29 One wacky Wednesday Willie Wonka walked his wooden wagon and wandered in the woods. In the wagon he carried some warm wool. He built a wigwam to stay warm. He wished he had a working factory so he could make more Wonka candy. wow what a wacky windy trip that was!By: M.L.

30 At the exact express the x-ray was there. Soon a explosion went to extra power. People explored the expired Xerox. The xylophone expanded to a non-exist point. People will examine the exploson. The expert will look at it. Others will execute the person who did it.

31 Miss Young yawns yearly and mostly during Yom kipper near a yucca while using a yoke on her cows while a yellow jacket stings her cows while they yell in youth. Jessica M. Y.

32 Zoe Zoomed down the zip line to the zoo keeper with Zebras. Zoe had a zip code for Zach. Zach saw a Zebra running. Together they Zipped out with a Zigzag pattern.

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