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Cold-blooded Vs Warm-blooded By:Ehsaan.

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1 cold-blooded Vs Warm-blooded By:Ehsaan

2 What is the difference between cold-blooded animals and warm-blooded animals?
The difference is that cold-blooded animals blood temperature is the same as its environment. So, for example, if it’s in a cold environment the cold-blooded animal’s blood will turn cold. Whereas, warm-blooded animals keep their blood temperature at a constant temperature. So, for example, if it’s cold the animals blood will stay the same and not change from cold to warm.

3 A cold-blooded animals can eat once a year with out getting hungry.
Cold-blooded animals usually like to bask* in the sun to warm up and increase their metabolism*. While basking reptiles and amphibians will lie down to face the sun to get the most sunlight on their skin. Here we have a wood frog and a collard lizard both basking in the sun. Collard lizard Wood frog *metabolism – to make your energy into heat *bask-get most sunlight on skin

4 Many mammals have fur to keep warm in the winter
Many mammals have fur to keep warm in the winter. They shed it most of it in the winter. They also shiver to generate heat when it’s cold. Warm-blooded animals can live on almost any surface of the earth like the artic regions were it's cold and warmer places like the desert. All warm-blooded have to eat a lot to keep it’s blood temperature the same. Polar bear Camel Humming bird

5 food supply Warm-blooded animals need a lot of food to generate heat. Small animals need to eat very often to survive because they need more energy to keep the same body temperature,they also need to high energy foods like as fruit,seeds,insects,and smaller animals

6 Advantages and disadvantages
One disadvantage of warm-blooded animals is that their body can be a place for viruses, bacteria and parasites to live. A parasite is an animal or plant that live on mammals such as people, they call the mammal or the person the host. The parasite takes nutrients from the host without benefiting the host. This is a picture of parasites and eggs on a rat hair.

7 cartoons Mammals and birds tend to have more problems with this then reptiles which have constantly changing body temperature this makes life more difficult for these invaders. These are cartoons of parasites making fun of people.

8 I hope you liked my Presentation Thank you

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