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M/Y MABROUK Sample Menu 2013 Culinary Experiences.

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1 M/Y MABROUK Sample Menu 2013 Culinary Experiences

2 Breakfast Culinary Experiences Variety of croissants and bread Cakes Eggs Fruits Yogurt Smoothies and fresh juices Honey, Marmalades Cereals

3 Culinary Experiences Lunch Rocket Salad with fresh prosciutto and parmesan flakes served with old balsamic vinegar *** Fresh bream with beetroot mousse and saffron sauce. *** Local fresh fruit with mango sorbet Dinner Grilled vegetables with salami from Lefkas island flavoured with fresh oregano. *** Scallops with asparagus and shitake mushrooms served with caper sauce *** Sorbet limone *** Pork Iberico tagliata with smoked salt from Himalaya and fresh rocket *** Chocolate Fondant with vanilla ice cream Menu 1

4 Culinary Experiences Lunch Crab salad with scrap of fresh lime and thyme *** Fresh tagliatelle with salmon and anis *** Tortilla rolls with fresh pineapple and banana served with Greek yogurt and coconut Dinner Valerian Salad with shorizo and pecorino Romano cheese *** Hand made ravioli stuffed with chicken served with talegio and rosemary sauce *** Crema limoncello and fresh vanilla. Menu 2

5 Culinary Experiences Lunch Baby spinach with fresh goat cheese, dry tomato and light mustard sauce *** Sea bass sautéed with basil sauce and saffron risotto *** Panacota flavoured with rose water and pistachios. Dinner Vegetables Salad with soy sauce and sweet chili pepper *** Oysters sautéed with fennel and wine sauce flavored with fresh thyme *** Mandarin Sorbet *** Jumbo shrimps with traditional critamnous (special herb) served with foam of anis *** Kulfi with cardamom Menu 3

6 Culinary Experiences Lunch Hand made pie with leak and metsovone smoked cheese *** Pargo fillet served with potato salad, capes and fresh anis *** Clafuti with fresh cherries Dinner Greek traditional crostini with tomato and traditional white cheese from Crete island *** Capeleti (small ravioli) stuffed with local cream cheese, dry tomato and fresh mint *** Mango sorbet *** Local dentex sote flavoured with ouzo served with eggplant salad and lemongrass *** Semifredo chocolate with almonds Menu 4

7 Culinary Experiences Lunch Beetroot salad with garlic and extra virgin olive oil *** Zucchini stuffed with octopus and fresh coriander served with foam of lemon *** Trunk with mango ice cream Dinner Traditional pie from Skopelos island with goat cheese and fresh anis *** Smoked sardines with sweet bell peppers marinated in rosemary and apple vinegar *** Lemon sorbet *** Fresh grouper with olives, caper and tomatoes flavoured with oregano *** Peaches with vanilla pouche and passion fruit sauce Menu 5

8 Culinary Experiences Lunch Eggplant tart with haloumi cheese from Cyprus and fresh coriander *** Fresh cuttlefish with small onions and rosemary served with red wine sauce *** Black and white chocolate tart Dinner Fresh mix salad with arseniko cheese (traditional cheese from Naxos island), cherry tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. *** Zucchini and red pepper rolls with dry tomato sauce *** Litchi sorbet *** Chicken breasts with garlic, onions and fresh herbs served with traditional critharaki pasta *** Tarte tatin with pears Menu 6

9 Culinary Experiences Lunch Tuna salad with fresh green beans, olives and Mediterranean pesto with herbs. *** Cannelloni with mushrooms and vegetables served with parmesan sauce *** Light crème Brule with ginger and coconut Dinner Black beans with fresh spring onion, lemon and anis vinaigrette *** Smoked salmon with sweet lime and fleur de sell *** Mandarin sorbet *** Red wild mallet with greens and virgin olive oil *** Honey parfait ice cream with sweet rose sauce Menu 7

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