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Rats!!! Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.

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1 Rats!!! Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge

2 Rodents Continue to Spread Diseases

3 Rat-borne diseases are thought to have taken more human lives in the last ten centuries than all the casualties from all wars and revolutions ever fought Gratz 1984

4 Rat Fleas Carry More Diseases

5 Rats Cause Fires by Chewing Wires

6 Wildlife Islands Are Vulnerable to Rats


8 Rats take: eggs chicks adults Cache of adult auklets

9 Great Circle Route Brings Many Ships By Refuge Islands

10 Shipwrecks Can Introduce Rats Selendang Ayu – December 2005 On refuge land on Unalaska Is.

11 Chil Bo San #6 Unalaska Island 1992 Rat Infested Shipwreck

12 Some Alaskan ports are rat infested Dutch Harbor


14 St. Paul & St. George Have Rat Prevention Programs

15 1993 – present 6 rats in a million trap nights Pribilof Islands

16 St. Paul 6 - Rats Killed 2 - Sighting of Fox w/ Rat 1 - Dead Rat Found 2 - Infested Ship Evicted

17 Integrated Pest Management Sanitation (garbage control, etc) Clean up cover (harborage for rodents) – trash, clearing brush, grass Structural Design & maintenance Proper control

18 Rats Nest in Net Piles – Need to be Shaken Out Before Loaded

19 Structural Modification Limits Rodents

20 Store Foods Out Of Reach Properly Control Garbage

21 Control Rodent Numbers with Snap traps and poison

22 Rodent Prevention Kits Given to Ships

23 Harbor PosterNewspaper Ad

24 We Want To Hear From You Please fill out questionnaire! Do you have rats/house mice? Are you worried about rats arriving on ships? Are you doing control? Do you need help? Comments/ideas? Poppy BensonTerry Johnson Alaska Maritime RefugeAlaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program 907-226-4606907-235-5643

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