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B.Rajkomar 2008 1 Food Security in Mauritius Current situation September 2008 B.Rajkomar.

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1 B.Rajkomar Food Security in Mauritius Current situation September 2008 B.Rajkomar

2 B.Rajkomar Snapshot A net food importer, Food requirement: T Imports: 77%, Local Production: 23%, representing 17% of import bill Since 2000, Food I.B has increased by 50% Import food bill (RS): 15492b of which 6312 b (Crop), 3561b (Livestock), 5619b (Rice and Flour) Heavy reliance on imports food and related raw materials

3 B.Rajkomar Population 2 main islands Mauritius and Rodrigues 2003: : USD = 28. Mauritian rupees

4 B.Rajkomar Development Strategy 1980:promotion of agriculture and food production 1985: emphasis on industrialisation, exports 1990: industry and tourism 1995: tourism, and offshore banking/services 2000: ICT,2005:tourism and services 2008: tourism… Region/EPA & food security

5 B.Rajkomar Foodcrops production, tonnes 2006 – 2007 (Source: CSO Mauritius) FOOD CROP Potato14,52214,848 Maize Onion4,5505,141 Ginger1,0161,299 Chillies1,5121,426 Tomato14,67110,156 Pulses - Beans and Peas1,4871,442 Cabbage4,5474,430 Brinjal2,8392,749 Creepers30,12924,260 Other vegetables12,50211,349 Banana11,3478,990 Total106,90294,822

6 B.Rajkomar Livestock Poultry & eggsSelf sufficient33000 t PorkDecline750 t Goat & SheepDecline BeefDecline75 t MilkDecline,2-3% ss

7 B.Rajkomar Food Import Bill YearQty(000t)Value(M Rs)

8 B.Rajkomar Staple food imports by Mauritius MAURITIUS IMPORTS COMMODITY Quantity (tons) FOB Value* (Rs million) Quantity (tons) FOB Value* (Rs million) Ration rice23, , Basmati rice56, ,5411, Wheat153, ,5631, Maize(corn)73, , Pulses ,

9 B.Rajkomar Household level Average monthly household consumption expenditure = Rs 14,300



12 B.Rajkomar National and food inflation rate(%) Year National inflation rate FOOD inflation rate OverallImportedLocal 2003/ / / / /

13 B.Rajkomar Government Strategy Five-pronged strategy for food self-sufficiency – Mobilize land, human resources, technology and financial resources to produce as much food as is practical domestically. – Encourage surpluses in food production for exports – Partner with countries in the region, starting with Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania and other countries where opportunities arise to produce food-crops, livestock and marine products for domestic consumption as well as for the regional markets.

14 B.Rajkomar Government Strategy – Mauritius will seek the support of regional blocs and development partners and promote joint ventures, both public and private, and with countries including India and China. – Run a sensitization campaign to promote healthy eating.

15 B.Rajkomar Priorities Top priority: increase self sufficiency in potatoes from the current level of 50 percent to full self sufficiency – Ensure required amount of potato seeds is available – Make maximum use of interline and rotational plantation – Small and medium planters regrouping into managerial units for derocking and irrigation

16 B.Rajkomar Priorities Full self-sufficiency in onions by 2015 Other vegetables and fruits – Increase variety and quality – Hydroponics – Training Marine products Milk and meat production

17 B.Rajkomar Creation of Food Security Fund Finance and Audit Act amended To implement provisions in budget 0/09 One billion rupees (30 M USD) Committee set up to manage fund 12 sub committees set up to review subsectors and make proposals Implementation plan awaited

18 B.Rajkomar Technical Committee Agro-Industry Aquatic resources Cross Border Initiative Food Companies/Project Implementation Committee Food Crops & Post-Harvest Land Meat Milk National Auction Market R&D Sensitisation for healthy eating Finance

19 B.Rajkomar Acknowledgements The help of Mr Toolsee Gunesh is gratefully acknowledged. CSO31 August 2008 THANK YOU for your attention.

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