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Challenges of Sri Lankan Sisters

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1 Challenges of Sri Lankan Sisters
Today’s Challenges of Sri Lankan Sisters Christie Alwis BSc (Eng) Hons, MIET, C. Eng (Lond), FIESL (Sri Lanka) 16th March, 2010 – @ Holy Cross College , Convent– Gampaha.

2 Sisters Today Challenges
What is Today? Why Speak of Today Challenges? Why not speak about Yesterday or 10 years back?

3 2 Animal = You ? Who are Humans?
How many Living Categories in the World? 2 Those are: 1. Animals 2. Plants Animal = You ?

4 Our great great great great great ……………………………………Grandfather?

5 Basic Needs for Living…,
Basic Needs for Animals, Humans and Plant Sun Light, Earth, Water, Air, Food. Sex, Shelter, Clothes is it a basic need? Without the basic needs, the living beings cannot exist. But Human need one more element. What is that? Fire Hence Human is not an Animal. Human who thinks as animal behaves like animals!!!

6 The characteristic of Fire
Good Barbeque Can kill a person.

7 The Item available in our human beings Similar to Fire
MIND Can be use For GOOD Can be use to destroy a human being.

8 3 Then , Who are we? How many Living Categories in the World?
Those are: 1. Animals 2. Trees 3. Human Beings

9 Are we similar to Computer?
NO Why? Computers does not have a Freewill.

10 Comparison of Human with Animal & Computer

11 Inactive, reactive , proactive
Characteristic comparison Heart Brain Mind Freewill Human Computer Animals Characteristic Inactive, reactive , proactive Programmed Instinct bahaviour Only humans can be proactive. But most of the people are reactive and they don’t go beyond that level. An apple tree will only give apples , there is a purpose for the apple tree. What is the ultimate goal of a human? Happiness

12 What is Freewill? The Anthurium Flower in your Garden does not ‘LAUGH’ in your presence. But HUMAN can LAUGH/CRY in your presence. Human has the Freewill to do whatever he want. For example, when Jesus was nailed on the cross, the two criminals, one on each side, were about to die. Only one asked Jesus for forgiveness while the other, even at the end of his life with nothing else to lose, disparaged Jesus.

13 Why we respect all Human beings?
Animal do not have a MIND Human have the MIND What are the important parts in our body Heart Brain MIND Who gives Heart and Brain to you? Your Parent Then who is the person gave the MIND and FREEWILL (Soul or Conscious) GOD That is why we respect all Human Beings. Your Soul cannot be destroyed by any other human beings.

14 Could we change our life?
If my father is a thief, then have I also to be a thief? No Though we have the face like our parent, we need not to be like them. We can Change! And we should Change for a happy conscious.

15 Butterfly Life Cycle First Stage Larva Final Stage Butterfly
Second Stage Chrysalis

16 Essential Different Between Good and Bad People
What is this MIND? The TRUTH what we feel What is FREEWILL Doings the things what we feel good. Take an example Look at a murder. He kills people. He surely thought he is doing the right and good things. But we can not think of it His Conscious has become sick without his knowledge. We must rehabilitate them.

17 Without Awareness Are we sick in our conscious? Though we are not extremely bad as murderers. Is our Happiness far a away? If it is so, can we give Happiness to others. Can a crying person asks another person to laugh? It is better to be aware about to become happy with our Catholic Principle.

18 How can we change to be Happy in my Profession with Catholic Principle?
Unaware Common Problems in Sri Lankan Society Cheating Others Judging Others Not developing your God given ability Let us Analyze In details

19 What Gospel Matthew says about Judging
Mathew 7:1 - 6 1 "Judge not, that you be not judged.  2 For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get.  3 Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?  4 Or how can you say to your brother, `Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when there is the log in your own eye?  5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye. 6 "Do not give dogs what is holy; and do not throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under foot and turn to attack you. What is the message given by above scripture We judge other people according to our mind set. If our Mind set not correct, it will lead to wrong judgment.

20 Major Problems - How Can I Cheat others
Without our knowledge we may have practicing the cheating in our day today life. How it can be When we were small, my mother has told that my beloved aunty had undue taken all the heritage property to her. Then I was thinking the reason behind our poor financial situation is due to her. So I start to hate her. But at the church feast she come to my home. What I saw? My mother extending heartiness love to her. I was thinking why she welcomes her, despite her advice that she is bad. Now from the young age, the idea was residing in my MIND, that I should show love to my aunty in her presence and extend haters in her absent. So without my knowledge I start Practicing Cheating. If my aunty is not welcome at home, this problem may not arise. Without our Knowledge we practice cheating from the young age towards our close friends, relatives, undermining their love.

21 Other Major Problem – Cackling towards our neighbours
We have developed this cackling towards our immediate neighbours, friends and immediate relations undermining their progress. One day my next door auntie told my mother “Madam, today you have 10 eggs in your chicken coop”. Neither my mother nor my aunty have visited the coop. To our surprise the number of eggs were exactly correct. How did my next door auntie forecasted the number of eggs correctly? Hen will cackle before laying a egg. She has counted from morning to noon the number of cackle from our chicken coop, though she is cooking in her kitchen. Her observing our matters not bad, may be she think it is loving my neighbour. The problem comes after that. Now she analyze our family’s income like a financial observer in a company. She things that we receive 300 eggs per month with Rs. 10 per egg, Rs total income per month. When brought new furniture of Rs. 10,000.00, she could not balance our finances as to how we brought this. Now she is start spreading the story that we are knaves. So now my aunty’s mind is becoming loading analyzing our problem.

22 The symptoms of Practicing these two major problems.
We cannot Pardon others. Our mind is overloaded with full of unnecessary jargons We cannot concentrate continuously how to develop our abilities. Many anxieties haunts in our Mind resulting unhappiness and unhealthiness. How to treat this problem through our religion.

23 Pardoning Pardoning is similar to engine oil in an vehicle.
You have petrol, nut if there are no oil in the engine the vehicle cannot move rather it needs a big repair. Major Problems lies when we judge others according to our standard. How do we know our standard is correct or not. Hence everyday we should check whether we are carrying any prejudice thoughts against our friends. Similarly we are Practicing, destructive thoughts in our MIND. (Marking time until we get a chance to take a revenge, we assume we are correct) We should able remove the destructive thoughts everyday.

24 John Paul II’s Pardoning Quality

25 Best Method is Rosary for the Catholics?
Allocate a fix time for every day (preferably early morning) to recite individual Rosary. Allocate one or two decades to remember whom you associate yesterday. Remove any Prejudice and Destructive thoughts. Read the Gospel, at least one passage and contemplate the relevance to your life. (Cyclic Gospel Reading is recommended.) Use anywhere in the World. When You practice this method you will observe internal happiness with less anxiety. WHY?

26 Easiest Path for Happiness (Mind Concentration)
Develop a Habit. (Every day analyzing on one subject) Allocate a Time (Statistical Equilibrium) Everyday Practice Do one thing at a time Without Anxiety. When You are Practicing Jesus and Holy Mary will help you, to remove the Anxiety.

27 Why Holy Mary Imagine that you cannot forget a bad experience according to your judgment leading prejudice and destructive thoughts. Then you should leave that problem in the hand of Holy Mary and allow her to resolve accepting any outcomes. Then you will see the matter will be resolved without any humiliation to you. Why Holy Mary? Imagine the first miracle water into wine. The role of Holy Mary. Mysterious words in the gospel we hold thy Son. (further reading )

28 Allow God and Holy Mary to lead our Life..,
Major Concept behind our religion to resolve our Problems Allow God and Holy Mary to lead our Life.., What is the difference between these three pictures? Alone, No Service to anybody Service to People, but NO Rider. Horse Will decide where to go? We are like this most of our life. Service to People, Rider will decide where to go? Difficult to obey the rider, horse like to have his own path. When you follow the rider you will see that the qualities of surrender – Trust with the Rider along with your cheerfulness.

29 Willingness to Surender
Suppose a man is in love with a beautiful woman, and the woman puts a condition that if he wants her in marriage he should give up drinking and smoking. The man would certainly comply with these conditions at least he gets her in marriage. The Willingness to surrender to these conditions is prompted by the Love he has experienced through her.

30 God’s Will and my will In our day to day life, we can train our Will actively keeping in Mind the love of God and his mighty plan for us. The word ‘God’ becomes concrete reality when I break my Will and do God’s WILL

31 When I break my own Will and do God’s Will what I can see
If it is a question of speaking to a person who has hurt me (according to my thinking), I can do so if God becomes my priority. If I am ask to do a sample work, I can do it solely for God alone, in secret and in a hidden way. When I do it only for God and God alone, actively my Will is strengthed and God becomes a very concrete reality to me and I began to love him in that situation.

32 How to become Happy? Now your Mind will identify what is the truth in your life. Then your freewill act according to the good outcomes you feel. Now you can develop your abilities with a clear mind and freewill. How to develop your abilities? Will the God change the ability of people from generate to generation. What you have experienced?

33 What is Today? What we observe in ‘PAST’? Then, What is ‘PRESENT’?
Agricultural Revolution Industrial revolution Then, What is ‘PRESENT’? Communication Revolution (All people will have telephones, will use Internet , will use storage devices like pen drive) What we can observe in ‘FUTURE’? You Like to go to Astrologer ! NO! Transport and Energy Revolution Life is Flowing

34 Effects Of Revolution The paradigm changes
The way of living of people changes with the revolutions The revolutions will take may be 100 years. Human will have the following 3 major parameters to change his way of living. That is efficiency, productivity & effectiveness The revolutions will make human more efficient than previous.

35 Efficiency Efficiency = The resources needed to do a job according to your mind set Actual resources we used according to Present Day Technology If you’re mind is set for the old revolution definitely your efficiency will not match for the present era( you will be inefficient without your knowledge),then your productivity and effectiveness will be lower. Ex: If you’re mind is set before the industrial revolution you might think you need 5 days to go from Negombo to Colombo by a bullock cart. But if you use a car ,you can go with in 1 hour. Hence the efficiency in this case will be: Efficiency = 5*24/1=168

36 Why Church encourage to use Latest Technology..,
In the Gospel with regard to fasting Jesus Questioned About Fasting Luke 5: 6, Mathew 9: 14, Mark 2: 18 How can the guests of the bridegroom mourn while he is with them? No one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment, for the patch will pull away from the garment, making the tear worse. Neither do men pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst, the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved. 39And no one after drinking old wine wants the new, for he says, 'The old is better.‘ Analyse the Above Carefully. We does not want new wine. Tendency is to stay with old wine, hence we are fasting while the God says no need to fast, when He is there.

Change for every 4 years NOTHING CHANGED Dynamically CHANGED Nature/ God is always good for Humans Size will be 1/2 (Stagnate) Speed will be double Stagnate Water in Manila Mahaweli river in Peradeniya Babarakanda Fall

38 What is the Present Revolution?
Communication Revolution. Voice Communication – Global Village. Data Communication – Internet & E mail with use of computers. Storage – CD, Pen Drives, …. Already Achieved Now Ongoing Now Ongoing Hence, you should develop your abilities according to Present Day Revolution. Study about Internet , storage devices and the application the same to develop your abilities will become essential for you Happiness

39 Drawbacks to develop your abilities
No clear Mind and Freewill. (discussed) 2. Lack of Knowledge of the Present day technology. (discussed) 3. Feeling that your ability will not support many people and you do not have money to do that.. (suppose to discussion) 1. Think about multiplication of loaves in the Gospel 2. Think about Parable of Talents/ How Jesus Christ pay Tax.

40 MADD Organization (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers )
Candy Lightner Candy Lightner founded MADD in 1980 after her daughter, Cari, was killed by a repeat drunk driving offender. She went for every organization, government Institution, but no any justice took place Therefore she determined to establish an organization to take actions against drunken drivers. Today it is a large organization spread over lot of countries

41 Factors that will be hinder to develop your abilities
Having a confused MIND. Many thoughts (Anxiety) is filled in your MIND. Cannot do an action consistently (difficult in developing a habit) For Ex: Practice of going to Sunday Mass is a habit. (good)

42 The best time to analyze your abilities
Everyday morning just you get up. Why? Your MIND is free after a good sleep. Without listening to any other things recite rosary. 1. Remove prejudice thoughts 2. Remove destructive thoughts 3. Handover the anxietical thoughts You will be Happy!!!

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