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Dr. Viera Scheibner, a well respected scientist and vaccine scholar stated: Ever since the turn of the century medical journals published dozens and dozens.

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2 Dr. Viera Scheibner, a well respected scientist and vaccine scholar stated: Ever since the turn of the century medical journals published dozens and dozens of articles demonstrating that injecting vaccines [can] cause anaphylaxis, meaning harmful, inappropriate immunological responses, which is also called sensitization. [This means there is] increased susceptibility to the disease which the vaccine is suppose to prevent, and to a host of related and other unrelated infections. She continued: The term immunization should be outlawed because its a lie. Its false advertising. Vaccination is the right term because it simply means injecting a vaccine. The word immunization implies vaccines prevent disease… They actually [may lead to] them. If they dont want to use the word vaccination, they should use the word sensitization. *Interview with Dr. Viera Scheibner. Broadcast WPFW, Washington DC. September 21, 2009. Archived at

3 Walene James, founder of Vaccine Liberation: When you inject a vaccine into the body, youre actually performing an unnatural act because you are injecting directly into the blood system. That is not the natural port of entry for that virus. In fact, the whole immune system in our body is geared to prevent that from happening. What were doing is giving the virus or the bacteria carte blanche entry into our bloodstream, which is the last place you want it to be. This increases the chance for disease because viral material from the vaccine stays in the cells, and is not completely defeated by the bodys own defenses. You overload the body. *W. James, Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth, Massachusetts, Bergin & Gervey, 1988.

4 AGEVACCINENumber Shots BirthHepatitis B1 vaccine 1-2 MonthsHepatitis B1 vaccine 2 Months DPT, Polio, Hib, PCV, Rotavirus 7 vaccines 4 Months 2 nd shots of DPT, Polio, Hib, PCV, Rotavirus 7 vaccines 6 Months 3 rd shots of DPT, Hib, PCV, Rotavirus 6 vaccines 6 Months to 18 Months Influenza (yearly), Hepatitis B, Polio 3 vaccines 12-15 MonthsMMR, Hib, PCV, Varicella6 vaccines 12-23 MonthsHepatitis A (twice)2 vaccines 15-18 MonthsDPT3 vaccines TOTAL (from birth to 18 months)36 vaccines

5 Canadas Vaccination Risk Awareness Network: Among all vaccines, the flu vaccine is listed as the Most Useless Vaccine Of-All-Time Award CDC officials forced to confess: influenza vaccines are still amongst the least effective immunizing agents available (particularly for the elderly) Dr. Anthony Morris, former Chief Vaccine Office at the FDA: the producers of these vaccines know they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway Kidder D, Scmitz R. Measures of costs and morbidity in the analysis of vaccine effectiveness based on Medicare claims. In Hannoun C, et al. Eds. Options for the Control of Influenza 11. Amsterdam: Excerpts Medica, 1993; 127-33. Patrick, Jay. Flu Vaccines Worthless Says Eminent FDA Virologist.

6 Vaccines are portrayed as being indispensable and somehow better at disease protection than what our innate biological defenses and nutritional resources have accomplished for thousands of years. I think its the height of arrogance for the medical profession to think that they have duplicated a biological process that has taken care of people since the beginning of time. People can deal with infectious diseases without vaccines. *Gary Null Interview with Jamie Murphy, December 18, 1997.

7 Dr. Tom Jefferson, head of the Vaccine Field group at the prestigious independent Cochrane Database Group in Rome : The Study: In 2004, a review of all the available published and unpublished efficacy evidence available regarding the flu vaccine. The finding: The only safety study performed with an inactivated flu vaccine was conducted in 1976. 33 years ago!! Conclusion: Immunization of very young children is not lent support by our findings. We recorded no convincing evidence that vaccines can reduce mortality, [hospital] admissions, serious complications and community transmission of influenza. In young children below the age of 2, we could find no evidence that the vaccine was different from a placebo. Reaney, Patricia. No Evidence Flu Shots Work for Under-2s: Study. Reuters, September 22, 2005; Jefferson, Tom. Safety of influenza vaccines in children. The Lancet, 2005. 366:803-804.

8 Dr. Jefferson summary concerning flu vaccines: Evidence from systematic reviews show that inactivated vaccines have little or no effect on the effects measured Most studies are of poor methodological quality and the impact of confounders is high Little comparative evidence exists on the safety of these vaccines Jefferson, Tom. Influenza vaccination: policy versus evidence BMJ. 333 28 October 2006.

9 Buried in unpublished papers is a study presented to the 2002 meeting of the Pediatric Academic Sciences involving 793 children aged 6 to 14 months. The study found that there was no decrease in ear infections, doctor visits, ER visits, antibiotic prescriptions or missed daycare days between those children who received the vaccine and those who received placebo. Green A. On the Flu Shot July 2002.

10 1986: 2 large scale studies (involving 4 cities with vaccination rates between 1-90%) found no difference in the incidences of flu infection 1987: Japanese health authorities ruled flu vaccines to be ineffective (overturning a mandatory vaccination policy) 1989: A follow up study found statistically insignificant changes in influenza infection rates compared to when the vaccine was mandatory

11 Dr. Tom Jefferson of the Cochrane Database Group in Rome: People should ask whether its worth investing these trillions of dollars and euros in these vaccines.. What you see is that marketing rules the response to influenza and scientific evidence comes fourth or fifth. The best strategy to prevent illness is to wash your hands. Rosenthal, Elisabeth. Two studies question the effectiveness of flu vaccines. New York Times, September 21, 2005. Stein, Rob. Studies question flu vaccines The Washington Post, reprinted in the Seattle Times, September 25, 2005.

12 CSL, Ltd – clinical trial enrolled 240 subjects, all who were healthy adults. Study lasted 21 days. Novartis – clinical trial enrolled 100 healthy adult subjects. GlaxoSmithKline – clinical trial enrolled 128 health adults. No safety trials for the approved swine flu vaccines have been performed on infants, children, pregnant mothers, adults over 65 years of age, and people with compromised immune systems. Are H1N1 Vaccines Safe?

13 Children 6-18 months who received the flu vaccine had three times risk of hospitalization compared to unvaccinated children (Mayo Clinic Study presented at 2009 Intl Conference of Amer. Thoracic Society) Live-attenuated flu vaccination can triple risk for flu-related hospitalization in children with asthma (Medscape, May 25, 2009)

14 Guillian-Barre Syndrome Polyneuritis and related conditions (polyradiculitis, polyganglioradiculitis, etc.) Meningeal infection Encephalitis Multiple sclerosis Aphasia (loss of speech) Eye disorders (proptosis, retina oedema, nystagmus) Angor pectoris Anaphylactic reactions

15 Two manufacturers of Thimerosal (neither which is a vaccine maker) Eli Lilly: Effects of Exposure: allergic dermatitis… mercury poisoning can occur…. Signs in adults are nervous system effects, including narrowing of the visual field and numbness in extremities. Exposure in utero and in children can cause mild to severe mental retardation and mild to severe motor coordination impairment. EMD Chemicals: DANGER! Poison! May be fatal if inhaled, absorbed through the skin or swallowed. Eye and skin irritation. Contains material which can cause damage to the following organs: kidneys, respiratory tract, skin, eyes, central nervous system. May be harmful to the environment if released in large amounts. WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm

16 Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry, June 2009: There is causal relationship between the amounts of ethylmercury (thimerosal) found in inoculations for infants, when administered to monkeys, and cellular toxicity resulting in mitochondrial dysfunction, impaired oxidative reduction activity and degeneration and death in neuronal and fetal cells. These are all indicative signs found in some ASD.

17 Dr. Boyd Haley, toxicologist at University of Kentucky: Seven of the characteristic markers that we look for to distinguish Alzheimers Disease can be produced in normal brain tissues, or cultures of neurons, by the addition of extremely low levels of mercury Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, founding director of Neuro Immuno Therapeutic Research Foundation: Individuals with 5 consecutive flu shots with thimerosal has 1000% higher chance of getting Alzheimers Disease.

18 CDC epidemiologist Dr. Tom Verstraeten after reviewing 100,000 vaccinated childrens records identified a definite relationship between vaccine thimerosal and Autistic Spectrum Disorders Secret meeting held at the Christian retreat center of Simpsonwood, GA, attended by officials from CDC, FDA, WHO and major vaccine manufacturers including GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Wyeth and Aventis. Thimerosal-Autism Link Cover-Up

19 Dr. Bill Weil, consultant for American Academy of Pediatrics: I was actually stunned at what I saw… you can play with this all you want… [the results] are statistically significant. Dr. Richard Johnston, pro-vaccine immunologist, Univ. of CO: Forgive my personal commentI do not want my grandson to get a thimerosal-containing vaccine until we know better what is going on. Dr. Robert Brent, pediatrician, Alfred DuPont Hospital, DE: bad position from the standpoint of defending lawsuits. Dr. John Clements, vaccine advisor for the WHO: [the research] should not have been done at all… [the study] will be taken by others and Simpsonwood Statements

20 In February 9, 2004, fifteen research scientists and medical doctors presented their findings on whether or not there is a direct relationship between vaccines and autistic spectrum disorder to the Immunizations Safety Review Committee of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. 60% (9) individuals felt there was a link to autism. None of these persons had conflict of interests with the private vaccine and/or health industries 26% (4) felt there was not a connection. All of these individuals had connections. 14% (2) were noncomitted and both an uncertain relationships to private industry. Thimerosal-Autism Politics

21 Dr. Tom Jefferson, head of Vaccine Field, Cochrane Database Group: New vaccines never behave in the way you expect them to do... But it could end up being anything because one of the additives in one of the vaccines is a substance called squalene, and none of the studies [from the drug makers] weve extracted have any research on it at all.

22 Triggers immunological responses contributing to t-cell mediated induced arthritic conditions (Karolinska Institute) Bone and cartilage erosion (Karolinska Institute) Allergic encephalmomyelitis (UCLA) Catastrophic injury to the nervous system and brain (Polish Academy of Sciences) Induction of anti-squalene antibodies responsible for systemic lupus erythematosus (University of Florida)

23 Formaldehyde is used in vaccines because it is believed to eliminate harmful effects of other toxins in vaccines and prevent viral replication Formaldehyde is a human carcinogen responsible for: Nasopharyngeal cancer Hemotopoietic cancer Lymphatic cancer Formaldehyde

24 2 meetings : The Vaccine and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee on November 9, 1998 The Evolving Scientific and Regulatory Perspective Workshop in 1999. The findings? The conversations, which were conducted at a scientific level between top officials and expert scientists from the FDA, Centers for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER), the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, and WHO each provided evidence and/or confirmation that all vaccines are dangerously contaminated. During the meetings proceedings, the WHO decided to withhold public announcement of such genetic contamination (in this case it was concerning the MMR vaccine).

25 Vaccine research is a primitive sciencebased on injecting into the bloodstream foreign substances, both chemical and genetic, that would otherwise not enter the body naturally. The influenza, MMR, and yellow fever vaccines rely on fertilized chicken eggs for their culturing viruses. While fertilized chicken eggs are ideal of culturing viruses for vaccines, they are also living incubators for large numbers of known and unknown viruses Therefore, sequential genetic codes are injected into the human body, and have the potential for any number of unpredictable adverse effects by interfering or merging with the codes of human cells. Dr. Andrew Lewis, then head of the DNA Virus Laboratory in the Division of Viral Products, confirmed that All the egg-based vaccines are contaminated…These fertilized chicken eggs are susceptible to a wide variety of viruses.

26 Vaccines are widely contaminated by viral and DNA genetic code fragments. Vaccines may contain prions (tiny proteins responsible for incurable diseases and neurological disorders in both humans and animals) and oncogenes (a gene that turns normal cells into cancerous ones). While DNA fragment contaminants in vaccines may be thought to be dead, they could remain active and dangerous. These contaminants can combine in vaccines and create new mutant strains of pathogens. Making vaccines with animals and bird embryos has created a situation where it is apparent that these cells contained many unwated viruses, some of which were lethal to humans. It is impossible to remove DNA contaminants from vaccines.

27 Enzyme reverse transcriptase (RT) is present in final vaccine solutions. RT has been used to this day as an indicator that there is a presence of a retrovirus. According to Roberts, Dr. Arifa Khan from the FDA confirmed: The RT activity in the vaccine is associated with retrovirus particles from two separate viral strains: Avian Leuokosis Virus (ALV) and Equine Arteritis Virus (EAV). The former was especially disturbing because ALV is a leukemia cancer. Dr. Kahn stated: There was a theoretical possibility that the virus [ALV] could…infect the [human] cell.

28 Canada's Vaccine Risk Awareness Network reports that studies (and even some vaccine package inserts),indicate that vaccinations increase HIV viral replication. vaccines stimulate a strong suppressive effect on the immune system under stressful conditions, viruses turn hyperactive and increase their ability to replicate Renown British geneticist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, the Institute of Science in Society: Vaccines themselves can be dangerous, especially live, attenuated viral vaccines or the new recombinant nucleic acid vaccines, they have the potential to generate virulent viruses by recombination and the recombinant nucleic acids could cause autoimmune disease.

29 Center for Disease Control (CDC) report covering RT investigative studies for both the ALV and EAV retroviruses conducted in 100 patients receiving the MMR vaccine found Undesirable RT activity in ALL measles vaccine lots. Conclusion: this occurrence is not sporadic and that vaccine recipients may be universally exposed to these [chicken] retroviral particles The National Institutes of Health stated that EAV viruses are found in all fertilized chicken eggs. The current release of intramuscular H1N1 vaccines for the global market relies on fertilized chicken embryos.


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