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Notorious or Famous Foreigners Perspectives on Taiwanese Special Food.

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1 Notorious or Famous Foreigners Perspectives on Taiwanese Special Food

2 Overview Introduction Motivation Purpose Methods Representative Taiwanese Special Food Questionnaire Analysis Conclusion Reflection Indelible Experience References


4 Introduction Taiwanese Special Food ranked the most disgusting food for some foreigners The Worlds most Disgusting Delicacies -Forbes -Forbes (08/05/2011) CNN preserved eggs cooked … the devil -CNN iReport voted the most evil food -CNN iReport (29/6/2011)

5 Motivation Taipei as One of the Seven Sinful Cities The Difference between Eastern and Western Food Culture Gluttony

6 Why is Taiwanese special food for foreigners in Taiwan? Appearance Smell Internal Organs Name of Food Purpose Why is Taiwanese special food for foreigners in Taiwan? Unacceptable Reasons? Unacceptable Reasons? queer

7 Methods Questionnaire & Interview 200 foreigners Categorize 8 most Taiwanese special food into 4 parts

8 Appearance ChickenFeet Chicken Feet Chicken Claw Devils Finger DuckTongue Duck Tongue Made by Ducks Tongue

9 Smell Preserved Egg Preserved Egg CNN Described as Devil-Cooked Food Stinky Tofu Stinky Tofu Stinky. The process of making makes it smell Stinky.

10 Internal Organs Pigs Intestines Pigs Intestines Considered Dirty Chicken Gizzard Chicken Gizzard Chicken Stomach Digestive Organ

11 Name of Food Coffin Board Coffin Board Chinese meaning: Promotion Fortune Pig Blood Cake Pig Blood Cake Misunderstood: Sweet Cake with Pig Blood

12 Questionnaire Chart Analysis

13 Years Spent in Taiwan

14 Nationality

15 The Most Unacceptable Reason of Taiwanese Special Food Appearance 38%

16 Pig Blood Cake & Coffin Board 53% Inappropriate Names of Taiwanese Special Food

17 Preference for Taiwanese Special Food Stinky Tofu 46% Chicken Feet 3%

18 Conclusion

19 For foreigners Appearance Most Unacceptable Smell Most Popular Stinky Tofu Internal Organs Not Disgusting Name of Food Easily Misunderstood

20 Reflection Eastern & Western Food Culture We can try to promote the Taiwanese special food in different ways Promoting Food as Soft Power

21 Indelible Experience


23 References food-dishes-around-the-world.html food-dishes-around-the-world.html Copyright and trademark Readers Digest Association Far East Ltd. Readers Digest Asia Pet Ltd/ June 2011 / Editor- in-chief: Dora Check lethal. (Editorial office: Read Digest Asia, Singapore Post Centre, PO BOX 272, Singapore 914010) 1125.html 1125.html most-disgusting-food-in-the-world/ most-disgusting-food-in-the-world/

24 References worlds-most-disgusting-delicacies/2/ worlds-most-disgusting-delicacies/2/ ?SItemId=0271030&ProgramNo=A000203000002&Subject No=3256276 cakethe-most-strangest-food/ most-disgusting-food-preserved-eggs-birds-nest- Bangshangyouming ?SItemId=0271030&ProgramNo=A000203000002&Subject No=3256276 cakethe-most-strangest-food/ most-disgusting-food-preserved-eggs-birds-nest- Bangshangyouming worlds-most-revolting-foods/ worlds-most-revolting-foods/

25 Thanks For Listening

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