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C.E.I.P. El Peñascal -Segovia - February 12, 2002.

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1 C.E.I.P. El Peñascal -Segovia - February 12, 2002

2 This year we have celebrated Pancake Day. Students from Primary classes 3 and 4 have learnt about the tradition, the pancake recipe and have made the pancakes in the school kitchen. After making the pancakes the children did some writing and we displayed the work on the walls of the school hall for parents, students and teachers. Everybody enjoyed this activity and we hope to celebrate it every year now.

3 Ingredients (for 6 pancakes) 2 eggs 100 gms of flour 250 ml of milk Oil for frying Chocolate or lemon Sugar

4 First, we weighed the flour

5 Then, We cracked two eggs into a bowl

6 We mixed the flour and eggs together Then,We added the milk little by little

7 After that, We whisked the mixture until it was ready

8 We put a little bit of oil into the frying pan When the oil was hot, we fried the pancakes

9 And We tossed them.

10 Finally, We put lemon and sugar or chocolate on the pancakes

11 We ate the pancakes. Delicious!

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