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L s a m i A n.

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1 l s a m i A n

2 Animals and their young.
Animals and their homes. Animals and their uses. Animals kept as pets.

3 The hen and the chicken The hen has a chicken.
A chicken hatches from an egg. Hens and chickens live in a pen or a hen house. The hen gives us eggs and meat.

4 The cow and the calf The cow lives in a shed. The cow eats grass.
A young cow is called a calf. The cow gives us milk.

5 The pig and the piglet The pig lives in a pig sty.
A young pig is called a piglet. The pig gives us meat. We call it pork. Bacon is made from the pig’s meat.

6 The horse and the foal The horse helps the farmer in the fields.
A young horse is called a foal. The horse lives in a stable.

7 The rabbit and the bunny
A young rabbit is called a bunny. The rabbit lives in a hutch. It can be kept as a pet or for its meat.

8 The sheep and the lamb The sheep lives in a sheep-fold or sheep pen.
The sheep eats grass. A young sheep is called a lamb. The sheep gives us milk and wool.

9 The duck and the duckling
The duck lives on the farm or in the pond. It likes to splash in the water. A young duck is called a duckling. Ducks give us eggs and meat.

10 The dog and the puppy The dog is a domestic animal.
A young dog is called a puppy. It sleeps in a kennel. The dog can be kept as a pet.

11 The cat and the kitten The cat is also a domestic animal and it is kept as a pet. A young cat is called a kitten. The cat catches mice.

12 The bird and the nestling
The bird lives in the nest. Some birds live in a cage. The bird eats insects. A young bird is called a nestling.

13 The fish The fish lives in the sea. It can live in an aquarium.
Fish can be kept as pets. We eat fish .

14 The end

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