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THE LOST KAKAPO By Madeline, Romily, Sam, and Dylan.

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1 THE LOST KAKAPO By Madeline, Romily, Sam, and Dylan

2 Sam the kakapo is 2 years old and lives with his mum Fleur. This is Sam and Fleur. Fleur is sitting on some eggs at the moment. In a few weeks Sam will be a big brother. Fleur Sam Pg 1

3 This is Templeton the rat. He is six years old and lives in a rubbish dump. He is always hungry! Pg 2

4 This is Cory. He and his sister Jennah live in a house. This is where our story begins. One boiling hot day, Cory and Jennah headed down to the beach. Pg 3

5 Meanwhile, Sam and Fleur were not having such a good time in the bush, as Templeton was planning an evil plan DUN DUN DAH …… An hour later, Templeton had tiptoed into Sam and Fleurs nest! He was metres away when Fleur and Sam realised something was wrong. Fleur told Sam to hide and not to come back until the rat had left. Templeton closed in and Fleur was scared. She had forgotten that her eggs were in the burrow. Having no other choice, Fleur sacrificed her eggs hoping Templetons hunger would be satisfied and he would let her live. Templeton gobbled them up and they were never to be seen again. Food, food mmm Oh no Mumm y Pg 4

6 Sam had been running in fear for hours now. He was hungry and very tired. Then he jumped as he heard a rustle in the bush. Fortunately it was only a kiwi! The kiwi introduced herself. Hi Im Jessie. Then she asked him if he wanted a huhu grub. I havent eaten one before but I like to try things. So he politely took the huhu grub. It was very slimy and slid down his throat. I am so tired I could eat a horse. Hello there, I am Jessie. Pg 5

7 Later during dinner, a conversation arose. Jessie said to Sam. So what brings you here? Sam answered, I was forced to run away when a rat intruded into my home, and now (at this moment he started to weep)… I am lost! Jessie comforted Sam by saying Dont cry, Ill help you find your mum. So, what brings you here? I was forced to run away when a rat intruded into my home…

8 Cory and Jennah had just gone for a swim in the ocean, when they heard a faint wail. Lets investigate. No one should be sad on such a fine day, Jennah suggested. So off they trotted into the forest. Soon, they found Jessie comforting Sam. Whats wrong? asked Cory. Then Sam told them his story. As soon as he finished, Jennah and Cory went on a search for his mother.

9 After hours of searching, Sam and Fleur were reunited. They were very happy! Jessie the kiwi visits every day. As for Cory and Jennah, they went home knowing they had done a good deed! And as for the naughty predator Templeton, he continues in his evil egg-stealing ways! Templeton's got another egg. OH no!

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