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The pork tapeworm Taenia solium.

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1 The pork tapeworm Taenia solium

2 This boy has a tapeworm growing inside him.

3 The pork tapeworm lives inside the small intestine.
It eats our food and can grow up to 3 metres long.

4 How does it spread? Tapeworm segments come out with the faeces releasing thousands of eggs into the environment.

5 You can see the tapeworm segments in the faeces.

6 But the tapeworm eggs are too small to see.
They spread easily and contaminate the soil and water supply.

7 Worm eggs get onto our hands, food and drinking water.
The eggs spread easily Worm eggs get onto our hands, food and drinking water.

8 Swallowing tapeworm eggs is dangerous.
Tapeworm eggs grow into cysts in the brain, eyes and muscles causing epilepsy (fits), blindness, paralysis, severe headaches, insanity and even death.

9 Brain damage caused by tapeworm cysts.

10 Pigs get infected Free-range pigs get infected by eating human faeces containing tapeworm eggs.

11 Pork infected with cysts.
The eggs grow into cysts and can be found in infected meat.

12 People get tapeworms from eating cysts in undercooked meat.

13 The life cycle (Neurocystercycosis transmission)
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