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Egg Low Farms, Inc. Sherburne, NY Click Mouse To Advance Slides.

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1 Egg Low Farms, Inc. Sherburne, NY Click Mouse To Advance Slides

2 History Egg Low Farms, Inc began in 1987 as the inspired thinking of Louis D. Dunckel who believed that a process could be discovered to produce ready-to-eat, appetizing fresh cooked egg products as a convenient alternative to shell eggs, liquid, and frozen egg products for institutional foodservice. After more than two years of research and development and the collaboration of CORNELL UNIVERSITY a cooking, cooling and packaging process was created that was so successful and unique that it was awarded a patent by the US PATENT AND TRADEMARK office. Production began in 1992 and from that time a broad range of food services and institutions have relied upon EGG LOW FARMS, INC. for healthful and appetizing egg products in a convenient ready-to-serve package.

3 Process Egg Low Farms, Inc products are produced in a state-of-the art manufacturing facility utilizing a HAACP quality control program that was developed in part by CORNELL UNIVERSITY. The special process is covered by several patents issued by the US PATENT AND TRADEMARK office in Washington DC. Farm fresh grade A shell eggs are washed, sanitized, candled and transferred to state-of-the-art egg breaking equipment. Each egg is broken and visually inspected for quality. The egg whites and yolks are then transferred to stainless steel cooking pans and placed into a steam-heated cooking tunnel. The eggs are cooked at controlled temperatures and times to maintain the highest quality standards for texture, color and aroma. At the end of the cooking process the eggs are diced and hot- filled into special Combitherm form and fill bags. Each package of cooked egg is individually inspected after packaging to ensure proper temperature and package integrity. The egg packages are quickly cooled to less than 45 degrees a chill-tunnel, packed in cardboard cartons and moved to a refrigerated warehouse where they are held at 35 degrees F. until they are shipped to our customers.

4 Egg Low Farms / Hen House 3 Very Special Items Pre-Cooked Scrambled Egg Regular Version Pre-Cooked Scrambled Egg With Added Egg Whites Diced Hardcooked Eggs Available In 1.25 # Bags 12 Per Case & 2.5# Bags 6 or 12 Per Case In 2003, Harvest Grove brought the New York City Board of Education to Egg Low Farms as a customer. Requirements of a (CN) Child Nutrition Label added another level of certification to the USDA inspected plant. In 2006, the US Military also inspected and approved the plant and its products in preparation of purchasing products for troop feeding. In 2006, Egg Low Farms was honored with a Kosher Certification from The Orthodox Union (Pareve) and continues to proudly maintain those standards sees Egg Low Farms expanding into the retail market with the Hen House Brand. As partners in the brand, both Egg Low Farms & Harvest Grove expect to out sell the current foodservice business by 200%.

5 MADE WITH 100% REAL EGGS All products are FULLY COOKED All products are stored REFRIGERATED All products have a 10 WEEK SHELF LIFE Scrambled eggs are HEAT & SERVE Added Egg Whites Make Them 50% Lower In Cholesterol * 33% Lower In Fat Kosher CERTIFIED ou pareve DICED EGGS ARE READY TO EAT



8 Three Convenient Pack Sizes 12 / 1.25 Lb Bags * 11 Servings 6 / 2.5 Lb Bags * 22 Servings 12 / 2.5 Lb Bags * 22 Servings *Our Scrambled Eggs Are Delicious -We Dont Add Any Flavorings - You Dress Them Your Way *Our Scrambled Eggs Are Easy To Prepare -Microwave In The Bag -Heat The Bag In Hot Water -Heat The Bag In Your Oven *Our Scrambled Eggs Provide A Heart Healthy Meal -50% Less Cholesterol * 33% Less Fat Product For Retail & Club Store Consumers

9 Three Convenient Pack Sizes 12 / 1.25 Lb Bags * 11 Servings 6 / 2.5 Lb Bags * 22 Servings 12 / 2.5 Lb Bags * 22 Servings *Our Diced Eggs Are Delicious & Ready To Eat -We Dont Add Any Flavorings *Our Diced Eggs Are Easy To Prepare -Open The Bag, Pour Out What you Need - Sprinkle Over Salads -Mix With Your Favorite Dressing *Our Diced Eggs Save You Time In The Kitchen -No Cooking, Cracking or Peeling Product For Retail & Club Store Consumers

10 Nutritional Information Based Upon 2 oz Serving Scrambled Scrambled Added Whites Diced Eggs

11 Please ask your Hen House representative to supply you with a copy of our EDLC Price List and Handling Instructions for your kitchen testing facilities. Thank you for your time and attention Pricing & Test Kitchen Information


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