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Jerry Spinelli By: Madi Denton, McKenzie Manning, Maleya Fleming, and James Glass.

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2 Jerry Spinelli By: Madi Denton, McKenzie Manning, Maleya Fleming, and James Glass

3 Table of Constance J Childhood J Family J Books he wrote J Career J Book Overviews J Book Talks and Reader chair prompts! J Timeline J Compare and Contrast J Word Search Puzzle

4 Childhood JJerry Spinelli was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania JHe went to Gettysburg College & John Hopkins University JBorn on Feb. 01, 1941 JWhen growing up he wanted to be a baseball player or a cowboy. JBegan writing when he was 16 after is High school won a football game. JPlayed little league in Junior High and High School. JSpent free time when a child doing sports, races, bikes, yo- yos, and GIRLS!

5 Family JHe has a brother named bill. JJerry has 6 kids JJerry Spinelli also has 16 grandchildren JHe married Eilleen in 1977

6 Books He Wrote JSmiles To Go (Jamess Book) JEggs ( McKenzies Book) JCrash JMilkweed (Madis Book); his newest book JSpace Station Seventh Grade: first book ever written JWringer ( Maleyas Book);Newberry honor book- 1998 JManiac Magee: Newberry Medal winner!-1991

7 Career JDegrees from Gettysburg college & John Hopkins University JHis father published a poem he had written and he realized he would not become a Major league baseball player. JCareer included editing and engineering magazine published by the Chilton company and Military service.

8 Overview on Smiles to Go! Smiles To Go is about the life of Will Tuppence, who's life spins out of control when a proton of an atom dies. Suddenly hes wondering if his friends are really his enemies and his enemies are his friends. Then he finds out his sisters in the hospital and he suddenly realizes he cares for her.

9 Overview on Eggs Eggs by Jerry Spinelli is about the life of David who is 9 years old and Prudence who is 13 years old. David does not have many friends and he doesnt want any since his mother has died. Until he meets Prudence a 13 year old that does not like her fortune teller mother so she live in a van in the driveway. They become friends and share things they have in common and talk about what they are missing in life. Then they realize they really are true friends.

10 Overview on Milkweed The book Milkweed is about the Holocaust. The main characters name is Misha he is homeless and doesnt know who his parents are. When then soldiers come and take him to a camp he meets a girl named Jaine. They become best friends almost like brother and sister. They find ways to sneak out of the camp and get food for their families. One day the soldiers tell them they have to leave and get on a train they no if they do they will die.

11 Overview on Wringer This book is about a boy named Palmer, and he lives in a town that wrings pigeons. Palmer has a secret pet pigeon and no one except his friend Dorothy knows. Will his town find out? Palmer is scared, he doesnt want his pigeon to die.

12 Book talk and Readers chair prompts! McKenzies book talk- Q:What have you learned from Eggs about people, families, friends, life in general? A: I have learned that everybody needs friends and family even if something terrible has happened in your life. Madis book talk- Q: If the author could have written one more chapter, or an epilogue in Milkweed, what do you think it would have included? A:If he had to write another chapter it would probably be about Misha telling his granddaughter about why he made her middle name Jaine.

13 Book talk and Readers chair prompts! James's book talk- Q: How did this book Smiles to go measure up to your expectations? A: When I got it, I had no idea what it was going to be about. So no it kind of didnt. But all the same it was still a good book. Maleyas book talk- Q: How did Wringer provide a new type of reading experience for you? A:Ive never read a book about personal problems, usually I read mysterious books.

14 Timeline 1941 Born Feb. 1, in Norristown, Pennsylvania. 1957 At the age of 16 he decided to be a writer. 1963 Graduated from Gettysburg College. 1964 Completed His Masters from John Hopkins College. 1966 - 1972 Served in the Navy Reserved for 6 years. 1984 wrote his first succesful book, Who Put that Hair in My Toothbrush? 1991 Won a Newberry Medal Award, for his book, Maniac Magee. 1998 Wringer, Won a Newberry Honor Book. 2007 Published the novel, Eggs. 2010 Now Jerry has over 20 books published.

15 Compare and Contrast

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