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1 Vertebrates

2 Fish Fish can only live in water. They lay eggs in water.
They breath through gills. They have scales and fins.

3 Mammals Their babies develop inside the mothers body.
The mother feeds the young on her milk, which she makes in her mammary glands. They have hairy skin.

4 Amphibians Amphibians lay eggs in water. The eggs are like jelly.
They breathe air and live partly on land, but have to lay their eggs in water. They have a smooth, moist skin.

5 Birds Birds lay eggs with a hard shell.
They look after their young after they have hatched. Birds have feathers and wings. Most birds can fly.

6 Reptiles Reptiles lay eggs on land. Their eggs have a leathery shell.
They breath air and live mainly on land. They have a scaly ,dry skin.

7 Invertebrates

8 Jellyfish Starfish Flatworms Soft jelly- like body
Hard star- shaped body Flatworms Soft flat leaf- shaped body

9 Roundworms Segmented worms Molluscs Soft thin round body
Soft ringed body Molluscs Soft muscular body with one foot. Most have a hard shell.

10 Crustaceans Centipedes Millipedes Soft body, usually with a hard shell
Lots of legs Soft body, usually with a hard shell Centipedes Segmented body Millipedes

11 Spiders Insects 8 legs 2- part segmented body 6 legs

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