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4 Game Board Trappers and Trailblazers Trails to California The Bear Flag Revolt The Mexican- American War Robust Vocabulary Grab Bag View the notes section

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13 Red Questions Set A Red Questions Set A

14 A A B B C C D D Why did fur trappers explore the West? To trap beavers. To find gold. To create settlements to live in. To be free from the United States government.

15 B B A A C C D D How did John C. Fremont influence people to come to California? He wrote a book with beautiful descriptions of California. He bought a fort. He trapped beavers. He wrote songs.

16 C C A A B B D D Who was the first American to travel overland to California from the U.S.? Jedediah Strong Smith James Beckworth Ewing Young Sylvester Pattie

17 C C A A B B D D Why did people from the U.S. need permission to enter California? California was part of Mexico. They needed land grants. The missionaries ran California. Fur trapping was illegal.

18 D D A A B B C C What was one physical feature that kept people out of California? The Sierra Nevada Mountains San Fransisco Bay The Pacific Ocean The Ozark Mountains

19 B B A A C C D D What happens to prices when demand is high, but there isnt enough supply? Prices go up. Demand is low. Supply is free. Prices go down.

20 C C A A B B D D What was the main route through the Sierra Nevada to California? Walker Pass The Great Basin The Old Spanish Trail New Helvetia

21 B B A A C C D D What was the effect of fur trappers moving westward to find beavers? New trails were opened up to California. Texas became a state. Californios built ranchos. Cattle ranching became big business in New York.

22 C C A A B B D D What is the job of a governor? He is the leader of a colony or a state. He is the leader of a country. He is the leader of a city. He/She is the leader of a town.

23 Orange Questions Set A

24 D D A A B B C C Why did many Americans first come to Sutters Fort in the 1840s? It was at the end of trails crossing the Sierra Nevada. It was the only place they were allowed in California. Settlers were given free land and supplies at the fort. It was at the center of government in California?

25 A A B B C C D D Which answer does not describe the Bidwell-Bartleson expedition? Mexico invited its members to settle in California. It made an early overland trip to California. About half the group decided to go to Oregon. Its route later became the main overland route to California.

26 B B A A C C D D Where was Sutters Fort built? Where the Sacramento and American rivers meet. At the base of the Rocky Mountains. At Carson Pass. In the Tehachapi Mountains.

27 B B A A C C D D How did settlers reach California from the United States in the early 1840s? They traveled in wagons on overland trails. They sailed around Spain. They came the whole way by railroad. They were led by Californio guides.

28 D D A A B B C C How did John Augustus Sutter help newcomers to California? He gave them food and sold land and supplies to them. He didnt help them. He told them how to take land from Mexico without permission. He forced them to work for him.

29 C C A A B B D D What was the name of John Sutters settlement? New Helvetia Walker Pass Sacramento Donner Pass

30 D D A A B B C C What is a frontier? The land beyond the settled part of a country. The land where people are living. The land settled by another country. The settled land of a country.

31 C C A A B B D D What is a pioneer? One of the first settlers in a place. A person who works on the railroad. Someone who works on a rancho. The governor of a state.

32 D D A A B B C C What is the connection between a pioneer and the frontier? A pioneer is the first person to settle in the frontier. Frontiers settle in the pioneer. Frontiers are not where pioneers settle. Pioneers build frontiers.

33 Blue Questions Set A Blue Questions Set A

34 C C A A B B D D What did Americans who supported manifest destiny believe? The U.S. should stretch from ocean to ocean. California should remain under Mexican rule. Squatters should be allowed to claim any land they wanted. Americans shouldnt be allowed in California without permission.

35 B B A A C C D D Which one of these was not a cause of the Bear Flag Revolt? Many American settlers liked living under Mexican rule. Mexicos government had little control over California. Squatters thought that Mexico might force them to leave. Many Californios were unhappy with Mexican rule.

36 A A B B C C D D What did the Bear Flaggers do as a result of the Bear Flag Revolt? They declared California was an independent republic. They had General Vallejo start another revolt. They elected new leaders to the Mexican government. They voted for James K. Polk to be President.

37 A A B B C C D D What is a republic? A form of government in which people elect their leaders. A person who fights against their leaders. A freedom that belongs to a person. Someone who lives in a place without permission.

38 C C A A B B D D Why did Mexico find it difficult to control California? California was far away from Mexico City. It was easy to get to California. The Californios were very cooperative. The Mexican government was very powerful.

39 D D A A B B C C What was the main goal of the Bear Flag Revolt? To make California an independent republic. To elect a new governor of California. To make Mexico independent from Spain. To make bear hunting illegal.

40 A A B B C C D D Why did the Bear Flaggers want a republic? They wanted to select their own leaders and government. They liked cattle ranching. They disagreed with the Californios. They believed in manifest destiny.

41 C C A A B B D D These people fought against the government. A rebel A pioneer A squatter A revolt

42 B B A A C C D D Why did General Mariano Vallejo not fight the Americans? He wanted independence for Califronia. He liked the Mexican leaders. He supported Mexican rule. He was a missionary.

43 Green Questions Set A Green Questions Set A

44 A A B B C C D D What did Bernarda Ruiz tell John C. Fremont that affected the Treaty of Cahuenga? The treaty should not punish the Californios. The treaty should punish the Californios. He should surrender to the Mexican government. She said she would write the treaty.

45 A A B B C C D D How did the Mexican-American War make California part of the U.S.? Mexico agreed to give California to the United States. Mexico traded Oregon for California. Mexico agreed to govern California with the United States. The war did not make California part of the United States.

46 C C A A B B D D How did the Mexican-American War affect California? California became part of the United States as part of the war. Californios gave all their land to the Mexican government. Californios became Mexican citizens as a result of the war. California was not affected much by the war.

47 C C A A B B D D Why did people in California not fight against the forces of the U.S.? They wanted to be free of Mexican rule and be U.S. citizens. They wanted to be Mexican citizens. They did not want to get involved in the war. They were waiting for Mexican forces to arrive.

48 A A B B C C D D What kind of relationship did Bernarda Ruiz want Americans and Californios to have? A friendly relationship. An angry relationship. An unhappy relationship. A miserable relationship.

49 B B A A C C D D How did the fighting in California end? The Treaty of Cahuenga The Treaty of San Pedro The Treaty of John Sutter The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

50 A A B B C C D D What lands became part of the U.S. by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? California, Utah, Nevada, and parts of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming. Oregon and Colorado. Alta California Texas

51 B B A A C C D D What happened at the Battle of San Pascual? Californios drove back American troops. Californios welcomed the American troops. Californios ran away from the American troops. Californios joined the American troops.

52 C C A A B B D D How much money did the United States agree to pay Mexico? $15 million $25 million $ 40 million $10 million

53 Purple Questions Set A Purple Questions Set A

54 B B A A C C D D An agreement between groups or countries. A treaty A rebel A republic A revolution

55 A A B B C C D D A freedom that belongs to a person. A right. A left A treaty A republic

56 C C A A B B D D The belief that the United States should stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Manifest destiny Multiply density Land curiosity Sutter fortify

57 C C A A B B D D Someone who lives in a place without permission. A squatter A missionary A ranchero A pioneer

58 C C A A B B D D A group of wagons, each pulled by horses or oxen. A wagon train A frontier train A steam train A railroad train

59 C C A A B B D D A person who comes from another place to live in a country. An immigrant A pioneer A squatter A trailblazer

60 D D A A B B C C An opening between high mountains. A pass A route A trail A sierra

61 C C A A B B D D A person who makes a new trail for others to follow. A trailblazer A pioneer A squatter A rebel

62 B B A A C C D D An amount of a good or service. A supply A frontier A governor A demand

63 Yellow Questions Set A Yellow Questions Set A

64 D D A A B B C C Which of the following is not one of the four natural regions of California? The rivers The deserts The coast The mountains

65 B B A A C C D D How are natural lakes different from reservoirs? They are not made by people. They prevent flooding. They are always salty. They are made by people.

66 C C A A B B D D Natural resources in California do not include… Clothing animals soil petroleum

67 D D A A B B C C Why did Spain want to explore California? To find a shortcut to Asia. To find the Strait of Califa. To provide pirates with a place to rest from their journeys. To find a place to welcome Francis Drake.

68 B B A A C C D D Who was the English sailor who claimed land in California for England? Francis Drake Carlos III Richard Henry Drake Toypurina

69 B B A A C C D D What speech convinced Mexicans to fight Spain for independence? The Grito de Dolores The Cry of Miguel The Cry of Creoles The Grito de Hidalgo

70 C C A A B B D D When Californios exchanged hides and tallow for goods from American traders, the Californios… Bartering Having a fiesta Being self-sufficient Having a rodeo

71 B B A A C C D D Who could receive a land grant in California under Mexican rule? Only Mexican citizens Anyone Only Native Americans Only men

72 C C A A B B D D How were Native Californians alike? They wasted little and respected all living things. They all had the same beliefs. They all spoke the same language. They did not believe in trade.


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