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1 Easter

2 Easter is the Christian holiday in which we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus

3 Easter Week On Palm Sunday the people praise Jesus in the streets of Jerusalem. He went by donkey. Thursday is the day of the Last Supper. Good Friday is the day that Jesus was Crucified. Easter Sunday is the day that Jesus rose again from the dead.

4 Easter Eggs In my country at Easter we eat Easter eggs
Traditionally these eggs were real eggshells painted with different colours and patterns The egg represents the empty tomb where Jesus was buried

5 Now, most people buy chocolate Easter eggs
We have a special type of egg called a ‘creme egg’. It is chocolate on the outside and inside there is a white and orange sugary liquid.

6 Easter Bunny The Easter Bunny is a tradition for children
He brings the Easter eggs to the children on Easter Sunday The Easter Bunny carries the Easter eggs in a basket Rabbits are born in Spring, therefore they represent new life

7 Easter Chick The Easter chick is another Easter symbol
The chick is born from the Easter egg The little chick represents new life, the beginning of Spring and a time to give thanks

8 Happy Easter!

9 Which animals represent Easter in the UK/Ireland?

10 What does the Easter egg represent?

11 Which day did Jesus go through the streets on a donkey?

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