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Big Idea 16: Heredity & Reproduction

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1 Big Idea 16: Heredity & Reproduction
Life Cycles of Insects: Complete & Incomplete Metamorphosis Mary Tweedy Curriculum Support Specialist Dr. Millard Lightburn Science Supervisor

2 Benchmarks SC.4.L Compare and contrast the major stages in the life cycles of Florida plants and animals, such as those that undergo incomplete and complete metamorphosis, and flowering and nonflowering seed-bearing plants. (Cognitive Complexity Rating: Moderate) SC.5.N.2.1 Recognize and explain that science is grounded in empirical observations that are testable; explaining must always be linked with evidence. (Cognitive Complexity: Moderate)

3 Characteristics of Insects
Insects are small animals with a head, a thorax, an abdomen, and six legs. All insects start their lives as eggs. These eggs can be different colors, shapes, and sizes. All insects go through metamorphosis after birth.

4 Insects and Metamorphosis
Life Cycles of Insects Animals that change their appearance during growth undergo metamorphosis. That's just a long word meaning "to change shape.“ The change that occurs when an insect egg hatches and grows into an adult is called metamorphosis, meaning to change in form. Insects and Metamorphosis Create a foldable: Pasta Lifecycle: Use pasta to show the lifecycle of a butterfly. Use cavatelli for the caterpillar, small circles for the eggs, shells for the chrysalis and bow ties for the butterfly. Glue them onto a piece of construction paper folded into 4 parts. Draw arrows to define the stages of the lifecycle. Have students label each phase

5 What are two types of metamorphosis?
1. Incomplete Complete

6 Insect Metamorphosis Review
Incomplete three phases egg nymph Adult Example: grasshopper Complete four phases egg larva pupa Adult Example: bee Create a foldable.

7 Compare and Contrast Insects to Amphibians

8 Resources Growth and Metamorphosis reading
Life Cycle of Bees video clip: Growth and Metamorphosis reading Metamorphosis Achieved(butterfly):

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