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Health Professional Advisors Conference Call March 26, 2013.

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1 Health Professional Advisors Conference Call March 26, 2013

2 Todays Agenda I.Welcome & Agenda Overview II.Introductions III.ENC 2013 Programs IV.Research News V.HPA Program Updates VI.Discussion Topics 2

3 ENC Team Anna Shlachter, MS, RD Program Manager, Nutrition, Research & Communications Don Layman, PhD Research Director Mitch Kanter, PhD Executive Director 3

4 Introductions: 2013 HPA Panel Neva Cochran, MS, RD, LD Dixie Harms, DNP, ARNP, FNP-C, BC-ADM, FAANP Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD Chris Barry, MMSc, PA-C Serena Ball, MS, RD Karen Buch, RD Amy Campbell, MS, RD, CDE Mary Donkersloot, RD Dave Ellis, RD, CSCS Araceli Vazquez, MS, RD Jason Karp, PhD 4

5 2013 Programs

6 ENC is a credible source of nutrition and health science information and the acknowledged leader in research and education related to eggs ENC Mission 6

7 Alliances and Partnerships Joslin Diabetes Center American Nurse Practitioner Foundation Mediterranean Alliance Healthy Plate Program Produce for Better Health Foundation/Fruits and Veggies More Matters MyPlate Health Professional Working Group 7

8 Nutrition Close-Up Next Issue: April 2013 Content: Heather Leidy, PhD: Latest research on satiety Jason Karp, PhD: Nutrition needs for running performance Dixie Harms DNP: Cholesterol, recap of AANP conference presentation 8

9 Health Professional Presentations American College of Sports Medicine Health & Fitness Summit (March 12-15) Protein: The Key to Fitness, Performance and Weight Management Presented by Don Layman, PhD Nearly 500 fitness professional attendees at two presentations; reached more than half of all attendees Webinar partnership with Advance for NPs and PAs (April) Dietary Patterns for Cardiometabolic Health: Unscrambling the Guidance David Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP 9

10 Health Professional Presentations Contd American Academy of Physician Assistants Conference Breakfast (May) Speaker/Topic TBD American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (June) Sarcopenia: Latest Updates in Nutrition and Metabolism Research and Practical Applications for Patient Care Doug Paddon-Jones, PHD and Barbara Resnick, PhD, RN, CRNP, FAAN, FAANP Weight Management Cross-DPG Breakfast at FNCE (October) Also inviting members from Diabetes Care & Education, Womens Health and Healthy Aging Speaker/Topic TBD 10

11 Upcoming: Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, LD – South Carolina Dietetic Association Mary Donkersloot, RD – Physicians Lunch in LA Past Presentations: Neva Cochran, MS, RD, LD – Mississippi Dietetic Association Mary Donkersloot, RD – Pacific Egg and Poultry Association Dixie Harms, DNP, ARNP, FNP-C, BC-ADM, FAANP – American Association of Nurse Practitioners HPA Opportunistic Presentations

12 Group2013 Dates/Locations American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Summit Tuesday, March 12th-Friday, March 15 th Las Vegas, NV Collegiate & Professional Sports Dietitians Association Monday, May 20 th -Thursday, May 23 rd St Louis, MO American Academy of Physician Assistants Saturday, May 25th-Thursday, May 30 th Washington, DC American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Wednesday, June 19 th -Sunday, June 23rd Las Vegas, NV Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Saturday, October 19 th -Tuesday, October 22 nd Houston TX ENC 2013 Exhibit Schedule 12

13 13

14 Research News

15 20132014 AprJulOct Jan AprJul OctJan 2015 AprJulOct Jan ENC Funded Research: Projected Completion Dates Campbell Prot n Ex on muscle fat and inflammation Dec 2013 Evans Eggs, prot n Ex Post-menopause Oct 2013 Gower Egg breakfast and metabolic flexibility Jan 2014 Johnson Eggs and cognitive function in aging April 2014 Kanaley Eggs glycemic Control in T2D Apr 2013 Kral Eggs v cereal satiety in children Dec 2013 Volek Carb v SFA on Biomarkers of CVD May 2013 Fernandez Egg effects on postpran glucose in diabetes Dec 2013 Zeisel Egg Ingest Incre Plasma TMAO Activates LDL Oxidation June 2013 Feng/Wilke Egg cholesterol limits statin \toxicity June 2013 Wang Produ of food grade egg lecithin using green techn Aug 2013 McKay 2egg/d cognitive fxn older adult Apr 2014 Bonnema (F) Satiety of pro/fiberL combo egg whole grain on appetite/intake Dec 2014 Schalinske T2D, Vascular Dz Eggs Mar 2014 Baum Egg bkfst energy, intake, glycemic rsp children Oct 2014 McCrory Egg Intake w/ w/o fiber neural activity appetite glycemic/lipemic cntrl May 2015 Mott (F) Egg Consumption on Adolescent health over 10 yr cntrl Dec 2015 Leidy Effects of incr protein at brfst alone or combo w/ lunch, in adolescent April 2014 Wolfe/Ferrando Pro Int Distribut Pro Metab/ Skeletal Musc Mar 2015 Johnson Chol Meta-analysis Dec 2013 Wei (F) Health education For egg use in low Income women Jul 2014 KEY: Active Pending Jacques- Cholesterol Meta-analysis Dec 2013 Klein Exercise Training/type 2 DM high pro/low cho or ADA/AHA Jan 2015

16 Nicklas Unscrambling the Research Egg, Healthy Lifestyle and Health Outcomes Kern Breakfast eggs and Ex on b comp and cholesterol 20132014 Jul Jan JulJan 2015 Jul Jan ENC Funded Research (*Potential* Publication Completed Projects) Kanarek Acute and prolonged effects of eggs on cognition Nicolosi Effect 2-eggs/d on prog of dry AMD in older individuals also Cholesterol; results Kholsa The role of eggs in long- term weight control and their impact on cardiovascular disease risk in young adults Leidy The beneficial effects of a protein-rich breakfast on appetite control and cognition in overweight and obese adolescents Katz Effects of Egg Ingestion on Endothelial Function in Adults with CAD Layman The Importance of High Quality Protein at Breakfast West/Caudill The Influence of Choline Intake on Lipids Dhurandhar Is the increased satiety after egg breakfast due to superior quality of egg proteins? Garlick Eggs Enhance Protein Quality at Breakfast to Optimize Protein Turnover and Energy Status of Skeletal Muscle Allen Assessment of vitamin B12 bioavailability from eggs Key: Cholesterol/CVD Protein/Satiety Nutrient Density Moore Effects of animal and plant proteins and their foods sources on selected cardiometabolic risks factors in adults 16

17 Research Preview: Experimental Biology Mini-Symposia Effects of egg ingestion on endothelial function in adults with coronary artery disease: a randomized, controlled, crossover trial D.L. Katz, Y. Ma, Y. Kavak and V. Njike (Yale Univ. Prevent. Res. Ctr.) Daily addition of a protein-rich breakfast for long-term improvements in energy intake regulation and body weight management in overweight and obese breakfast skipping young people. H.J. Leidy, H.A. Hoertel, S.M. Douglas and R.S. Shafer (Univ. of Missouri- Columbia) The effect of eggs on satiety in children and adolescents. A. Liu, R.S. Puyau, H. Han, W.D. Johnson, F.L. Greenway and N.V. Dhurandhar (Pennington Biomed. Res. Ctr.)

18 Research Preview: Experimental Biology Posters Differing effects of statistical approaches to assess the relationship between egg consumption patterns and adiposity using data from 2001-2008 NHANES. T.A. Nicklas, C.E. Oneil and V.L Fulgoni III (Baylor Col. of Med., LSU Ag Ctr. and Nutr. Impact LLC) Profiles from assessment of amount, source, and cost of egg consumption by low-income women inform nutrition education intervention planning. C.H. Wei and B. Lohse (Penn State) The consumption of 12 eggs per week for 1 year significantly raises serum zeaxanthin levels with slight changes in macular pigment optical density and glare recovery in patients with early age-related macular degeneration. H. Aljohi, E. Kotyla and T.A. Wilson (Univ. of Massachusetts) Increases in plasma lutein and zeaxanthin by egg intake is associated with the formation of larger HDL particles in participants with metabolic syndrome. C.N. Blesso, C.J. Andersen, B. Bolling and M.L. Fernandez (Wake Forest Univ. and Univ. of Connecticut)

19 Breaking Protein Research Beneficial effects of a higher-protein breakfast on the appetitive, hormonal, and neural signals controlling energy intake regulation in overweight/obese breakfast-skipping late-adolescent girls. 19 Heather Leidy, PhD Assistant Professor Nutrition & Exercise Physiology University of Missouri


21 A) Perceived Hunger B) Perceived Fullness

22 A) Perceived Desire to Eat B) Prospective Food Consumption

23 A) Hunger-stimulating Hormone Ghrelin B) Satiety-stimulating Hormone PYY

24 A)Activation BS > NP and HP Breakfast B) Activation NP > HP Brain regions displaying differential activation prior to dinner in response to food vs. non-food stimuli Brain Regions Talairach Coordinatest Cluster extent (voxels) XYZ Breakfast Skipping > Both Breakfast Meals a) Amygdala-28-5-183.3915 b) Hippocampus-31-11-123.9525 c) Middle Frontal Gyrus-25-8423.7130 Normal Protein > High Protein Breakfast d) Hippocampus-19-17-182.9110 e) Parahippocampus-28-17-303.47140


26 HPA Program Updates

27 HPA Survey Feedback Main findings: Majority of HPAs felt compensation to be fair for current workload ENC Response: Raised compensation for 2013 term Many HPAs found the quarterly activity report cumbersome ENC Response: Include time for personal introductions/updates on calls; communicate more frequently through Google Groups Majority of HPAs liked the concept of using Google Groups for updates ENC Response: Continue using Google Groups Many supported ENCs development of tools/resources and funding research; would like more meal plans, one-page fact sheets and egg images ENC Response: Develop new HPA Resource Center to house resources, including an image bank and starter presentations 27

28 HPA Google Group Two ways to use: 1.Email enc-health-professional- advisors@googlegroups.comenc-health-professional- 2.Log into Google Group online and create New Topic – sends email to all HPAs Great use of Google Group! Feel free to share: Articles Research Resources/PDFs Conference info Professional updates Reach out to Sam with any questions or issues 28

29 Coming Soon: HPA Resource Center Password-protected portal on Go-to resources for HPAs in one place Past HPA call decks Fellow HPA presentations Fact sheets Latest materials Key messages Will include new starter presentations that you can pull from and build upon for any presentations 29

30 Discussion 30 Thoughts Comments Feedback

31 How can ENC be more effective in reaching your colleagues? 31 Topics of Interest Relevant Practice Areas Needed Resources New Channels Preferred Formats Website Gaps

32 What would you like to see the HPA program do in 2013? 32 Topics to Address New Tools Award Programs Partner- ships Research Social Media

33 Do you envision an opportunity for ENC at any meetings youre attending in 2013? 33 PresentationsNetworkingPartnerships

34 Questions 34

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