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Why an Egg Baby Project? It meets CA Standards

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1 Why an Egg Baby Project? It meets CA Standards
For grades Seven and Eight-Growth, development, and sexual health 1.4 G Explain how conception occurs, the stages of pregnancy, and the responsibilities associated with parenting 1.12 G Describe responsible prenatal and child care, including California’s Safely Surrendered Baby Law 1.13G Evaluate the benefits to mother, father and child when teenagers wait until adulthood to become parents.

2 How to Nurture and care for Your Egg Baby
Your Egg Baby and you How to Nurture and care for Your Egg Baby

3 Day1- Surprise! You are a parent!
June 1st during science class, you will pull a stick out of a paper bag. This stick will read XX-a girl, or XY-a boy, and possibly XX and XY for fraternal twins, or XX and XX for identical twins (Girls), XY and XY (Boys)

4 How to plan for this event
What does my egg baby need? On Thursday, you should come prepared to dress, protect, and nurture your egg baby. Clothes, or blanket for warmth Crib, or Box, lined with protective materials. No lids, baby will suffocate Babysitting needs to be arranged in advanced for when you cannot supervise your infant. Expect to pay a babysitter.

5 Wait! Clothes or a Blanket
An important part of becoming a parent is planning ahead Babies need dry, warm clothes It could be as simple as a washcloth, or as elaborate as a baby quilt

6 Tell me more about protecting my egg baby……
Babies are fragile Babies need car seats and carriers You don’t want your egg baby to get hurt (or maybe you like writing essays?) Create a box lined with soft material in case your egg gets jostled a bit

7 Got Nurturing? Nurturing is providing emotional support for your egg baby If your baby is neglected (left unattended) it will be turned into Mrs. Davis’ orphanage in room 6 To regain your parental right, you must attend a parenting class with Mrs. Davis in room 6 during lunch

8 What if my teacher won’t allow egg babies in class?
I’ve asked Mr. Lewis not to allow you to bring egg babies to “work” in his classroom during periods 1- 4 Try swapping babysitting with another 7th grader Other grade levels will not be participating, explain goals of the project to them, but do not ask them for babysitting

9 What about caring for my egg baby at home?
If you are busy and have a lot of obligations, Grandma or Grandpa will have to watch your egg baby They will be asked to sign off on how responsibly you have parented at home If you are neglecting your infant at home, you will have to attend parenting class in room 6 to regain parental rights

10 What about after periods 1-4?
Your babies need to go to lunch with you Think about taking turns watching babies while others get lunch Take baby to work at snack bar, too You may leave your egg babies on your desks during PE and homeroom Never leave your baby on the floor! Too easy for baby to get hurt

11 Lastly, what if my baby gets hurt?
This project is worth 200 points It replaces writing an essay on a 7th grade Health standard If egg breaks you must write an obituary and read it to the class. This project replaces a 5 page essay on 7th grade Health standard GDS1.13 G. If you don’t complete the project, you will need to write a double spaced, 12 font, 1inch margins, due June 7th in science class You won’t lose points for some minor cracking You may not replace egg if it is broken

12 What if I don’t want my baby?
If you don’t want to become a parent, you may surrender your egg baby under California’s Safely Surrendered Baby Law and add 2 pages describing the history of this law to Health standard essay (total of 7 pages, double spaced, 12 font, 1 inch margins) due on June 7th in science class

13 Parents This project is from Thursday, June 2nd through Tuesday, June 7th You will need to sign off on your student’s parenting at home Did they neglect their infant? If so, they can attend a parenting class to get their infant back Your support will help make the lesson more meaningful for the student

14 Goals Goals for this lesson are:
Students will develop decision making skills Students will understand the responsibilities associated with parenting Students will describe responsible child care. Including California’s Safely Surrendered Baby Law Students will evaluate benefits of waiting until adulthood to become parents.

15 What are we doing on June 7th with our egg babies?
You will be in groups of 4, sharing your baby story What was challenging? How did it feel to be a parent? What was fun about being a parent? What would it be like to have a real baby right now? What are the benefits of waiting until adulthood to become a parent

16 Requirements Egg Check- Bring your Egg Baby everyday. You will be checked in EVERYDAY! Journal- Each day you will complete a journal entry about your parenting experience. You must be thorough in your reflections on this experience Parenting Report: Your parents must report on your responsibility and parenting each day. Baby Sitter Report: If you use a babysitter, you must fill out a babysitter report and your babysitter will need to sign it. Clothing & Protection- You must provide an appropriate carrier and clothing for your baby

17 Requirements Cont. Group Discussion: Friday you will participate in a group discussion where you will share about your experience Remember: -Neglecting your egg = Orphanage & parenting class -Breaking your egg at ANY point Obituary and/or essay -Breaking someone’s egg baby = Essay and Lower grade along with a behavior citation

18 Questions? Please ask questions. Tomorrow you will become parents-Be prepared!

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