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FROGS Mikayla.

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1 FROGS Mikayla

2 FROGS Stage 1: Egg Interesting Facts: Frogs lay THOUSANDS of eggs
Frogs lay eggs that do not have shells The eggs have jells that protect them from pretitors

3 FROGS Stage 2: Tadpoles Interesting Facts:
The tadpoles eat algee and other tiny whater plants After 3 months a buldge appers where the legs will grow When the legs grow thay are NOT webed yet

4 FROGS Stage 3: Frog Lits Interesting Facts:
After 7 weeks the hind legs grow After 12 weeks thay can brethe air After 9 weeks thare tails are almost gone

5 FROGS Stage 4: Adult Frogs Interesting Facts:
If you touch an adult frog with dry hands it has a BETTER chance of dieing The adult frog can now eat insects or worms Frogs hibernate in warm damp safe places

6 Chicken life cycle Elizabeth

7 CHICKEN Eggs Interesting Facts:
An embryo will grow into a chick in 21 days The baby bird will use an egg tooth on its beak to hatch out of the egg.

8 CHICKEN CHCK Interesting Facts: The chick has feathers called down .
Chicks grow more feathers in about 4 weeks. A comb grows on the chick’s heads. A wattle grows under the chicks beak.

9 CHICKEN ADULT CHICKEN Interesting Facts:
A hen uses its beak to keep clean. Young hens and roosters like to stay together

10 Life cycle of a beetle By: justin

11 Place picture of your stage here.
eggs Stage 1 Place picture of your stage here. Interesting Facts: .after mating the female lays 50 white eggs. these eggs reamain in incubation for 4 months. the eggs hatch and turn into larvae.

12 larvae Stage 3 Interesting Facts:
the larvae, or grubs, resemble white worms. thay feed on rotting wood. thay can at least live for 6 months.

13 Place picture of your stage here.
pupa Stage 3 Place picture of your stage here. Interesting Facts: the rhino beetle next transforms into a pupa. in this stage the beetle becoms dormant and enters 3 periods of moiting. the beetle sheds its outer skin an prepares for exoskeleton that will protect it.

14 Place picture of your stage here.
adult Stage 4 Place picture of your stage here. Interesting Facts: it can lift 850 times its one wate. it allso feeds on rotting fruits or sap. it is called the strongist animal alive!

15 The Chicken Life Cycle Jack

16 Chicken Stage 1 Egg Interesting Facts:
Some of the eggs hens lay have embryos The embryos turn into chicks in 21 days The egg has different layers such as the, egg cell, yolk, chalazae, and albumen

17 Chicken Stage 2 Chick Interesting Facts
Chicks can walk right after they hatch Chicks eat seeds, bugs, and worms When chicks hatch they are wet

18 Chicken Stage 3 Chicken Interesting Facts:
Chicks turn into chickens in 6 months Hens can lay eggs without breeding ,but will not turn into chicks Hens lay eggs between5-7 months old

19 The frog life cycle Izak

20 Frog Stage 1 :Eggs Interesting Facts:
Frogs lays thousand of eggs that do not have shells. They are covered with a jelly like substance that helps by eating creatures in the water. The eggs stick together to from frog spawn that floats to the top of the water.

21 Frog Stage 2: Tadpoles Interesting Facts:
They eat algae and other tiny water plants as they swim. They also begin to grow lungs for breathing. After about a month, a bulge appears at the base of their tail where hind legs will grow.

22 Name of Animal Stage 3: Froglets Interesting Facts:
After seven weeks their hind legs begin to grow. After nine weeks, front lets grow and their tails are almost gone. After about twelve weeks the tadpoles can swim to the surface to breath.

23 Frog Stage 4:Adult frogs Interesting Facts:
After about three months the tadpoles have become young frogs. They can live in or out of water and eat insets or worms. The frog will live mostly on land with occasional swims.

24 Life cycle of a Beetle Eduardo

25 Beetle eggs Interesting Facts: it hatch from 4 to14 days
and it turns to a larva And it lay its eggs on a Rotten wood

26 BEETLE Larva Interesting Facts: When it eats it will get bigger
the larva looks like a worm because it lives in the ground

27 Beetle adult Interesting Facts: the adult beetle eats leaves
and it doesn't look like the others stages .and they mistake it for a Chaco Roche

28 The life cycle of a chicken

29 CHICKEN STAGE ONE # THE EGG Interesting Facts:
The hen lays on them for 21 days. She lays on them to keep them worm. The baby chick inside the egg it will use a tooth to get out of the egg.

30 CHICKEN STAGE # 2 CHICKS Interesting Facts:
Chick hatch from the egg wet. They have down feathers when born. Its in this stage for 21 days. Chicks can walk right away. They like to eat bugs, seeds, and worms. STAGE # 2 CHICKS

31 CHICKEN STAGE#3 FULLY GROWN Interesting Facts:
It takes 6 months for a chick to become a fully grown chicken. Now hens can grow there on eggs. Female chickens grow up to be hens. Mall chickens grow up to be roosters. The hens will lay more eggs.

32 Luis Beetles life cycle

33 Beetle Stage 1: egg Interesting Facts: the beetles lay hundreds eggs

34 Beetle Stage 2: larva they will eat a tremendous amount of food and continue to grow The larva will shed its exoskeleton many times during this stage. Sometimes, this stage is know as a mealworm

35 Beetle Stage 3: pupa Interesting Facts:
it then enters into the pupa stage, which can take up to 9 months and usually happens over the winter after hibernating, an adult emerge

36 Beetle Stage 4: Adult Beetle Interesting facts:
In this stage the female beetle will lay eggs and reproduce, starting a new generation of beetles.


38 FROG THE EGG Interesting Facts:
The eggs stick together to form a frog-spawn Frog eggs are easy for predators to eat because of soft shells The eggs are covered with a jelly like substance They are usually white with a black dot in the middle

39 FROG THE TADPOLE Interesting Facts: They have a head tail and body
They eat algae and other tiny plants They begin to grow lungs for breathing

40 FROG METAMORPHISM Interesting Facts:
After seven weeks their front and back legs begin to grow After nine weeks the tail is almost gone They begin to look like an adult frog

41 FROG ADULT FROG Interesting Facts:
After about three monthS the tadpole becomes a frog They live on land or in moist areas They eat insects and worms

42 Life cycle of a frog Michael Picture

43 Frog Egg Frogs lay thousands of eggs. Interesting Facts:
Frogs lay lots of eggs because of hazards in fertalization. in 6-21 days the eggs split open

44 Frog tadpole Interesting Facts:
Young tadpoles eat lots of plants like algey and slime. At first tadpoles stay in groups. Lots of tadpoles take weeks to grow but the american bullfrog takes 3 years.

45 Frog Adult Interesting Facts:
By12-16 months after birth they tern into frogs. Some frogs have poison on there skin. It takes 4 years for a frog to be fully grone.

46 A Hopping Life By: Anabelle

47 Frog Life Cycle Stage 1:Eggs Interesting Facts: are laid in wet places
laid in clumps too big to be eaten together which is natures way of protecting them

48 Frog Life Cycle Stage 2: tadpole Interesting Facts:
eat algae and other small plants that live under water after about 1 month a smell spot shows up where later it’s legs will appear in this stage the tadpole will start to grow lungs

49 Frog Life Cycle Stage 3: froglet Interesting Facts:
their tail is almost gone in this stage after about 12 weeks it’s lungs are fully grown front and back legs are as strong as a young frog’s

50 Frog Life Cycle Stage 4: Adult frog Interesting Facts:
it takes about 3 months for a tadpole to turn into an adult frog they eat insects and worms an adult frog’s tongue can grow to be 1 foot long

51 life cycle of a lima bean

52 Lima Bean STAGE 1 Interesting Facts:
The bean seed is covered in a hard outer shell, when water is added to the seed. A bean is the part of the plant that holds the seed. There are many different kinds of a bean plants but they all grow in a similar way.

53 Lima bean STAGE 2 Interesting Facts: The plant swells and bursts open.
The fruit of the bean is rather large pod witch contains many white, kid neon , these flowers turn into fruit. The pods need to dry up in the plant completely before being harvest.

54 Lima Bean STAGE 3 Interesting Facts:
As roots grow, a stem will also appear. The bean uses the food in the seed to grow. Then, you should take into account that the roots of the bean plant have nodules, which are nitrogen.

55 Lima Bean STAGE 4 .Leaves will grow on the stem.
.The leaves will also stretch to the light. .The bean seed is the part of a plant that is eaten . Pods and limed beans are bean seeds.

56 Frog Metamorphosis Ella

57 Frog Egg Interesting Facts: Frogs lay their eggs in warm, wet, places
Cells split to form a tadpole. Now the tadpole is going through the development period. After about 21 days of the development stage, the tadpole hatches.

58 Frog Tadpoles Interesting Facts:
Tadpoles eat tiny plants in the water. After about 5 weeks, the tadpole starts changing. Its hind legs start growing, and shortly after the forelegs start growing. Their tails start shrinking. Even the lungs start to develop.

59 Frog Adult Interesting Facts:
The tadpoles become more and more froglike, until it becomes an adult frog. After eleven weeks, the frog comes from egg to adult. It is now capable of living on land and in water.

60 Frog Life cycle Jace

61 Frog egg Interesting Facts:
The mom frog lays a lot of egg because most wont . They might get eatn by small animals like birds. They will hatch 7 to 9 days

62 Frog tadpole Interesting Facts:
They come out like a fish like creature called a tadpole. After 7 days it eats the yolk from the egg. After 7 days it swims and eats algae.

63 Frog Tadpole development Interesting Facts:
After four weeks it will grow teeth and grow skin over the gills. They will swim in schools. After 6 to 9 weeks it will grow longer and develop some head.

64 frog froglet Interesting Facts:
At the end of the week it looks like a small frog called a froglet. It will start to eat insects.

65 frog adult Interesting Facts: After 16 weeks it is an adult frog.
Then it finds a frog to love. then it has more eggs and restarts the life cycle.


67 Place picture of your stage here.

68 Place picture of your stage here.

69 Place picture of your stage here.

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