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Terms Structure of the Industry Production Factors Egg production and facts.

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2 Terms Structure of the Industry Production Factors Egg production and facts

3 Young Female= Chick or Pullet Mature Female= Hen Young Intact Male= Chick or Cockeral Mature Intact Male= Rooster Young Castrated Male= Capon

4 Newborns= chicks Act of giving birth= no live birth! Meat chicken= broiler


6 Egg Production Broiler Production Raising Replacement Pullets

7 Laying Hens Confined in cages or floor pen system Cleaning, grading, and packaging eggs occurs on farm After production cycle, hens are sold for meat



10 Floor system- gather 3 times a day Caged system- automatic egg gatherer Rhode Island Red, Leghorns 5-7 eggs per week Keep hens up to 5 yrs. Best production in first 2 years Increase light duration and intensity for onset of egg laying

11 Wash eggs Must be clean! Dry Cleaning vs. Egg Washing Machine Maintain quality by Keep cool Keep humid 65 Degrees F Store separately They absorb odors!

12 Do you need a rooster for a hen to lay eggs? Nope!!! Chicks are fertilized eggs How are eggs fertilized? Internally before they are laid Takes 7-10 days for sperm to travel to ovary Lay fertile eggs for about 6-10 days

13 How many eggs does the average American consume per year???? 256 eggs/year 1945 average of 403 eggs/year…Why? Cholesterol Eating Habits-Breakfast anyone???? Convenience Food

14 Two Eggs Supply 7% of Calories (75 calories per egg) 28% Protein 22% Phosphorus 10% Iron 39% Riboflavin 50% Vitamin B12 79% Vitamin A 213 mg of Cholesterol

15 Raising chickens for meat High quality rations fed to secure rapid efficienty gains Weight Gain Feed Conversion Breast Meat Yield Carcass Conformation Chick Viability Disease Resistance

16 Grow in 7-9 weeks Slaughtered at 4 lbs. Feed Conversion 1.5:1 Require 1 square foot

17 Raising chicks for egg production or broiler production

18 High feed efficiency Fast return on investment Low land requirements Mechanized operation

19 Disease and parasites Initial capital investment is high Limitations of zoning Death losses from predators and stampede Waste disposal and odor

20 # of farms with laying hens decreased # of chickens raised per farm increased Eggs-- Slight decline in popularity Cholesterol concerns Chicken Meat– Major increase in popularity Perceived to have less cholesterol than beef/pork

21 Leading States Laying Hens & Egg Production

22 xE&feature=related Chick Production iQ Broiler Production







29 Trims peak Machine with foot pedal

30 Feeding dish for baby chicks

31 Feeding dish for older chicks

32 Weighs and classifies eggs

33 Identification tool Circular, numbered bands

34 Watering dish

35 Watering device Minimizes waste

36 Layered chicken cages

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