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Fertilization. Sperm What is involved in the maturation of a sperm cell?

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1 Fertilization

2 Sperm What is involved in the maturation of a sperm cell?

3 Sperm

4 Sperm

5 Sperm How does flagellar structure contribute to sperm motility?

6 Egg Why is egg so much larger than sperm? yolk proteins yolk proteins ribosomes ribosomes t-RNA t-RNA m-RNA m-RNA morphogenic factors morphogenic factors protective chemicals protective chemicals

7 Egg What are some of the structural components of the egg?

8 Egg When sperm enters at what meiotic stage is the egg?

9 Gametogenesis

10 Sperm Attraction What is chemotaxis? 1 2 3 4

11 Sperm Attraction What is a sperm-activating peptide?

12 Sperm – Egg Interaction What is involved in the acrosomal reaction in sea urchins?

13 Sperm – Egg Interaction What role does the bindin protein play in this interaction?

14 Sperm – Egg Interaction How does gamete recognition and binding occur in mammals?

15 Sperm – Egg Interaction What follows the initial penetration of egg by the sperm?

16 Sperm – Egg Interaction What makes this interaction in mammals different?

17 Preventing Polyspermy Why is polyspermy a problem?

18 Preventing Polyspermy What two mechanisms exist in sea urchins to prevent polyspermy?

19 Preventing Polyspermy

20 How is the cortical granule reaction different in mammals? Why is calcium so important to the cortical granule reaction?

21 Egg Activation How does egg metabolism respond to stimulation by sperm?

22 Egg Activation What signaling pathway releases intracellular calcium ion concentration?

23 Fusion of Genetic Material What does the sperm contribute to the developing embryo? What must happen for fusion to occur in sea urchins? How is the fusion different in mammals?

24 Rearrangement of Egg Cytoplasm What kind of cytoplamic rearrangement occurs as a result of fertilization?

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