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FUN DAMENTALS OF FEA. FEA is focused on exposing students to the rewards, joys, and challenges of careers in education.

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2 FEA is focused on exposing students to the rewards, joys, and challenges of careers in education.

3 One Purpose of FEA is to Elevate the image of teaching and promote it as a challenging and rewarding career

4 Another purpose of FEA is to Encourage students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds to enter the education profession; students learn best from teachers who are similar to them

5 Bhss Main purpose of FEA is to encourage and support the Faculty and staff of Buford High School through activities like St Patricks Day and Halloween baskets, Easter egg hunt, Feature Teacher announcements, and Chalk Walk.

6 We attached this quote to apples we purchased (Sams) and placed in Teacher boxes the first week of school.


8 Thanks a MILLION for your participation in Feature Teacher!! FEATURE TEACHER-We gave out questionnaires we got online from the FEA advisor handbook at the first Faculty Meeting.Each Teacher who returned their form got a fun size candy bar with a note attached. Each Monday morning the person who makes announcements picks one sheet and reads the information over the intercom.

9 Faculty Easter Egg Hunt!!!

10 We choose an afternoon before Easter Break and invite all the Faculty to bring their Easter baskets –or a reasonable substitute-LOL- to the Media Center at 3:30. We invite all other clubs to participate by buying candy for the eggs, plastic eggs, refreshments, and/or gifts for prizes..The officers from each club are released about 3:15 to hide the eggs- Fortunately they are NOT real eggs as it sometimes takes months to find them all!!!

11 Attends at least 75 percent of chapter meetings (Cant miss more than 5) Maintains a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale. Completes 6 service hours per year. Pay dues $18.00 STUDENT BENEFITS INCLUDE: 1. FEA Honor Society BHS chapter received honor status in 2010 ONLY choice at BHS

12 If you're an FEA student member... you have access to tons of great resources and leadership development activities in addition to what you do at the local level. These include: Go TeachGo Teach, the official FEA magazine published 4 times per year; The FEA international conference, where you can participate in competitions and win scholarships;FEA international conference Prospective Educator ScholarshipsProspective Educator Scholarships, sponsored by PDK International; FEA News, a monthly, online update of association news; The FEA Honor Society, which is an opportunity to be recognized for your academic achievements; Eligibility to run for a position as an FEA international student officer; andFEA international student officer The FEA Store, where you can buy FEA merchandise, including personalized chapter tees, graduation cords, and more.FEA Store

13 Honor cord form

14 Another BENEFIT of FEA is attending NATIONAL CONVENTIONS Chattanooga, Denver, San Antonio, Atlanta

15 Members attending the National Convention in Atlanta, Ga. Enjoying a tour of the Coca Cola Bottling Facility

16 Olympic Park in Atlanta

17 Members at the Atlanta Hyatt Regency

18 23rd Annual Future Educators Association ® International Conference February 17-19, 2012 Baltimore, Maryland Opening Keynote: America Ferrera Friday, February 17, 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. America Ferrera – Education: Changing Lives, Changing the World

19 LETTER TO PARENTS/MEMBERS FEA NATIONAL CONVENTION The Future Educators Association will be hosting their national convention in Baltimore, Maryland February 17-19, 2012. The Buford Chapter is planning on attending, We will use fund raising monies to help defray the cost per person, but we will not know how far these funds will go until we know how many are interested in attending. Each person is required to pay the $155.00 NONREFUNDABLE deposit by NOVEMBER 18 th in order to reserve their spot on the trip. The approximate cost of the trip is as follows: $155.00 registration (DUE NOV 18 th )Nonrefundable $250.00 plane ticket(ACTUAL COST $ 269.90) $100.00 Hotel room (based on 4 to a room)Baltimore Hilton $50.00 meals not included in registration $25.00 official FEA shirt (must be worn at all meetings) $20.00 transportation to and from airport to hotel TOTAL: $619.90 ($70 for meals and transportation do not need to be paid ahead of time) Payments of $100.00 per month may be made if you prefer. We are fundraising to defray the cost and in years past we have been able to pay at least $100.00 per member attending. The convention is a wonderful opportunity for students to travel, attend workshops in their chosen profession, and meet and interact with students from all over the country. This years keynote speaker will be America Ferrerra who plays Betty in Ugly Betty. Since Baltimore is close to Washington, DC we hope to go a day early or stay a day later and do some sightseeing. We hope your student will join us-if you have ANY questions, feel free to contact advisors Pam Langley or Beth Seegars

20 Due to my teaching Intro to Teaching which is a CATE course, we received $1,500.00 to pay student registration for 10 students and $1,000.00 to use for the 2 Advisors trip! Students are required to pay the $155.00 EARLYBIRD NONREFUNDABLE deposit by Nov 18 th so we are pretty sure who is going. Takes 2-3 weeks for a district check to be sent so our deadline must be early

21 Another BENEFIT is to plan and participate in chapter activities like our annual POWDER PUFF fundraiser entrance fee, ADMISSION, CONCESSIONS


23 Chicken BBQ Fundraiser

24 1 st ANNUAL 5K WALK/RUN IN HONOR OR MEMORY OF A TEACHER. Justin Sims and Sarah Seegars were the 2011 winners!! MAY 2012-next event!


26 ANOTHER BENEFIT OF FEA IS SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES The PDK Educational Foundation awards more than 30 scholarships each year to prospective educators

27 HOW TO ATTRACT MEMBERS? INVITE THEM!-recruit through school guidance counselor, Teacher Cadet, Intro to Teaching Last meeting of the year we invite new members. First meeting is open to all.

28 BHS Meetings are the 1 st and 3 rd Wednesdays of every month at 7:45 in room 406- consistency=better attendance

29 BHS FEA MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Pay dues ($18-INCLUDES T SHIRT) Maintain a 3.0 GPA (75% MUST HAVE) Attend meetings-you may not miss more than 5 ! Participate in ALL events UNLESS excused due to another school event. Perform 6 hours community service during the school year. Failure to meet these requirements will result in dismissal from the club. NO MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED! ____________________________________Member signature

30 FEED THEM! We have refreshments at first open meeting- doughnuts, juice OR Bojangles biscuits.( Put leftovers in lounge with a note from FEA- double credit

31 MAKE IT FUN!! Assemble things during meeting(treat bags, quotes on candy, etc.) Convention takes care of fun! Ask for members ideas about activities Field trip to Special Olympics/Relay for Life- keeps it fun and a day out of school for good causes.

32 2010-11 BHS FEA


34 If you're an FEA advisor... As an FEA advisor, you have access to a number of resources to support you in your role, including Go TeachGo Teach, the official FEA magazine published 4 times per year; FEA News, a monthly, online update of association news; The FEA international conference, where you can network with other advisors and get up-to- speed on developments at the international office;FEA international conference The FEA Store, a one-stop shop for all of your FEA needs whether you are looking for chapter tees, student welcome packets, or party supplies;FEA Store A connection to the international network of FEA chapters; Continual support from the international office; and An online database of advisor materials, including: FEA Handbook for Chapter Advisors, Seventh Edition, which provides advisors with specific program information, including ideas for activities and events; PDFs of all forms in the FEA Handbook; Free marketing materials; Examples of projects and activities from other FEA chapters; and Selected PDK publications free of charge.

35 Dear Beth, The October/November issue of Go Teach magazine is on its way to you. This issue explores what it means for your students to be teachers, from what they wear to how they act. They can take the Pop Quiz to find out if they know what it means to be a professional. What should they do if they see a student cheating on a test? Is it OK to share their opinions with their students? We have the answers. Also in this issue: Making the Most of Your Senior Year Your Voice: What FEA Students Say About Education Put Your Best Foot Forward with Facebook Teacher Tom and the Great Brains Explore the extra resources online at to find out what happens in the next episode of EDventures. How will Sasha try to keep her students in school when they want to drop out? And when youre done reading, take our quick survey to tell us what you think at

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