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Eggs, Chickens, and Dinosaurs

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2 Eggs, Chickens, and Dinosaurs
Rock, Paper, Scissors with a Twist Eggs, Chickens, and Dinosaurs

3 Overview It is Rock, Paper, Scissors, with a few extra rules.
Everybody goes around challenging other people to Rock, Paper, Scissors. There are restrictions on who you can challenge. This game may be important to know later on this week.

4 How to start Everyone starts out as an egg:
Eggs can only challenge other eggs. Eggs have to move around like eggs: by rolling!

5 Challenging other people
When you find another egg, first introduce yourself. Next, play a Rock, Paper, Scissors until somebody wins. The person who lost remains an egg and keeps on challenging other eggs; the person who won becomes a chicken:

6 Continuing on Now the chicken must move like a chicken and only challenge other chickens. When a chicken loses, he/she become an egg again. When a chicken wins, he/she become a dinosaur:

7 Continuing on Dinosaurs move like dinosaurs and challenge other dinosaurs. When a dinosaur loses, he/she becomes a chicken. When a dinosaur wins, he/she becomes a prince/princess:

8 Continuing on Finally, when princes/princesses challenge each other, the loser becomes a dinosaur, and the winner becomes a king/queen:

9 Continuing on Kings and queens do not challenge other kings and queens – instead, they stand up, looking regal, and waving to their subjects. The game continues until there are too many kings and queens, or time us up.

10 Review Here is a Markov Chain representation of the different levels:

11 The Game Plan We will play in the Atrium in 2 rounds:
1st Round: Teams A-J 2nd Round: Teams K-U

12 Round 1: Teams A - J Spectators HALLWAY Left HALLWAY right Spectators
Kings/Queens A-E Kings/Queens F-J ATRIUM AUDITORIUM

13 Round 2: Teams K - U Spectators HALLWAY Left HALLWAY right Spectators
Kings/Queens K-O Kings/Queens P-U ATRIUM AUDITORIUM

14 When you become a King or Queen
Go to your team’s spot on the edge of the atrium. Stand together with other Kings/Queens from your team. Strike your regal pose. Ask spectators to hold up the signs.

15 How do you win? When time is up, count how many kings and King and Queens you have. Remember that number.

16 Let’s Go!

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