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A Presentation by: Ashleen Montgomery

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1 A Presentation by: Ashleen Montgomery
Easter Eggs A Presentation by: Ashleen Montgomery

2 What is an Easter Egg? A virtual Easter egg is a hidden message or feature The name comes from the custom of finding hidden treats around Easter time Easter Eggs can be found in many places: CDs DVDs Video games Computer Programs

3 A True Easter Egg has the Following Characteristics:
Must have been created on purpose Hidden and Undocumented Every user with the same product must be able to get the same results having followed instructions Not malicious Entertaining

4 Computer Related Easter Eggs
Usually an unusual change in program behaviour such as unexpected messages or graphics Occurs in response to a stimulus such as an undocumented command Most often found on software however some exist on hardware

5 Some Popular Examples Palm Operating System has many hidden animations
1997 version of Microsoft Word contained a pinball game 1997 version of Microsoft Excel contained a flight simulator 2000 version of Microsoft Excel contained an arcade game called Spy Hunter

6 Unfortunately… Microsoft officially banned Easter Eggs from its software shortly after the release of Microsoft Excel containing Spy Hunter It is now possible for people to get fired for creating Easter eggs due to complaints of Easter eggs being a waste of space/time etc.

7 Easter Egg in Microsoft Word

8 Windows XP Easter Egg Open the game Solitaire Type the following:
Alt Shift 2 You automatically win the game

9 Many, Many Easter Eggs If you are interested in finding other Easter eggs, including those found on DVDs there are a few websites that have lists of how to find them Or just use google to search

10 Any Questions?

11 Bibliography Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia May 2006 < The Easter Egg Archive May 2006 <

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