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Naked Egg Drop, Division B

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1 Naked Egg Drop, Division B
Mike McKee Director, Florida Science Olympiad Chair, National Rules Physics Committee

2 Naked Egg Drop Goal: Design a package to prevent an egg from breaking.
This is an engineering event. Students should test and modify their design prior to competition. This is an IMPOUND event.

3 Naked Egg Drop List of Possible Materials: Paper cups Drinking straws
Popsicle sticks, wood splints, etc. String Masking tape Rubber bands Pipe cleaners Bubble wrap, Styrofoam 1 raw egg, large grade A.

4 Naked Egg Drop When the egg is given to the student, make sure they check for cracks before the judge walks away. Students may bring 2 pairs of scissors, ruler and 1 pair of pliers ONLY.

5 Naked Egg Drop Drop height: A plumb line will be provided.
Announced prior to construction 3-4 drop heights Students will move device A plumb line will be provided.

6 Egg Drop Scoring: Greatest Height Egg Survived (mm) – Height of Device (mm) Ties are broken by time. Team with the lowest competition time is given more favorable score.

7 Egg Drop Broken eggs are scored below all those that do survive.
A broken egg is defined as one in which a wet spot can be seen on a paper towel.

8 Egg Drop Construction Hints:
Use crumple zones. (Sacrifice the package.) F=ma – Impulse and Newton’s Second Law. Use smart engineering. Go wide, not deep

9 Egg Drop Real World Connection
..\..\Orders\OrlandoSentinel_com News - Cookie Crumbles, Naked Egg.htm

10 Egg Drop

11 Egg Drop

12 Egg Drop Build it and test it!

13 Egg Drop For more information: Mike McKee
ext. 2728

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