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Chapter 5 Review Game.

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1 Chapter 5 Review Game

2 Why is color a physical property?
Color can be observed without changing the object.

3 2. What is a physical property that does not change with the amount of matter?
Melting point, boiling point and density do not change with the amount of matter.

4 3. What happens during a physical change?
The appearance of matter change, but the composition does not change.

5 4. What type of change is a change of state?
A physical change

6 5. What happens during a chemical change?
During a chemical change, substances are change into different substances.

7 6. What are three clues that a chemical change has occurred?
Change in color, loss or gain of energy, change of smell and production of a gas or a solid

8 7. What is an examples of a chemical change?
Possible answers could include anything burning, rusting or tarnishing. Other answers are also possible given teacher approval.

9 8. What is the law of conservation of mass?
The law of conservation of mass states that the total mass of matter is the same before and after a physical or chemical change.

10 9. What changes when the mass of an object increases while the volume stays the same?
A. Color B. Length C. Density D. Height Answer = C, density

11 10. What word best describes the type of materials that attract iron?
A. Magnetic B. Chemical C. Mass D. Physical Answer = A, magnetic

12 11. Which is an example of a chemical property?
A. Color B. Mass C. Density D. Ability to burn Answer = D, ability to burn

13 12. Which is an example of a physical change?
A. Metal rusting B. Silver tarnishing C. Water boiling D. Paper burning Answer = C, water boiling

14 13. What characteristic best describes what happens during a physical change?
A. Composition changes B. Composition stays the same C. Form stays the same D. Mass is lost Answer = B, composition stays the same

15 14. Which is an example of a chemical change?
A. Water freezes B. Wood is carved C. Bread is baked D. Wire is bent Answer = C, bread is baked

16 15. Which is NOT a clue that could indicate a chemical change?
A. Change in color B. Change in shape C. Change in energy D. Change in odor Answer = B, change in shape

17 16. What property stay the same during physical and chemical changes?
A. Density B. Shape C. Mass D. Arrangement of particles Answer = C, mass

18 17. What kind of change is taking place when you cut a piece of cake from the whole?
Answer: physical change

19 18. What kind of change is taking place when a candle is being burnt?
Answer = a chemical change

20 What could you do to an object to cause a chemical change?
A. Cut it B. Paint it C. Throw it D. Burn it Answer = d, burn it

21 Which of the following physical properties is size dependent?
A. Density B. Mass C. Volume D. Weight Answer = A, density

22 Which of the following choices describes a physical change?
A. Pouring an acid onto calcium carbonate B. Dropping an antacid tablet into water C. Heating water to its boiling point D. Pouring vinegar onto baking soda Answer = c, heating water to its boiling point

23 Which of the following occurs as you heat a liquid to its boiling point?
A. Condensation B. Melting C. Vaporization D. Freezing Answer = c, vaporization

24 Which of the following is a chemical reaction?
A. Making ice cubes B. Toasting bread C. Slicing a carrot D. Boiling water Answer = b, toasting bread

25 When you making and eat scrambled eggs, many changes occur to the eggs
When you making and eat scrambled eggs, many changes occur to the eggs. Which of the following best describes a chemical change? A. Crack the eggs B. Scramble the eggs C. Cook the eggs D. Chew the eggs Answer = C, Cook the eggs

26 What is the formula that should be used to find density?
Answer = D = m ÷ v (Density = mass divided by volume)

27 Tell me at least 3 physical properties.
Answer = Physical properties include: state, color, shape, smell, taste and texture, mass, volume, density, melting point and boiling point.

28 What happens if vaporization or condensation occurs?
Answer = substance changes from a liquid to a gas

29 What is sublimation? Answer = when a solid changes directly to a gas

30 What is deposition? Answer = when a gas changes to a solid without ever becoming a liquid

31 Fill in the blanks: If I observe the color of a leaf, I am looking at its _____________. When leaves change color in the fall, it is a ________________. Answer = physical property; chemical change

32 What does the law of conservation of mass say?
Answer = the law of conservation of mass says that mass cannot be created or destroyed during physical and chemical changes that take place.

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