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“Emerald’s Eggs” Lesson 10 Day 4

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1 “Emerald’s Eggs” Lesson 10 Day 4

2 Question of the Day What are some of the different forms of local government? 2

3 Realistic Fiction Characters and events are like real
Takes place in a setting that is real or familiar Includes a challenge or problem that might happen in real life Purpose of realistic fiction To gain knowledge about the topic How do you think the author of “Mira Sees the Light” feels about sea turtles? How do you know? 3

4 Good Readers: Read Fluently
Intonation and Phrasing: When good readers read aloud, they Vary their intonation to keep the interest of their listeners. Pause between groups of words that go together. 4

5 Good Readers: Reread and Summarize
Monitor your comprehension while you read. If something in the text is unclear, reread to help you better understand the information. As you read, pause to summarize the most important ideas in the text. 5

6 Review Skill Author’s Purpose and Perspective
Authors have different purposes, or reasons for writing. An author may also have a perspective, or point of view, about a topic, which is revealed in the text. Clues and details in the text may reveal an author’s purpose and perspective. 6

7 Review Skill Plot: Conflict & Resolution
A story’s plot includes a conflict and a resolution. The conflict is a problem or challenge faced by the main character. The resolution is how the character solves the problem. Story events move the story from conflict to resolution. 7

8 Prefixes, Suffixes, And Roots
A root is the basic part of a word and gives the word its meaning. A root that can stand on its own is called a root word. A prefix is a word part that is added to the beginning of the root word. A suffix is a word part that is added to the end of a root.


10 Spelling: Words with VCCCV
complete mattress purchase luncheon Quick Pretest, could use Practice Book page 40 Use this slide so students check work. OR teacher could review words with students


12 Let’s Review some of the Vocabulary words we have learned over the past 5 weeks 

13 darted An animal that darted moved suddenly and quickly in a particular direction. If someone darted out of a room, was the person acting serenely? Explain.

14 jostling If the people in a crowd push or knock against you, they are jostling you. Would extensive jostling in a crowd be likely to cause consternation? Explain.

15 inspecting Someone who is inspecting something is looking at it very carefully. If you were inspecting a bicycle you wanted to buy, which parts would you look at?

16 slick If something is slick, it is presented in an attractive way.
Which would you find slick-a robot that does homework or a new kind of pizza? Why?

17 nimble If someone is nimble, he or she moves quickly, lightly, and easily. Which job would require you to be nimble- a ballet dancer or a computer programmer? Why?



20 untangled If you untangled something, you untied knots in it or straightened it if it was twisted. How could you untangle a fishing line?

21 solitary To live in a solitary way is to be alone most of the time. 21

22 nurture If you nurture a living thing, you care for it while it is growing and developing. 22

23 Spelling Words Accent castle Service handle Jersey Ruffle Mother
Problem Subject Complete Mattress Purchase luncheon castle handle Ruffle Icicle Fable Soccer Appear Hollow Classic college 23

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