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Reproduction of animals Why do animals reproduce?

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2 Reproduction of animals

3 Why do animals reproduce?

4 Animals die… All animals die when they get old. Some animals die in natural disasters. Some die when there is no food or water. Some are killed by other animals.

5 If animals do not reproduce, they will become… Extinct

6 How do animals reproduce?

7 Animal Reproduction The egg of the female animal is fertilised by the sperm of the male animal.

8 Animals reproduce in two ways: 1.By laying eggs The mothers lay the fertilised eggs and hatch them. They lay a large number of eggs each time.

9 Which comes first? Eggs or chicks? What is inside a chickens egg? What is inside a chickens egg? Shell Egg white Yolk Embryo

10 The fertilised egg develops in the mothers body and becomes an embryo. The mother gives birth to the baby after a period of time. The newborn baby feeds on its mothers milk. 2. By giving birth to the young

11 How do these animals reproduce?

12 Which animal gives birth to its young? Which animal below lay eggs?

13 Birds, insects and fish fish lay eggs.

14 Mammals Mammals give birth to their young.

15 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Producer:Fong Pui Ting Karen ( )

16 The End Thank you for watching !

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