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Selected Activities in the Promotion of Mathematics in Africa

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1 Selected Activities in the Promotion of Mathematics in Africa
by Wandera Ogana AMMSI Programme Director School of Mathematics, University of Nairobi, Kenya Presented at STEM-Africa Conference, 29 May 2012, KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana

3. Commission for Developing Countries ICM and MENAO 5. Africa Mathematics Project 6. Concluding Remarks


4 1.1 Definition and Mission
AMMSI: African Mathematics Millennium Science Initiative AMMSI’s Mission: To nurture the next generation of African mathematicians and mathematical leadership

5 1.2 Objectives of AMMSI To strengthen the teaching and learning of mathematics and its applications (Teaching and Education). To support research in mathematics and mathematics education, including interdisciplinary research in areas involving application of mathematics (Research). To enhance capacity in mathematics and its applications through linkages, networks and regional/international collaboration (Linkages and Networking). To raise general awareness in mathematics and articulate publicly the importance of mathematics to modern nations (Outreach and Public Education). To enhance the use of information and communications technology in the teaching, learning and applications of mathematics (Information and communications Technology [ICT]).

6 1.3 AMMSI Network Distributed network with 5 regional offices, each run by a Regional Coordinator: Central Africa: Regional Office at University of Yaounde I, Cameroon Eastern Africa: Regional Office (and also Programme Office) at University of Nairobi, Kenya Southern Africa: Regional Office at University of Botswana, Botswana Western Africa (Zone 1): Regional Office at University of Ilorin, Nigeria Western Africa (Zone 2): Regional Office at University of Ougadougou, Burkina Faso

7 1.4 AMMSI Programme Office
Programme Office has overall coordination of AMMSI activities and is required to be located at obe of the Regional Offices Programme Office is currently located in Nairobi, at the Eastern Africa regional office Director - Prof. Wandera Ogana Financial Services – African Academy of Sciences

8 1.5 Programme Committee The current AMMSI Programme Committee members are: Professor Wandera Ogana (Chairman) School of Mathematics, University of Nairobi, Kenya Professor Bijtong Ndombol Faculty of Sciences, University of Yaounde 1, Cameroon Professor Professor Edward Lungu Department of Mathematics, University Botswana, Botswana Professor Samuel Ilori Department of Mathematics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria Professor Hamidou Toure LAME, University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

9 1.7 Activities to Date Visiting/Research Fellowships Maximum USD 5,000
23 Awards to date Suspended when Mellon Foundation grant ended Postgraduate Scholarships Partial grants (USD 500 – USD 2,000) 210 Awards to Date Continued at reduced scale through IMU, since 2008 Awards to Institutions, commenced in 2011 Deadline for 2012 applications is 30th May 2012

10 1.7 Activities to Date ….2/ AMMSI Regional Conferences (4 since 2005)
African Scientific Meetings (2 since 2005) Support to postgraduate students to attend conferences Funded by The London Mathematical Society Maximum of GBP 2,000 for every event Supports only travel by postgraduate students Application by conference organizers AMMSI-LMS Grant Application form on request More than 15conferences supported from 2005


12 2.1 Introductory Remarks MARM – Mentoring African Research in Mathematics Arose from awareness of IMU and AMMSI on state of postgraduate mathematics in Africa Small classes Lack of expertise in certain areas Limited research activities Parent organizations: AMMSI IMU (International Mathematical Union) LMS (London Mathematical Society) Funding organizations: The Nuffield Foundation (from 2005) The Leverhulme Trust (from 2006) Funding ends in December 2012

13 2.2 Objectives of MARM To establish longer-term mentoring relations between individual mathematicians and students To create joint research partnerships between mathematicians working in established research centres, their colleagues in sub-Saharan Africa, and doctoral students of those colleagues. To promote general collaboration in mathematics and mathematics education

14 2.3 Selection Procedure Call for expressions of interest by African departments, indicating areas in which they most need collaboration Call for expressions of interest by individual mathematicians outside Africa, indicating their areas of expertise Shortlisting and ranking of African institutions MARM Board finally matches selected institutions with potential mentors Contact between selected departments and mentors to work out their own plan and schedule of activities Limited funding availed for 2 years

15 2.4 MARM Board Sir John Ball
Mathematical Research Institute, Oxford, UK Prof. Herb Clemens The Ohio State University and Secretary CDC Prof. Wandera Ogana University of Nairobi and Programme Director, AMMSI Prof. John Toland University of Bath, UK Dr. Stephen Huggett University of Plymouth and Secretary, LMS Dr. Frank Neumann University of Lancaster, UK Fiona Nixon Executive Secretary, LMS

16 2.5 Existing MARM Projects ….1/
University: University of Buea, Cameroon Contact Person: Dr. Boniface Nkemzi UK/European Partner: Prof. Sergey Foss Partner’s University: Heriot-Watt University, UK Subject Area(s): Mathematical Probability African University: Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia Contact Person: Dr Tsegaye Gedif Ayele UK/European Partner: Prof. Prof. SergeyMikhailov Partner’s University: Brunel university, UK Subject Area(s): Analysis

17 2.5 Existing MARM Projects ….2/
3 University: Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia Contact Person: Dr. Habtu Zegeya UK/European Partner: Prof. Nigel Cutland Partner’s University: University of York, UK Subject Area(s): Functional Analysis 4 African University: KNUST, Ghana Contact Person: Prof. Isaac K. Dontwi UK/European Partner: Dr. Frank Neumann Partner’s University: University of Leicester, UK Subject Area(s): Algebra, Geometry, Topology

18 2.5 Existing MARM Projects ….3/
5 African University: University of Ghana, Ghana Contact Person: Dr. Margaret Mcintyre UK/European Partner: Prof. Maciej Dunajski Partner’s University: Cambridge University, UK Subject Area(s): Mathematical Physics 6 University: University of Cocody, Ivory Coast Contact Person: Prof. Modeste N’zi UK/European Partner: Prof. Mikael Passare Partner’s University: Stockholm University, Sweden Subject Area(s): Mathematical Statistics, Geometry

19 2.5 Existing MARM Projects ….4/
7 African University: Kenyatta University, Kenya Contact Persons: Dr. David Malonza/Dr. Leo Odongo UK/European Partner: Prof. Enrico Rogora Partner’s University: University of Rome “La Sapienza” Subject Area(s): Data Analysis 8 University: Maseno University, Kenya Contact Person: Dr. David Stern UK/European Partner: Prof. Balazs Szenderoi Partner’s University: Oxford University, UK Subject Area(s): Algebra, Geometry, Applied Maths

20 2.5 Existing MARM Projects ….5/
9 African University: University of Nairobi, Kenya Contact Person: Dr. Jamen Were/Prof. Richard Simwa UK/European Partner: Dr. Anotida Madzvamuse Partner’s University: University of Sussex, UK Subject Area(s): Mathematical Modelling 10 University: Fed. Univ. of Technology, Akure, Nigeria Contact Person: Prof. A. Ajiboye UK/European Partner: Prof. Paul Hewson Partner’s University: University of Plymouth, UK Subject Area(s): Applied Statistics

21 2.5 Existing MARM Projects ….6/
11 University: University of Ilorin, Nigeria Contact Person: Prof. Mathias Bamigbola UK/European Partner: Prof. Brent Everitt Partner’s University: University of York, UK Subject Area(s): Geometric Group theory, Semigroups 12 African University: National University of Rwanda Contact Person: Prof. Verdiana Masanja UK/European Partner: Prof. Sanju Velani Subject Area(s): Algebra, Functional Analy, Comp

22 2.5 Existing MARM Projects ….7/
13 University: University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Contact Person: Dr. E. S. Massawe UK/European Partner: Prof. Ben Adams Partner’s University: University of Bath, UK Subject Area(s): Mathematical Biology 14 African University: Makerere University Contact Person: Dr. Juma Kasozi UK/European Partner: Prof. Gregory Sankaran Subject Area(s): Algebra

23 2.6 MARM Roundtables Held at on 8th June 2011 during international mathematics conference at Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya Review MARM projects and discuss future of MARM MARM grants ending in December 2012 Prof. John Elgin, of Imperial College, appointed by MARM Board to spearhead writing of new proposal Another MARM Roundtable is being planned to follow SAMSA Conference in Malawi, November 2012


25 3. CDC CDC – Commission for Developing Countries
Committee of International Mathematical Union (IMU) Promotes mathematics in the Developing Countries Support to organize mathematics conferences/workshops Usually USD 2 – 3k per conference Applications at least 2 months before event Application forms available online Volunteer Lecturer Programme (VLP) Application online by Department of Mathematics in developing country CDC matches application with a potential Volunteer Lecturer Lectures for 6 – 10 weeks Utilized mostly by Asian countries Little interest shown by African institutions to date

26 4. ICM-2014 and MENAO

27 4 ICM-2014 and MENAO ICM-2014: August 2014 Seoul, South Korea
Support for 1000 mathematicians from Developing Countries MENAO Mathematics in Emerging Nations: Achievements and Opportunities One-day event before ICM-2014 Highlight mathematical activities in developing countries Attract potential funders to support mathematics activities in developing countries Meeting in Seoul next week to discuss strategy


29 5.Africa Mathematics Project
Announced by The Simons Foundation, USA, in 2011 Enhance development of mathematics and its applications in Africa To fund 5 projects for USD 80,000 per year for 5 years (2012 – 2017) Extend funding for another 5 years and/or get new proposals Major components: Research and Postgraduate Training Call for Concept Proposals: deadline, early this year Over 35 applications received 10 applications selected to submit full proposals – deadline is 2nd June 2012 Scientific Committee to select the 5 proposals to be funded


31 6. Concluding Remarks Postgraduate (Graduate) Scholarships
Visiting/Research Fellowships Multidisciplinary research activities Outreach activities to create awareness of mathematics in schools and at undergraduate level Mentoring activities, particularly involving mathematicians in the Diaspora

32 For more information visit:


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