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Streamline your Office in the Cloud Presented by: Martin Straub.

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1 Streamline your Office in the Cloud Presented by: Martin Straub

2 Agenda Introductions Non-Profit Technology Challenges The Cloud: What and Why Office365 and Google Apps Cloud Apps for NFPs Simplify your Office

3 Non-Profit Tech Challenges Limited budgets No time for technology planning, just something that happens No dedicated IT person; IT oversight and troubleshooting by committee, Exec Dir or ??? PCs, software, anti-virus often by donation and/or mix of types, versions and expiration dates Old or unsupported servers and other equipment

4 Common Workplace Needs Communicating with part-time staff and volunteers Organizing large amounts of paper – invoices, meeting minutes, bylaws, etc Sharing data and files between staff Directors, staff and volunteers working remotely Managing membership and donor data Disseminating information and collaborating with Board members

5 The Cloud: What is it? Its all the buzz, but its not new... Consumer cloud services –Mail: Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc –Photos: Picasa, Shutterfly –Music: Napster, Bitorrent –Apps: Turbotax Business cloud… whats the difference? –Business-class software –Shared company data with individual user logins –High availability

6 Business Cloud: Before

7 Now…

8 Cloud Buzzwords Business cloud Public cloud Private cloud Hybrid cloud #$#*! cloud Best of the cloud

9 Cloud: The Good Anywhere, anytime access – an internet connection is only requirement –Access with iPads, smartphones, etc Data is redundant and automatically backed up Eliminates the need for complex, on-site servers PCs can be easily replaced without complicated software reinstallations

10 Cloud: More Good Stuff… No upgrades needed; always using the latest version Gives small organizations access to sophisticated applications with minimal investment Typically quicker to implement and try More predictable technology costs

11 Cloud: Scary Stuff Data security Availability: no/slow internet = no access (usually) Small organizations have little leverage - price increases, support issues, etc May be difficult to migrate away from cloud vendor

12 Cloud Services and Software Mail: basic -> full Exchange server Backups: Carbonite (for PCs), Amazon S3 (servers) Anti-virus and PC monitoring Accounting (QB Online, others) Your entire desktop in the cloud Office: Google Apps and Office365

13 Google Apps vs. Office 365 Features EmailGmailOutlook / Exchange StorageGoogle DriveSkydrive Pro SoftwareGoogle DocsOffice 2013 OtherGoogle Voice, Sites Lync, Sharepoint, Public Website, Web conferencing CostFreeFree (or $5/mo for full Office)

14 Office 365 for Non-Profits Free version includes: Hosted email (Exchange online) Office web apps Sharepoint / SkyDrive Pro (online document storage and sharing) Web conferencing $5/mo adds: Office 2013 Professional (5 devices / user)

15 NFP Cloud Apps Membership / Donor Management –eTapestry –DonorPerfect Board Communication / Meeting (iPad) –BoardVantage –Diligent Boardbooks Financials –Blackbaud –Accufund

16 More NFP Cloud Apps

17 Other Ways to Simplify IssueSolution Aging serverStorage appliance for files Office365 for email and files Anti-virus subscriptions & windows update Managed anti-virus and monitoring Online anti-virus (GFICloud) BackupsOnline backups Fax machineHosted fax (e.g RingCentral) Less paperScan and PDF Financial – QuickBooks attached storage Distribution – Office365, Dropbox, etc Old phone systemHosted phones (Shoretel) Remote accessGotomyPC,

18 The New Small Office Email File storage / backup Apps Antivirus / remote support Mobile Physical Office Home Office

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