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Waste Elimination Orientation Video. Waste Elimination.

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1 Waste Elimination Orientation Video

2 Waste Elimination

3 What is WENG? What is the goal? Waste Elimination

4 WENG The Research and Development for MetroPower. It is a collection of over 40 electricians, supervisors, project managers, and VPs. They meet twice a year to present new standards and ideas while sharing information. Waste Elimination

5 The GOAL Create standards that eliminate waste and reduce actual manhours on a project by 40%. That equates to running a job at 167% effectiveness. Waste Elimination

6 Traditional

7 Improved Method

8 Traditional

9 Improved Method

10 Traditional

11 Improved Method

12 Traditional

13 Improved Method

14 Traditional

15 Improved Method

16 Traditional

17 Improved Method

18 Prefab


20 Brian French Atlanta Office: (770) 448-1076 Cell: (404) 432-7193 Waste Elimination

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