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Level 1-American TV shows Level 2-British TV shows TV shows quiz Start How to play.

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2 Level 1-American TV shows Level 2-British TV shows TV shows quiz Start How to play

3 Click on the answer that you think is correct. After doing so, the next question will appear, now click on what you think is the correct option and continue. Start

4 What TV show is Robin Scherbatsky from? 2.Two Broke Girls 1.How I Met Your Mother 3.Fresh Meat Question1Score 0 How to play

5 What is the Carolines surname in 2 Broke Girls? 2.Brookes 1.Channing 3.Smith QuestionScore How to play

6 What is the name of the main girl in The Big Bang Theory? 2.Sarah 1.Penny 3.Bernadette QuestionScore How to play

7 Who is Emily trying to get revenge for? 2.Her mum 1.Her dad 3. Her brother QuestionScore How to play

8 What is Elementary based on? 2.Sherlock 1.Austin Powers 3.Divergent QuestionScore How to play

9 What year did Lost end? 2.2010 1.2009 3.2011 QuestionScore How to play

10 What does House use for his leg? 2.Paracetemol 1.Vidocin 3.Nurofen QuestionScore How to play

11 Where do the Simpsons live? 2.Springfield 1.Texas 3.New York Question Score How to play

12 What is Jules job? 2.Real estate agent 1.Cleaner 3.Housewife QuestionScore How to play

13 What does Dexter do in his spare time? 2.Sudoku 1.Kill criminals 3.Yoga QuestionScore How to play

14 Commiserations Sadly, you have not reached Level 2 Please try again Try again

15 Congratulations You have reached Level 2! Well done! next

16 Where does Miranda work in her sitcom? 2.In an office 1.Tesco 3.In a joke shop ScoreQuestion How to play

17 When did the first episode of Have I Got News for You air? 2.2002 1.2010 3.1990 QuestionScore How to play

18 Who does Martin Freeman play in Sherlock? 2.Dr James Walsh 1.Dr John Watson 3.James Moriarty QuestionScore How to play

19 Who does the voiceover for Come Dine With Me? 2.Dave Ribs 1.Dave Hamm 3.Dave Lamb QuestionScore How to play

20 Where do they get their supernatural powers from? 2.An electrical storm 1.Injected by mad scientist 3.Bitten by a spider QuestionScore How to play

21 Where is Geordie Shore set? 2.Yorkshire 1.Essex 3.Newcastle QuestionScore How to play

22 What is the name of Sues sister? 2.Angela 1.Sarah 3.Siobhan QuestionScore How to play

23 When was the original run of My Family? 2.2007-2012 1.2000-2011 3.2005-2011 QuestionScore How to play

24 Who is the host of QI? 2.Ben Stiller 1.Hugh Laurie 3.Stephen Fry QuestionScore How to play

25 Who was the actor who played the first ever doctor? 2.Tom Baker 1.William Hartnell 3.Charles Black QuestionScore How to play

26 You have completed the quiz! ScoreRestart

27 Quiz Organisation LevelPass MarkFirst SlideLast SlideSuccess Slide Failure Slide 163121413 26152425 Do not delete this slide! It must be the last slide in your quiz

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